Renting an Apartment

Hello Veeky Forums,

I'm finally going to move out of my dads garage (I'm 32, no bully pls). After savings, car, food, healthcare, entertainment budget and all that shit - I can spend $3,653.02 on rent. I realize this is a big number, but I live in Miami Beach so it really isn't.

How do I find an apartment? Do I use that Zillow app?
When do I start contacting a real estate agent to show me apartments? I imagine first I try to narrow down areas? What should I know before I contact someone?

Any advice on a first time renter, Veeky Forums?

I just want a small apartment, but in a building that is quiet and has good parking. I don't need much space since all I do is work anyways, but I want quiet.

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I'm too old for that. I saved a lot by living at home but I can't take my dad barking at me anymore. He wants me to stay but it's time to move out. I'm in no rush, but I want to do it right and pick the right place. He won't help me with advice because he wants me to stay living above the garage.

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what about that?

I can't imagine Miami is much worse than NYC and you can get a nice place in NYC for like $2500-3k a month assuming no room mates. I'm in Tampa in one of those luxury apartment/resort style complexes and it's dope af. Recommend it. Maintenance is on point, they field new people pretty strictly so makes it hard for trash to get in, etc. Also dope pool/amenities.

I thought NYC was way more expensive than that?

I'm afraid down here of getting stuck in some party building. People are so rich here and have no job. I think I can get a decent place for 3,000/month for sure, but I'm worried about it being quiet and having a good parking spot (my car makes me happy, I don't want it to get damaged). I don't care about it being big, small is fine.

How do I look? Do I use Zillow? Make a spreadsheet?

As someone from North NJ looking to move to the South Florida-Miami Area:

>I thought NYC was way more expensive than that?
Yes, it is. NYC is second to the worst housing costs in the nation, just right below the Bay area. NJ of course comes in third.

I have been looking at apartments and condos in Miami and the surrounding areas, they are a MUCH better value than anything NYC can offer.

>I realize this is a big number, but I live in Miami Beach so it really isn't.

If you can spend THAT MUCH on rent, then yes, it is a big number for Miami Beach. All you need to go on is Padmapper and Hotpads (the websites I use) and they will filter the listings for you.

You can get a luxury apartment on Miami Beach for $3.5k a month dude. Or if you are really afraid of getting stuck in some party building, you can just head on over to Brickell. Go to the's an elite apartment complex. Sounds like I know more than you and I dont even live there, hah.

Spend half as much and save the rest

Saving 15k annually will get you enoungh for a down payment in a few years and then you will have similar monthly payments but will own the place one day

>All you need to go on is Padmapper and Hotpads (the websites I use) and they will filter the listings for you.
Thanks, I'll check these out.

>You can get a luxury apartment on Miami Beach for $3.5k a month dude. Or if you are really afraid of getting stuck in some party building, you can just head on over to Brickell.
Brickell the traffic is absolutely horrid. I work up a little North and it takes me 25 minutes to get to my dads house on Miami Beach, but if I go to Brickell for dinner - despite only being a little more distance - it takes 45-50min. Brickell is a no. As a local I recommend you don't live their either unless you work in one of those financial buildings.

My 3,653.02 is after savings, car, food, healthcare and entertainment. Basically it's what is left over. I'm a big saver so this is a budget taking savings into account first. I can go into a cheaper place but then I think I'm going to get more party types and a lower class of people. I'd really like to go into a nice nice building South of Fifth but those are 5-6k for a two bedroom (they don't have one bedrooms) and I think that's just a waste.

Idk maybe we just have different ideas of what is nice

Do you need two bedrooms? Do you need to live on the island? Just glanced at the area and see plenty of sub 2k places that are nice

>Do you need two bedrooms?
No, small one bedroom is fine. I just want space for my computer and bed. I don't want a studio, but one bedroom is fine.
> Do you need to live on the island?
Not really, but I don't want to live downtown because of traffic. Alternative is going north a bit which kinda sucks location wise and gets close to rough areas.
>Just glanced at the area and see plenty of sub 2k places that are nice
I don't. I see sub 3k ones that are kinda nice. I also want good parking, which makes it harder.

6362 Collins ave

>As a local I recommend you don't live their either unless you work in one of those financial buildings.
Really? Well damn. I'm going there tomorrow, lol. Just visiting the area for a week. I heard the traffic was bad but its a nice area I hear.

What kind of car do you have?

Is the housing really that expensive down there? I live outside of Chicago and I thought their rents were bad. Why don’t you move somewhere further away where it’s cheaper? I’m not too familiar with that area but couldn’t you still live off the beach just further north? My buddy lives in Delray Beach and he says it’s really nice. Obviously not that far north but wouldn’t the towns outside of Miami but as viable and way cheaper?

>Heres where I keep my nunchucks.

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Lots of people do it, but even on the weekend in the afternoons if you drive from like Venetian Causeway to the Mandrian Oriental (just to give you an example you can map), it can sometimes take like a half hour if the bidge is up. And weeknights between 5pm and 6:30pm is awful.

Lots of young people live there though.

Range Rover Sport SVR

It's about 3,000-3,500k for what I'd consider a nice one bedroom in Miami Beach. For a cheapo on the Miami side you can get cheaper.


Search 6362 Collins ave in Zillow

On the island, very nice, and 1900/Mon

Probably has undisclosed condo fees tho

>I can spend $3,653.02 on rent.
You can't, actually. There will be income requirements varying depending on the apartment complex. They can require from 2x-4x the months rent in monthly income to qualify.

So while you think your leftover budget is "all in", you will probably only quality for $1500 or something.

What is your actual monthly income?

Thanks for looking for me, I'll check this one out later. That address sounds a bit north though. Also Collins can get pretty jammed up too.

10,835 after taxes have been paid. I put about 4k-4.5k away per month in savings/investments, then car/entertainment/food/healthcare/etc later I'm at 3,653.02 for rent. I can lower what I put away for savings/investments or spend less in general, but, I hate to just dump a bunch into rent.

Ok then you can pretty much afford anything then. I'll climb back under my rock.

I appreciate your help desu, I actually just realized that they'll be looking for what my income is. I've never really looked at this stuff before. I imagine I have to pass a bit of a background check in the nicer buildings?

ID: Fud

I assume you don't have kids which is huge because good apartments aren't always in good school districts which sucks.

Drive around areas you actually like being in. Find apartment buildings. Visit them. On the tour you generally get a sense of the demographic. Before they actually show you an available unit, they'll quote a general price so if it's too expensive you can save everyone's time and now out early. Having the luxury of time is awesome when finding an apartment. I've usually done it straight off a flight with maybe 2 nights in a hotel to figure out the future home of my family.

So I make a list of buildings I'm interested in and then call their office? Or do I have to schedule with a real estate person?

What's the process?
1. Find area you like
2. Find buildings that might be interesting and are in your budget via online search
3. Call each building?

I also want the quietest unit I can find and good parking, what's the best way to figure that out? Just visit and check the people out like you said? Look for as high of a floor as possible and corner units?

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Top floor will be the quietest

Yeah, usually those are penthouses down here in the bigger buildings though. :/

Are there apartments near your work?

Here user.

I live in AMLI in a different city. It's amazing. Fully luxury. Most likely everything you could want.

The best part is the rent is less than 2k.

If it's a condo (privately owned) then a lease would be through an agent. If it's an apartment (managed building) there will be onsite leasing agents.

I always go the apartment route because it's just easier.

Quite depends on building materials. Wood floors on the cheap construction here in Scottsdale Arizona mean noise flows through the floor, especially high heels etc.

But as nor neighbours it's all a gamble. You can live next to 4 groups of teenagers who make no noise, or you can live next to a 50 year old divorced cunt with a bone to pick with everyone and severe alcoholism

If you're smart you move out of town to somwhere cheaper, go to miami beach for holidays and stay with your dad.

Not that you'd want to live in.

That's really far south. :(

Thank you. I think I'm going to make a spreadsheet of all the buildings I have initial interest in, and then try to schedule seeing them over the weekend. Make notes, etc. I might get a real estate agent to make things easier to go building to building.

> First time renter
> $3,500 budget


Why rent? Why don't you buy something if you have saved up enough.


Still you can definitely find a Luxury apartment for around 2k rent in Miami.

Don't settle for overpriced non-luxury since you have a 3.5k budget.

Real estate agents literally contribute nothing to society. You're going to be paying someone to use a phone for Google maps. You don't get an agent if you're looking at apartments unless you sometimes accidentally put pants on before underwear when you dress yourself

How the fuck has nobody suggested leaving the united states?

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>literally my annual salary

Because he probably has a job.....

I rented in college, so maybe not first time renter - but its been like a decade since I graduated and that was an easy apartment lease. Since then I've lived with my dad, despite making good money. I'm a robot and wanted to save, but, it was also laziness and codependence.

I'm going to do lots of research, thanks. That's the nice thing about having no rush. I think going into summer is going to help also, since less stuff gets rented then.

My work is here user.

Keep at it user, you're probably not 32 either.

>(((miami beach)))

Hello there (((miamiam))) shit weather today am I right? oy vey

I'm from Chicago originally, no religion. German father, Swedish mother. Trying to learn Spanish now, despite living here for a decade I never bothered to learn. I'm buckling. I see some jews but mostly South Americans.

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I can (kinda) relate. I'm paying rent to my parents even though I own four rentals because I try to work in different countries as much as I can.

You could get monthly airbnb Dr this price with not commitment / 6 month lease.

Move out. You'll be so much happier.


air bnb is the way to go user.. Find something cheap and live for 6 months at a time, dont fall for the luxury meme, save up and try to escape wage slavery to retire by 40

Also, look for the pompano /hollywood/ area as u just jump on 95 south and its quick to work that way.,. cheaper out of dade county

Yeah I can't take living at home anymore. It for sure has its advantages, but when my dad struggles at work he ends up really taking it out on me at night and I love him but this is all I can take. It's time anyways, maybe I'll make a friend or something too.

Sorry I missed this one. I don't want to buy just yet. I'm working on some business deals that might push me into a much higher price range on what to buy, which would allow me to buy a house - an ultimate goal. I'm also convinced that the real estate market is going to take a dip here eventually, and buying at an all time high is silly. I hope I'm not wrong.

>How the fuck has nobody suggested leaving the united states?
Romantic notion, not even remotely resembles a rational idea.

t. Irish Australian American citizen who can basically live anywhere that isn't 3rd world or communist

I grew up and went to school in Sandiego, made 6 figures in crypto this last bull run.

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>he fell for the america meme.

I work from home.... I'm not even a billionth of a brain cell jealous of your foreign experience. Jesus Christ could you name some more horrible places to visit

Lol, I enjoy it. I've been to Thailand, Russia, Sri Lanka, India & a few others. I'd like to try Montenegro next.

It's a great way to mature faster if you fucked up developing in childhood.

Thanks for all the help Veeky Forums, it really was helpful I feel like I have a plan now. I'm going to drop by later tonight, gotta run to a business dinner to pay for all of this.

OP here. It sounds fun to live cheap someplace but really I depend on my job which is here in South Florida. I'm hoping to retire early, maybe then I'll try some other countries.

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Im retired at 25,,,, goodluck working and staying in ur "society" ,brainwashed cuck

3rd world countries is where you have most fun, everything is cheap and you fcuk 10s for 50$ or less.... get real user

no problem man,, one last tip:

unironically write down your goals everyday, and have a 3- 6-12 month plan. watch your life blossom.

goodluck user

Can you afford 3.5k rent due to your job or due to a great portfolio/assets? If you can afford 3.5k per month but it comes out of your paycheck (even if its great), consider downsizing a bit. I personally hate this fucking city and I can't wait to move after I am done with college.

On the other hand, if your portfolio/assets give you enough to pay that rent and not sweat it a whole lot, go ahead and enjoy it my man. I would recommend looking into Doral or maybe Broward/ Plantation/ Sawgrass.

Likewise, you don't have to limit yourself only to miami beach my friendo. Yes its nice but it's super expensive and reeks of hollowness. Even if I had money I wouldn't live in such a shit place with:

>shit logistics like all of miami
>shit smug cubans and jews
>really expensive.

Boca raton is nice (and has an artsy college town there which is great if you want to find a college chick) and much more relaxed, even degree wise). They keys re nice too.

Haha no shame. I make $17 an hour as a brainlet developer / IT guy but can work remotely. We all play the cards we are dealt in life.

I would def encourage travelling.