>Look Stacy, thats user
>I heard he invested all of his money in crypto whatever its called
>what a loser, Chad said bitcoin was a scam and crashed to $500
>whats with that checkered shirt he always wears
>ill never suck his dick
>ew, nobody will

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>nice b cups stacy

B? that's a boy

Those are both girls and that's a porno shoot.

i will punch one of them in the face while i jump onto the other one to rape her, take out her pants while she screams and i slap her and tell her to apologize to bitcoin while the other girl is unconcious from my hit
then maybe grab a knife and make them a bitcoin tatto in their ass or something

No stacy is going to disrepect me

there's an infection called autism and you have it.

>whats with that checkered shirt he always wears

Nice moles, you jew.


And yet no one can find what porno this is.
We can ID the porn stars, but not this film.


it's easy as fuck to find..

Its a gift

>uses tripcodes
>accuses others of autism

take a look in the mirror baka

Actual. Fucking. Retard.

K-Y-S fucking retard.

Girls with faces of disgust are my fetish.

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I said faces of disgust, not disgusting faces.

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i think its pretty awesome that this is actually a porn scene...those bitches can take some dick

the fuck r u talking about? its on like 50 goddamn sites

You really aren't helping out my boner user.

Here is more your taste.

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You aren't white, are you?

>Stacy, did you know Chad became a multi-millionaire by shorting Bitcoin?
>Wow really?
>Yes, he said to be fearful when everyone is greedy and now he made it.
>While user is still "hodling" like a fool, pathetic really.

Chav girls take tacky whoredom to levels unknown by Americans