Who else here /lastchance/?

If crypto doesn't work out, I'm fucked. Finished. ALL of my wageslaved money is in this ponzi, and if I lose everything I'll be forced to become an hero. who else is in my position?
my life has been such a collective, compounded mistake up to this point. Last year, crypto felt like a liferaft being tossed to me. Now, It feels like we either all make it or there will be a mass NEET suicide.. Help me Veeky Forumsbros.

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we're in the same raft bro

Except we're not

Livestream it please

already stocked up on xanax for a nice comfy hero

>i'm not feeling something therefore no one is feeling it
have more empathy user.


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move to a different location with a high quality of life. wage slave in new area. be happy?


we are going to make it OP. if crypto fails the real estate, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping threads will come back. there are always other niche industries to make $ in. Veeky Forums/biz/ is on the forefront of NEET entrepreneurship

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Wageslave more and buy if bonzicoin falls to 1k. That's an easy 3x-4x.

why does this disgusting roastie get posted so much? I don't understand

I was here in early 2015, there was a guy who ran twitter bot accounts that sent out affiliate links, he made $4k a month from it. There will always be ways to make it. With that being said, crypto won't die.

It triggers pol.

> slave
> happy
Choose one

I'm not gonna an hero, but I can completely relate on life being a mistake. Ever since high school I've made nothing but mistakes. I'm a classic case of wasted potential. Teachers and peers always hawked on about how gifted I was, but I couldn't handle the anxiety of college and dropped out. Now I'm a washed up 23 yr old loser who lives at home. I've been dumping my Mc wagie checks into crypto, because I live at home I can put about $1k a month into it.

Hoping the markets one day reach 10+trillion, and I can collect at least $100 a day passively from my holdings. Then I can fuck off to where ever I want and live a carefree life and pursue whatever the fuck I want without being perceived as a failure.

I gotta say, I was pretty hopeless and depressed until I finally invested in crypto summer of 2k17. Now I have more money than I ever could dream of (still not much) and have some hope for the future.

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There's still time.

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this is me

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Suicide is just a matter of time. Theres no way in hell ill leave ole me into hands of other people.

Don’t worry user I’ll kill myself with you too, the money has dried up in almost every industry so even if I don’t own crypto then what’s the point? Life isn’t worth living miserably while you barely scrounge by with a god awful wage cuck job that you hate more than anything. I’m sure normies will join us too when the next recession hits in the coming years.

It's going down again. I'm getting ready to hero

But you’ll leave them to live their life knowing you killed yourself and thinking there’s something they could have done.

Only twats kill themselves. We’ve all been in the deeps before.

Wahhh life isn’t going how I expect it to, wahhhh I’m not doing anything to change it. Some of you are fucking cowards.

Man the fuck up.

Bye bye OP. Nobody's going to miss you or your kind all that much.

I am near the make it or break it point myself. I mean I could get a job I guess but I don't really want to.

Your mom will probably go through a lot of pain, but since when did you ever give a fuck about her, except as someone to drain and use? The world will truly be better off without you.

Pretty sure this is the average day for everyone on Veeky Forums Why'd they go and make a video about it?

Looks boring.

couldnt cash out because of tax (before i give it to mohammed i rather crrash to 0)
make it or break it
if the market continues this way till end 18 then i am over and out
worthless NEET anyway

my post made you angry enough that you replied twice? i can tell you're in the same boat as all of us user. I just hope we all can make it.

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this. we all gonna make it brah. don't you worry

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Thanks for the money OP!

>mom forced him into a harsh world to be an eternal wageslave as far as she's concerned
>op is the egoistical one
back to plebbit normie

Its over.
Back in december you could shill coins 5k sats up.

I dont give a fuck about you

>a nice comfy hero
kek I'm just imagining a normal person reading this and having no clue what youre talking about

Angry? Just doing my part to push you a little closer to the edge any way I can OP. Just trying to help, jeez. Your the one who started a thread about killing yourself, remember?

If you want to push me further, remind me how I missed out on buying 5 dollar bitcoin when I first learned about it instead of whining about my mom like some middle schooler fag. kek

No I’m not in that boat but I really really really don’t want to wageslave anymore. I hate my job so much I’ll quit if I can just get 100k.

The stress from this job is literally killing me.

See? You got a little fight left in you after all OP. That's the spirit!


Same here. College drop out and now wagecucking. My life is a mess.
I'm broke cuz all I do is paying bills and debts.
If I make it in Crypto, I will move out of my country and start a new life. Keep hodling bro

How much money would you need from crypto before you consider yourself made? 10k? 100k? 1 million+?

Everyone's goals are different. however I've had a very simple life, if I make 500k I would consider myself made. I dream of that freedom every day, and its the only feeling keeping me alive.


I've been holding a rope in my cupboard for half a year now.

Already tried hanging myself using asphyixiation method when BTC crashed after December high, but pussied out when everything started going dark and my ears started ringing.
It was a good high though, got to remember to use it to maximise fapping.

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Here's some real advice: don't hold or invest into an actively crashing bubble.

Wait for obvious signs of a bottom and/or recovery.

In the meantime, start working on your own business, so you don't have to wage slave forever.

then be ready when the next bull run or crypto-like opportunity starts.