Why can't Vitalik just create an extension on Enthreum to allow oracles to process data...

Why can't Vitalik just create an extension on Enthreum to allow oracles to process data? Why does a whole new other Token need to be created?

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the most honest is cause he can't.

he will in like 5 years when scaling is stable

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This question kills so many tokens it is not even funny. Most functionality can be added to ETH/NEO/Platformx. Tokens are just crowdfunding with free speculation.

ChainLink will be obsolete no?

>Why can’t satoshi just create an extension in bitcoin and allow smart contracts to be used? Why does a whole other new coin need to be created?

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sure but you need to actually build that functionality. you don't create the oracles to process the information according to the needs of whatever the fuck swift needs by pressing a button or something.
if anything, its chainlink that kills most tokens cause then middleware will have direct access to blockchain through chainlink. they just need to process their information through there instead of creating a specific token.

Do you realize how resource-intensive it would be to have a decentralized oracle network operating on chain? Vitalik isn't even going to think about adding functionality until he's solved the scalability issue. This is why sidechains and off-chain networks will thrive.

dat Ark V2 just around the corner.......


That's like saying Windows Media Player makes VLC obselete. Windows is a platform (just like Ethereum) where developers can build addons, such as VLC in the Windows example (or chainlink in Ethereum example).


VLC makes no money while Windows is a multi-billion company so you make no sense.

>Why can’t satoshi just create an extension in bitcoin and allow smart contracts to be used?
also rekt. i remember this exact argument being used against ethereum ad nauseum.

you can't possibly be this dense...

You can't possibly be this dense. It's just one example to explain to you morons that Eth is a platform on top of which applications can be built. Just like an OS won't have every single application built-in.

he has scalability issues to worry about and even if he did create the decentralized oracles, how is he gonna incentivize the node operators? will he give away eth for free, do another ico?
with link people could buy them on the ground floor twice, God knows what will happen to ethereum's price
yea he could allow any coins to be used in the network but then it would probably only work for ethereum, while Chainlink will work with any blockchain because they don't care which one you like better

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What the fuck just happened. We opened with the same comment and I swear on me nan I didn't see it beforehand.

shit, same pic, didn't even notice
some magic in this thread going on, no joke

Apparently, great minds think alike, especially in the face of such stupidity, lol.

Not sure if bait but do you actually think that decentralised, fully functioning oracles are that easy of a thing to develop? There's a reason why LINK is a long term hold, it's going to take years to fully develop and implement.

> Most functionality can be added to ETH/NEO/Platformx.

yeah, but it shouldn't. further functionality increases vulnerability to bugs and raises maintenance costs. bloat is bad.
better have dedicated small programs that plug into each other. like the prophets of unix taught us.

Shit comparison, a better analogy would be that Windows is Bitcoin, Eth is Unix and the entire fucking Internet infrastructure is Chainlink

check em

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Confirmed $77 EOM

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I suppose that is better, I was just making a case for tokens in general, not only chainlink.