Cashing out

Cashing out

crypto is dead

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Kek baby amount. Grow some balls faggot

Lmao, wtf were you honestly hoping to get out of that 400 bucks?

You're never gonna make it

What are you going to do with 400$?
Get a nintendo switch?
Might aswell leave it in crypto.

be careful, you don't want to crash the market for the ones staying

learned my lesson too op

told coinbase sell my 0.00249913479 btc

the 2.99 fee was worth it

>cashing out
>a weak and pathetic amount of 440 usd

nobody cares

kys your self for all i care

Good job. Money in the pocket is all that matters.


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I'm cashing out around 10-12k euro every week.
This market is so fucked and I'm not going to hold this shit until it reaches $1k.

i mean i guess that is """""""""""""""cashing"""""""""""""""" out with literal lunch money

same about to kms

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I have accounts on many exchanges faggot

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my smallest shit holding just for giggles is worth more than that.

>he tethered

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holishit, u r the one chrashing market. fuckk off...and feel bad when we hit 50k btc next month.

How much does one need to invest to make it in your opinion, user? I understand $400 is nothing but what about would you say is a good start?

50k min now.. and a year back 2k would be fine.

nah It's going to have one more big crash then a slow bleed for months down to 4k then a run to $60k

I'm playing with 100k and I feel like it's bare minimum to make it worth the time

yup cashed out yesterday
10k out of the market
thanks bag holders
you mad the market cap just tanked 10k pussy bois?

250k is bare minimum these days. and here we have mr. money bags with 14k crashing the market.

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Can someone confirm this?

If you have less than 50k in crypto you shouldn't even be allowed to post on Veeky Forums

Look at all these rich bastards. Guess I should just off myself.

Great news! Not everyone can be rich, the system doesnt allow that. Stay poor, peasant.

I wouldn't even cash out such a low amount

fuckin hell mate you'll crash the market with that massive cash out

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Well there was a time when $400 would buy 8000btc so it's awesome you're mocking the guy and all.

>400 american burger tokens

c ya nigger

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If you take me back in that time i Will give you 1 btc

have only 4.2k something crypto gambling funds ... trust me most faggots here and around the globe don't have much money

crypto is since late 2017 flooded with sharks - the people capable to screw you along with their primary target > these feisty faggots

BTC for all we know might crash to 6k if it does be worried it'll go to 2k if it does worry that it will hit 0 - seriously

all while the MT Gox faggots still have ~ x3 - x6 times the current total value in BTC (if they were sold @10k) in market value


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Nice lunch money, faggot.

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oh look at mr fortune teller would you be so nice and tell me the lottery numbers for the next week?

I mean sure its possible we are going to bleed for a while but 4k? pfff.
I dumped more than 20k on mining shit. Now a 1080ti nets me 1,5usd. its a joke.

I also invested around 2-3k into crypto around late dec-jan. Now after almost 2months of mining plus my bought coins worth around 2k. I lost some skin on the market but I assume everyone did at one point.

You can do it with as lil as 500bucks. Buy something you are comfortable with and start trading. If you hodl 500usd worth of shitcoins then you will never make it. Ofc you can pick something that x1000 but at that point its nothing but gambling.

> this next year is critical for bitcoin

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Those digits just did bruh