Hello, I'm a biz noob but I'm watching this graph of AMB right now.

Anyone wanna share their thoughts with a complete tard within this field what this says about what's going on.

I'm not trying to shill. I'm already 70% in.

More like how "smarter" people are thinking when looking at something like this. In comparison to me.

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low volume
fake buy walls

there is nothing more bearish than a giant buy wall and no sell walls, it is going to tank by that whale thinking

It means buyers are looking to buy lower so it's going down

Explain to a brainlet why this is bearish, pls? Why doesn't lots of people wanting to buy and few sellers = price go up?

Ah got it...

0.52% divergence

you know that actually makes sense. Because all the buy orders ever are lower than what the price always is at.

Feels wierd that it's all people who wants to buy cheap. But thank you for your insight on this.

Don't take it too seriously, watching buy walls are only profitable if you are daytrading, the rest we will always have brailets that mortgage their house and buy high, take care

No one really wants to sell either though. The sellbook is paper thin.

OP here. What do you mean by fake buy walls?

But thank you for your contribution, don't get me wrong, I appreciate your post. But it is terms like that which is what's making it a bit confusing to get. Or in this case, made it more confusing for a brainlet like me.

Are they setting buy orders at a very cheap price for ridiculous amounts?

yes or no, anyone care to explain purpose of a fake buy wall, and why it's relevant when considering low volume.

OP samefagging. but I do appreciate the answers so far.

Yeah and that's another problem because if you want to sell at a certain price you can't because no one is buying that coin so you probably want to sell it at market price but that means that you sell at a much lower price.
That's one of theproblems with no volume coins. It's hard to sell

they put giant buy walls to make people think there is a strong support and that they will lose little if they get in, that makes the price go up and when they are satisfied they sell all positions at once crashing it back down

yeah this
consider also that probably AMB and other low volume coins are run by bots so it happens very fast and you're left with a coin you paid, relatively, too much and it's very hard to sell

OP, again. samefagging.

Completely missed the "no sellers" part.
But yea I was thinking about that too. As says. "Low volume coins are hard to sell".
It's a almost 150m in circulating supply, and 361mil according to Coinmarkecap. It's surely on the lower side in the grand scale of things.

But are you watching for the total market cap, or circulating supply?

Still, to add to the "hard to sell part". Is it because they are holding or...?

holy shit, humongous faggot OP, still samefagging.

That's a nice ELI5 (sorry faggots i occassionally reddit out of boredom, mostly lurk /biz nowadays).

Thank you for that. Ofc my motto is "if it's too good to be true, it is".

But i suspected it was among those lines. Thank you for clarifying.

>says. "Low volume coins are hard to sell".

Just watch at the trade history. There are like 40 transactions per hour mostly done by bots. So yeah it's hard to sell. Of course if you want to sell 1 coin then no problem but try selling 1k or 5k coins.

Also look at the difference between buy and sell price. you can buy it at 55391 but if you want to sell you have to sell at a loss at 55195.
Of course you can put a sell order at 56000 but that could take a long time especially if you have a lot of coins.

That clarified even more.

I actually took a look at the market history. I honestly believe you just from this...

THanks peeps. I knew you were cool

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You mean like when it reaches to that point. They "trickle" out in the exchange?

If so. That's kind off a heads up i didn't know about.

Even if not so, sorry.

Again just look at the trade history people are buying high and selling low and that's clearly a bad thing
As a general rule if you are a cautious investor you really want to stay away from low volume coins unless you truly believe in the project and stuff like that.
I mean they are useful in the event of a PnD but other than that I don't see the point. Well maybe you can use them as a store for a tiny tiny part of your portolio because they don't really move much. But then again you're better off with simply holding bitcoin.

bumping if anyone else wanna contribute.

If not, good thread.

clarified a lot for mer personally.


This is a true shitcoin. Yall going to get pajeeted buying this turd