It should bounce here

It should bounce here.

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The selling is relentless and buyers are too few, this shit is crashing hard. Below 8k within days.



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Nobody is bullish and nobody is buying.

quads of truth although I don't find it funny anymore. Who's gonna buy after this shitshow?

Ha nice. I made this graph
Im a TA expert

So what will happen next?

remember mt.gox 2013 when everything was a shitshow and it was over?

100x long opened mex, all in, thx /biz

Crypto wasn't nearly as big back then, most normies have no idea what the mt gox crash was or that it even happened.

I hope you make it, I want this market to recover.

Good. The lower the price, the more buyers there will be.

Suicide is painless.

>bear market
>increase in shills for exchanges with margin trading
>norman everyman who missed his chance to sell ATH starts selling on leverage
>btc continually dumps
>norman everyman repeatedly opens short positions using his insider level information
>btc skyrockets $2000+ in a day
>squeezes everywhere
>new bull run, new ATH incoming
>normies get royally fucked a second time

Stop gambling with margin trading, especially with such a big leverage or you will lose all your money.

History will repeat it self, it always does.
it's just the beginning

With the amount of bitmex shills and how so little money moves the market this is likely

Kinda makes sense.

Do you expect normies to buy when they know the minute BTC goes up 3,000 the Gox fag will grab the cash and hand back a bag of old shit.

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Normies are still long, way more long than shorts opened... Normies are permabull, normies are the one that still want to make profits, whales and smar tmoney is cashing out after enjoying 2016 and 2017 gains.

Come back end of year

Well if it breaks that line and stays there for more than a day we will see $1k btc.


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Trips confirm it was trips not quads.

One wallet bought a billion dollars worth averaging at 8k

Try again

normies aren't touching crypto with a 10 foot pole atm

check out the trend info on the word "bitcoin" that shit is a bubble itself

its basically been whales and brainlets on Veeky Forums buying and selling with each other with diminishing returns since January.

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checkd again

Watching the charts at 8770 to see if you're right :D

It might get oversold and go under for q while but candle should close on top.

>Math autists literally getting paid half a million a year to model market behavior using cutting edge ANNs

>One fucking line, it should bounce here

The sell levels are fucking massive even at these levels. No way people would be selling so much at these prices unless they were certain that they could push it down much lower.

lol, I mean, he wasn't wrong, yet.

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I am not getting paid half a million so best I can do is one line of TA stolen from biz.

Congrats you drew a line over a graph

JUST HOW MUCH BTC DOES THESE BEARS HAVE TO SELL!? It's been going on for hours now with just constant dumping.

Are people with toenails like that allowed on airplanes? I mean, you can't even bring a tiny fucking scissor. Someone with toenails like that could def stab a motherfucker or hijack the plane or something

Confirmed irl troll

>Strong support at 8.4k

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>it should bounce here, prepare for bullrun

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I wish my eyes were so full of life.

>Bcash is the real Bitcoin

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wow dude you are fucking disgusting. cut your fucking toenails.

>this is a new financial product no one has ever seen before, it will bounce off this TA line like all financial products do

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>Path to financial freedom

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>ArcBlock replaces Plasma

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This user is a god

Bic if authentique

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>Bullrun next month

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He thinks a bollinger band is enough
He thinks drawing a green line means something
He thinks TA is accurate in crypto

Just kys

Uu edgy

>trips confirming anti quadimomo hypes

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>bullrun confirmed
>20k mid april

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wtf happened to your toenails user.

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>next few hours critical for btc

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OMG plz teach me how to do that !

is it because of the log scale ??

Send 1btc and 1eth to my wallet and I will teach you.


Good call m8, gg.

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