ITT: Workstations

Post em.

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got those same monitors. great deal from best buy

they are a great deal user. nice.

No one is going to post a station? Fags

dont judge me

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I would but it's dusty.

I'm more productive this way

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and where does your shit go user?

into chainlink threads

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I rarely use the soybox. rig is under the desk

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stinky linky detected

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You could add to the decor by facing away from the wall, putting a shotgun in your mouth, and pulling the trigger with your toe.

seen this before

It's blockchain, don't worry about it

this is a man who knows how to live

Guess what cryptos I'm holding based off my room/setup. Will dump some pics.

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The magic happens

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Classy, modern, sexy and ordered. I'm guessing ChainLink.

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kek even an shitty wallpaper, why?
the only thing that could be nice haha

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ETH only

Nope, not a linky.

ETH is 25% of my portfolio, so kinda close.

That's a NEET room if I ever saw one.

i am a stinky linky.

I hate having the wall infront of me. Middle of the living room is where the pc should be, gabeN was right

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Art fag here, just got the lightstrip a week ago.

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>pc on desk

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can u post that pic of carlos i wanna print it out as a poster


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Yeah, I’m enrolled in an art school, problem?

>halo 3
>shitty back-light for desk
>art school


"art" holy shit. Thats the most pleb setup I have ever seen. The japanese porn figure as well, what the fuck is wrong with you?

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poor form

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pine wood. Shit table.

Refreshing Veeky Forums and spamming LINK is "work" now?

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miku i've lost again, you know what that means

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i have no choice, i live in a 4x4m box.

enjoy your dust, heat and accidental kicks.

>dust doesnt accumulate if you elevate the pc by 3 feet

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whales will dump DUST on you, do you really want to get D U S T E D?

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Everything in this room is covered in semen, and the only actual female that's ever been in it is their mom.

it's probably negligible.. but i imagine it gets kicked up more closer to the ground, and then sucked into the pc intakes.

It’s a philips hue strip, it’s far from shit
Don’t speak badly about my Charlotte

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Tbh, that is about all that 'a memory of light' is good for especially that ugly edition.


pls, it cost me 90 dollars

Quads of wood.

awww sweetie, are you jealous?

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ffs put a bunch of art on the walls this could be a /comfy/ room user

weird and creepy. Bet you're a REQ holder.

XLM my nigga

Should i sell or what guys hinest truth ingot XLM AND LINK

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you should obviously dump one for the other. if you aren't a total brainlet it should be obvious to you but then again you had to ask....

Is that g400? Where did you buy it?

Browse biz and trade while I'm working

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NEO Nazi actually

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My absolute state of despair can't be this cute!

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I'm actually a sheet metal worker. Make cladding for pipe insulation.

how does it feel you'll get cancer and die before 40?


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Pine is nice and enviro friendly noobtard

good goys

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the wallpaper is from the rio brazil map on mw2, and going by the pic the guy probably lives there so he was proud of it


heh i have this shitty ikea desk as well. i fucking hate it

Pine is shit for a work surface, it's too soft, you can dent it writing on it with a pencil. A pine table is a cheap ass table, even IKEA uses better materials for work surfaces.

i actually think it's nice. what do you draw user

>comfy chair
You are sure about your position, good HODL.
>wireless logitech
>wired tenkeyless
Lack of harmony, means high volatility.
>pc on desk master race
>white case plebean
Utilitarian and clean but ugly.
>single monitor
>simple and to the point


The incense makes me more productive

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>getting this mad over an amusing image that's existed on the internet for years


wtf user


which chinese cartoons is this, asking for a friend

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CRYPTO NEWS NETWORK LMFAO that Indian guy is fucking pajeet trash lord I can't stand his fucking squeeking

its like the second one at the top of hentaihaven. brown tits, big nipples in the thumb

Twitch? People stream their trading?