Just admit it, TA developed to recognise trends in the the stock market does not fucking work with crypto. It’s a whole different ball game, bucko. Way too volatile. If you literally take TA seriously for crypto you’re a fucking brainlet and probably poor. Kys.

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TA quite literally said a huge dump was going to happen

idk what you're smoking

ta works fine short term when the market is stable

Yeah meme lines are for faggots.

Honestly the best thing they do really is make the normie that's using them feel a little more comfortable when to enter and exit the market.

They can't be that good because someone would just make a bot for every single indicator then compile it and if every indicator says buy, they buy and vice versa.

Also if this hasn't been done, why not??

Who the Fuck is TA?

That's why regulation is being pushed so hard now.

Oh sure one meme line turned out to be correct, just forget all about the several other meme lines that get it wrong. TA niggers never acknowledge all their many mistakes but cling onto their one accurate meme line like glue.

Many patterns perform differently than they do in stocks just like they perform differently in forex compared to stocks. Different personalities trade them. The difference, here, is that the 24 hour market makes bot actions more active.

Pitchforks have been trading very strong lately.

oh look another episode of "I'm too mouth-breathingly simple to increase my percentage chance of winning so I'll just keep betting randomly" the smugposter

Teacher’s Assistant. The market has a TA that grades your trades.

>crypto market

I use the 45 min MACD to swing trade and that works quite well. I also use the 4h Hull MACD to signal when to go short.

PS we are taking off within the hour.

That's the catch. You have to wait patiently for opportunities.

wtf are you talking about, TA was showing it will dump to 8800 then bounce to 9700

you will never make it user

I agree with your call but not because of Tits & Ass.
Burgerland is dumbo and they sell at the end of the day if btc open lower.
If it opens higher then they hold.

Just gotta use log scale and look at bigger time intervals.

The big parabola of the epic 2017 bull run broke very convincingly (first pic) = a long term bear market happening = shouldnt be hodling anymore

The play now is to either wait for another big dip like the one that went to 6k and flip it for ~20% gain (or whatever percentage you are comfortable with risking) or wait for the downtrend resistance (next pic) to break and flip the breakout for 10-20% gain. A big downtrend will most likely still happen for months or even a year, so again: no hodling.

Trading on smaller scales than this is a lot more riskier and anyways I have other things to do than watch charts every 2 hours.

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The promised second pic.

Also in log scale.

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Another fucking abbreviation to remember. Fuck I hate all this MF jargon. It's impossible to remember. It's technical analysis if you're not memeing.

The abbreviation of technical analysis to TA is older than cryptos themselves.

TA was developed to legitimize the useless degenerates in finance sector.
It does not, and never has, worked on anything.

I know, but it's still yet another GD abbreviation that I have to remember. Makes me so angry. I'm so tired of nuerotypicals and their nonsense

where do I buy MF and GD? moon incoming?

>log scale

Kys deluded faggot

From the movie Big Short. First 25 seconds of the clip tries to explain this.

I guess fancy words and abbreviations is just how the way is and will be.

I know, I'm just having an autistic fit please ignore. Great movie by the way

if you take T.A seriously for any kind of free market you are tardlet.

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