User wake up! Your long positions were just liquidated! How are you going to provide for us?

>user wake up! Your long positions were just liquidated! How are you going to provide for us?

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>bend over

>you know what happened last time girls!
>today is inspection day

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too far, cpchain

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Luckily I got you all kneepads, it's time for you to start contributing to this family's economy

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>penis inspection day
that brings back memories

They look good but im loyal to my waifu

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>hey faggot, give us your private key

i'm disappointed in you Veeky Forums

Not a pedo but that little bitch on the right has some very kissable lips

business lolis are best lolis

>on Veeky Forums
>"Not a pedo"

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>Burger sooner to be ruined anyways
No thanks, I'll keep my Russian lolis

I will buy this child modeling set when I make it

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>feeling attracted to this

those aren't mexican, they are going to cost you a lot user

This is barley normie teir ig lolis but the userbase says otherwise

bump lmao

>walking by primary school to McDonald’s for some tendies
>”hey you, yeah you, pussy. Give us your private key and I’ll let you lick my lollipop
Wat do?

Luckily there's a bull market on lolis

Are Monero accepted here?

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>Shorting women
>Bullish in lolis
I like this timeline, especially when women are too expensive and lolis are regulated for multimillionaires, politicians and executives for a low cost lolis and the pedo fear in society with broken laws are making them cheap an plentiful before selling them high as soon as they turn legal as the market opens up to normies before they deappreciate as they get older

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get help

you are broken

there is no way the $euro could drop 5000 points in a single night... right? right..?

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Good job I shorted BTC at 17k then :^)

You are too much of a pussy to shut her down only because she triggered you

How adorable

Why are you calling a little girl a bitch? Are you okay? Who hurt you user?

what the fuck are you on about

Bump for potential lolis

4 lolis will be worth the prison time

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What the fuck I don't remember buying Monero who are they

so whats the cut-off age for you, Veeky Forums
for me, it's 12
anything past that is trash

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I-I’m not a pedo or anything, but this picture gave me a raging hard on....

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They might be cute except the retarded hairstyle, those dumb outfits, and all that makeup. Who the fuck puts makeup on a kid? Jesus I actually want to puke.