Biz I’m on acid. Is it all a ponzi? Are they just taking my money? Is Sunny Lu gonna fuck my mom...

Biz I’m on acid. Is it all a ponzi? Are they just taking my money? Is Sunny Lu gonna fuck my mom? My girlfriend is freaking me out.

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Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

If they have then what do once there, who see, can I even be?

Why are you on Veeky Forums while on Acid? Go outside you wtf, go into the woods. I'm keeping this post friendly cause I don't want to freak you out and trip bad. But seriously go outside, get of your computer.

Fuck Off With The Caps On Every Word

very bad advice, do NOT go into the woods OP
especially not if you are alone
imagine some non-law abiding citizens run into while you are tripping balls and vulnerable
stay where you are in control, at home or something
the user who replied to you is half right though, dont go on Veeky Forums and worry about crypto right now, put on some music, do some entertaining shit

I watched this like 40 times in a row my last trip

Op. It's all going to work out. Patience my friend. Don't count the seconds of your life, live it.
Don't watch the candles, believe in your decision.

Also get some Link.

the woods on acid... yeah great advice

If you really are tripping then I recommend downloading Fantasia and watching it, it's amazing while tripping

I used to go into the woods while on shrooms, not my fault that apparantly every other city's woods are an infestation of rapists and murderers

shrooms ≠ acid

I second that, the 1940's version though.

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idk been a long time since I did psychedelics

This is a psychedelics thread now

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shrooms is more head fuckery than acid by a long mile, but I guess you've never taken true norwegian wild shrooms. They make you feel the cold even in the summer, it's like it's own entity in your mind. best trip ever took like 4 gs (about the same as 10gs of normal shrooms)

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you can guess all you want

i find acid a headfuckerry and i agree shrooms are more intense

I don't know, I've always found that acid is preferable when I want to do a deep inner journey and shrooms more appropriate when I want to explore the world around me aka going on adventures in the woods, hiking etc.

I thought there only was the original?

usually not literal rapists and murderers, but dumb gang bangers getting high who would have a field day robbing and beating up a vulnerable person tripping
an experience like that especially on LSD will fuck with you

Yeah the 1940's is the original and they made an new one in 1999 called Fantasia (2000) which is longer. It has a few new cartoons and ends with the original fantasia. I watched it on 2c-e and didn't like the new cartoons.

If OP is still here, listen to:

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse

Listen to Bassnectar - Mixtape 13
When you're coming down, watch Off the Air episodes on youtube.

Doesn't it seem that there are a lot more offtopic disucussions in Veeky Forums then it used to be? Not that I am complaining tho

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Market is slow, people are bored. It's pretty comfy imo

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Yes, you all are going to hold for too long and become victims instead of victors in this ponzi scheme.