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Hey Veeky Forums.

How do you feel about camwhores? I suggested it to my fiancee, and after some thinking she tried it out. After a few attempts, buying some lighting and a better webcam, she makes about $400 TrudeauBux in TWO HOURS.
I've always been the breadwinner, although I suppose me establishing that I will provide for her enables me to utilize her newfound income.
>gf is now capable of making $100k/year
>I only have 3.5btc
>I only make 60k/year

did I fuck up or score a jackpot Veeky Forums? pic unrelated

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jackpot if she's willing to do it for you. then it's only a matter of feeling like a man or not, either way you're making money

Why don't you just say she makes 200 CAD an hour

my girl has thought about trying it. Where does she do it at? Or what are the good places to start on?

Chaturbate. Buy a Logitech 920 or better. Spend 20 bucks at Wal-Mart on two mini clip on lamps for front lighting. 50% of people don't do those two things which really sells it. Then just throw some light cloth over the lights to filter it. Image quality is so much better. My lady loves anal, squirts on command and is a literal nympho so she has an advantage over lots of vanilla performers.
>either way you're making money
I suppose this is the best way to look at it. I go on with her sometimes anyways. Need something to feel like I did during the december bull run, I'm going through withdrawal

My gf is starting with posting on reddit and thinking about selling panties and what not. But I'd love for her to get on Chaturbate, its just such easy money and it turns us both on I see no negative. She's got a fat ass she cant just ride a dildo all day and guys would throw her shmeckles. Any tips on getting started OP?

youre encouraging your gf to be a whore.. id enjoy the money while it lasts but also avoid the whole marriage part.

>tfw my ex was willing to
>tfw she dumped me
Just kill me

the larp has to be convoluted to seem more realistic, also op is a fucking moron

>not being a totally open degenerate couple
I mean it's def not for everyone

lock her in a closet until she's 120 pounds or less
godspeed user

What's her chaturbate name user? Need this for research purposes

If you join as a broadcaster to chaterbate they give you $50 for free: goo_gl/RAxYiD

replace _ with . obviously

Viable if she never has to work a professional job again, at least on paper.

Usually it plays out more like this: she goes strong for six months, you guys blow through the money because that's what happens with fast money, then the market moves on to the next novelty, at which point she is left with the choice of either doing full on porn or stripping. From there it's a short trip to escorting when she inevitably meets a real pimp or starts using substances. By that time you've lost her to either someone else or circumstance and she's dug a hole that she can't climb out of.

So I mean if you can accept that upfront it's cool I guess.

Post her vids

Should I tell my girl to do this and use it to buy more crypto?

I mean I'm not that big on monogamy, and my girlfriend lets me sleep with other girls. She is a cuckqueen and I feel like it would be whoring a good girl out desu.

Also why cuckqueen girlfriend never want a threesome or watch and only wants to hear about it? Feels pretty bad that never had a threesome before.

>why no threesome

Different fetish.

>Should I tell my girl to do this


Oh I thought you meant just get her to go play games or something. I don't think I would be able to respect my gf if I got her to do something like that.

One time when I was 17 this girl did a bunch of ecstasy and asked her kinda fat friend if she wanted to have a 3some with me, I only really wanted to bang the original girl so whatever I can just ignore the other one. Anyway I want to take kind of a shortcut to my place, one way is through the graveyard and the fat girl is like nu-unh, whatever we'll go through the forest path like 100 ft away it's only like 1.5km but it's downhill and it's 2am pitch black, except about a week before we had really heavy rains so the path is all muddy and there are trees sideways and shit (this was like 7-8 years ago back when we didn't have flashlights on our phones). Anyway the girl on drugs sits down and passes out halfway down this stupid muddy trail, there's basically no trail anymore we're just kinda bush whackin it. So I have this passed out girl and this fat one I don't want anything to do with and I for the life of me cannot pick this fucking girl up I mean she wasn't big but fucking just dead weighting and all floppy I'd have to hook my arms under hers and drag her but there are trees in the way and I'm drunk as shit. I tell the fat girl to go get one of my friends to drag her over to my place. The fat girl goes back tells other people we had a 3 some and gets a girl who was hosting that party's dad (a fucking townie yokel), so he shows up with his 2 girls and pick this girl up, and it looks pretty bad I mean her skirt barely covers her ass normally and she was ABSOLUTELY covered in mud and lost her shoes lying in the bush so yeah it looks kinda bad on my part. We get back to that party me 3someless and since that girl told everyone we had a 3some everyone thinks I raped this girl and stuff so this guy wants to hit me with a shovel ect ect. Anyway moral of the story ---don't trust girls to do anything right...

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Can’t believe that amount of retards here with their cheap whore girlfriends

Now now. Some of us have had expensive whore girlfriends.

i paid 120 burgerbux today.

>nazi larper willingly becoming a cuck
Why am I not surprised lmfao

You are a cuck and a pimp

and this other time it was maybe after grade 10 the school year was over so my kinda off-friends invite me to go camping at some weird native campground. Anyway everyone gets drunk and shit passes out around midnight and I'm a walker so I get drunk and like to walk everywhere so I'm usually up around 3-4am walking the streets. Anyway it's midnight and it starts raining and one of the girls is passed out on a picnic bench and her friends just left her there (typical girls, also that moral where don't trust girls to do anything right). So I take pity on this girl put my headphones in and put some atreyu or bulletfor my valentine or whatever I listened to at the time and I carry girl to the bathroom because I'm not knocking on tents to see where she belongs but it honestly wouldn't have been a bad idea I mean the tents were right there and I carried this girl half an hour lol. She was super drunk but aware enough to hold on and I carried her on my back. So I drop her off at the girls bathroom and go back and pass out. She wakes up and doesn't know where she is so it would be kind of weird for her. Anyway at school some fat douche asks me if I had sex with her obviously trying to prod me if I "raped" her.

I learned my lesson about helping people..

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Why not just go full on whore with her and have her have sex with different dudes? Turn her into a hotwife. My g/f is a hotwife. It works beautifully.

>But she'll become a whore
Well yeah, but if your relationship is strong enough, it doesn't matter.It turns me on to know my girl is banging other dudes. It turns me on like no other to know my girl is being a nasty whore and her coming home with a pussy full of cum. I get to remind her who owns her pussy when I retake her and tell her straight up that I could disown her but I own her pussy and will fuck the other men out of it. It equals amazing sex, and you can be even more alpha by "fucking" the men out of her dirty pussy.

>BBC will own her
I don't encourage her to have sex with men with huge penises. If you do that, you're a dumbass and asking for her to leave you.

Once she realizes she makes more than you she is going to dump on the spot, congratulations on playing yourself

Do you perhaps compete in the Olympics for mental gymnastics?

kek, please point out where there are mental gymnastics.

No. Enjoy your gf before her skin turns to leather.

>you can be even more alpha by "fucking" the men out of her pussy


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I enjoy a used up pussy, we're both admitted degenerates. She's slutty, I love sluts, so this works for us.

There IS a difference between Hotwifing and being a full blown cuck. I maintain masculine dominance, which is needed if you are going to have a healthy relationship with a woman.

Cucks give up their masculine dominance by cutting off sex, letting another man into the picture to replace you, etc. If you do that, you're a dumbass and you deserve to lose your woman. Never give up ownership of her.


you are literally pimping your future wife and mother of your children for a small sum of money. the gas is coming for you.

Someone please post the webm of the soyboy watching his wife get railed by a nigger. These number of /b/ browsing normie cucks on this board is unreal.

This, please post webm

ITT: Actual Cucks

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Nothing wrong with camwhores but I wouldn't marry one.

how is he a cuck? if anything he's pimping out his girl

>biz guide to pimping noaw

Hahahahahahahaha, yeah much more dignified.

>Once she realizes she makes more than you she is going to dump on the spot, congratulations on playing yourself

So fucking true.