I have 14 BTC, locked up in my wallet, that I've accumulated over the past 2 years

I have 14 BTC, locked up in my wallet, that I've accumulated over the past 2 years.

I thought it would be a great and safe long term hold, but now I'm worried that it's gonna be worth nothing soon.

Should I fucking sell it biz?

I wanted to lock it away and forget about it, but I'll hate myself later for not taking out 100k when its only worth $10.00 or whatever the fuck itll be in a few years.

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Put it all in LINK, it will at least double after SXSW and will do multiples more than that by EOY

Yes sell it all crypto is dead it's going to 0 literally.

Why don't you just cash out half. That way no matter what happens you won't be completely screwed?

Ultimately you have to ask yourself whether or no you believe in the viability of BTC and cryptocurrencies in the long term. If you don't then why are you even invested in them?

unironically no, but if you're not diversified at least a bit I would recommend doing so to mitigate risk and not miss out on the next alt run

I do believe in them long term, but the current trend is down and its estimated to bottom at $500

Hasnt been this bad since 2014

which will hurt more:
1) regret over not cashing out at $10k when BTC crashes to $10
2) regret over cashing out at $10k when BTC soars to $100k

but then you'd lose out on half the gains when it moons again

I mean if you really think that BTC is heading to $500 then just sell everything now.

What are you basing this on btw?

Wtf are you on about 500, don't listen to idiots on biz who think they know what they are talking about

the bottom is NOT $500. WORST CASE SCENARIO $2500 each.

Biz told me :(

Cash out your initial investment and then forget about the rest and see what happens. That way you didn't lose anything.

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I agree with the above ^^

>asking /biz for financial advice

always take a middle ground here. I would sell only half and from that half I would reinvest one part into lithium/cobalt (this shit is booming due to increase in electric car production) and keep the rest in fiat.

>bottom at $500

Kek. Nice stealth nocoiner thread.

Yeah dude, BTC will be about $400 EOY. Crypto was the fidget spinner of finance.

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Go back to plebbit, boomer.

This was a weird but well acted mini-series.
Still need to watch the original though.

Ruth Wilson is hot af

That's ridiculous. Retesting 6k is at least somewhat plausible.

Bitcoin is going back to 2k. Because of panic, it might dip to 500-700.
So 700 is possible.

Fucking brainlets. It's not going to 0! We're not helping your shorts!

old finance is accumulating, shorting, fudding to accumulate

Lets see your TA Mr Big Stuff

wait for it to drop to around 4k then sell

OP just put 5 BTC into link and 7 BTC into ETH and go back to sleep

TA is on the same level as astrology.

Just sell 33 percent. That way you scratch the itch and assure yourself profit no matter what and if it moons even higher as it always has you won't kick yourself and wonder what if.