What's your endgame?

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I really like K2p vs Kp.

White ethnostate

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Move the fuck out of this goddamn flyover state.

to where user?

I'm in my final stage, short BTC on BitMex to gain atleast 3x what I earned so far trading altcoins.

do you find shorting way better than longing?

6 feet and a casket. Same as yours. Same as everyone else's.

Buy rope

unironically, world domination

>games blacks cant play

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making all my former classmates jealous at our 10 year reunion

A porsche + down payment on a house

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cmon user, that is pathetic. Don't show up and make sure you are kicking it in the Caribbean.

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I think BTC is going to crash to 1-2k so for now yes.

Scancuck here. wanna trade?

Being financially independently.

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A good chunk of forest

here's mine:

>annuity paying me at least 5K monthly for life so no matter how bad i fuck up i'll have money coming in
>vanguard portfolio paying me at least 100K-ish per year after taxes
>nice house near downtown with big yard for my dogs
>jeep wrangler
>proper recording studio with tons of gear and vintage musical instruments
>man cave with gigantic tv and PC + VR gaming stations
>spend most of my time either making albums, gaming, or traveling around the world exploring places and going to museums and shit, just hanging out in different cities trying out restaurants and attending interesting events, concerts, etc

should take about 3-5M. i currently have 700K coming to me this year outside of crypto. will put a good bit into crypto and invest the rest in vanguard and just live lower-middle class lifestyle in cheap town until i make it.

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spoiler alert: everyone there still doesn't give a fuck about you

what's your goal? $2m here

Move to a "safe" 3rd world country and do what mcafee did for years.


looking to get away from snow not get dumped on even more frequently

I'm gonna make the people who didn't believe in me eat their fucking words. Buy a small comfy house in AZ. Buy a few cars and travel to different events (Olympics etc).

Eventually find a nice traditional conservative qt to settle down with however dont want to rush into anything

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I got to that point in Dec/Jan but fucked it up being indecisive. Guess I didn't reach my price, whatever that is.

1mil tax-free

Terraforming Mars with bioengineered organisms.

longevity research + AI + 40-50 years

i'm unironically a georgiafag, what city you thinking?

>pay off house
>spend half a year in japan
>marry japanese cutie
>travel until ready to have kids (italy, iceland, uk, norway, etc)
>move to US and settle down
>run a small business and enjoy life

Honestly just need like 500k-1m

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Like in your pic?

Saving a friend of mine who got in way over his head with debt, before he kills himself in desperation.

This isn't my only plan.

comfy. japan is the shit. i want to go back to kyoto for a few weeks, hopefully will be able to get over there before 2020.

Explore Turkey with no Turks there, and reclaim Constantinople. Scuba under the Agean. Find Atlantis.

I'm from Stone Mountain but heard it went to shit after Section 8 housing was relocated there. No preference though.

That's probably true. , try to set goals that would make you happy and stop caring about what people in your past thought. Living the best life you can without them even crossing your mind is what's bound to make the few that might care the most jealous anyway.

Honestly, it's so far away that I haven't even set a fixed number. Yours might sound right, I just wish to have enough so that I can only pursue work that interest me, and that I'm not in a bad position if automation takes over too much. That last point might sound a bit dumb to some, but I do think society will face some hard times in a few years.

Moving 50 billion dollars a day

right now? trying to get the 4000 i lost margin trading back by margin trading

if i lose this next 0.03 btc im fucked

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probs this, 1/4 there

i'm about half way. it was surprising how quickly $500k turned into $1m, although the markets cooperated and my job pays pretty good...and i'm a miser

kek i'm unironically from stone mountain too, no larp. it's a shithole cesspool now user stay the fuck away. saddest thing ever is driving through stone mountain and tucker in current year and thinking about how comfy it was in the 90s growing up. the fucking feels

How much do you put in? My job pays pretty well too, but I'm really not putting that much in crypto.

get 1m, move to thailand to get a QT wife, play dotes for rest of life

3 million after taxes is my end goal. I'm halfway there. Just one more correction to double up and I'm done with this market. I'll be happy to walk away and leave this stress behind

crypto? barely anything. i bought a couple btc for $400 a couple years ago. then bought 10 eth for about $50 each. that's all i own for crypto.

i'm mostly here to shitpost and fud coins that aren't BTC

what will you do with the money, what's your actual endgame user

To make as many people happy as possible

Ah, ok, my bad, I thought this was a "crypto endgame" thread only, not general net worth.


All I want is a condo in FL and small fishing boat. I literally do not give a fuck about anything else, I’ll live off the sustenance of the sea.

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give myself a year or two to come to terms with my new wealth and then try to find a new meaning in life. I'll probably become depressed because my life is empty and then blow it all on gambling and hoes. when you make 10k a day for months you lose grip with reality and you see the rest of the world as slaves in a big machine... and yet they probably enjoy life more than i do

My grandad was born into an ultra-elite family. Everyone went to eton, oxford, prestigious jobs (if they wanted to work) and due to parents having to "approve" marriages were stupidly rich, tall and smart with no genetic defects . He had my mum with a normalfag and was disowned/written out from inheritance.

2 generations later everyone on grandads side is a massive failure, lots of people with no job/single parents, everyone not on grandads side is still a turbo chad richfag.

Except me. I have 13btc at 19 , excelled at school (valedictorian, 3A* a level, although didn't have confidence to apply to good unis, I sure as fuck do now for masters) and am willing to do whatever it takes to become ruling class again and leave an autismo legacy for generations.

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Except you won't get into the "elite" simply by becoming crypto-rich. The elite build their network in schools like oxford and to you you are just another nouveau riches pleb like all reality tv stars or lotery winners. They all look down on you.

Aquire pussy and good health

My original goal was to pay off 6 figures in student loan debt. I was able to do that recently with 2017 gains.

Now I want much bigger returns; enough so that I can start working only part time and still have plenty for a comfy lifestyle. I'm thinking $3-5 million after taxes.

Financial independence

sorry bud, i'm going to the ocean. not going to be a cuck fertilizer like you

underrated post

>The elite build their network in schools like oxford and to you you are just another nouveau riches pleb like all reality tv stars or lotery winners. They all look down on you.
I know, I should have applied to oxford at undergrad (if you're not in the uk 3A* is enough to make a competitive application, mum kept telling me I wasn't good enough for any uni which crushed my confidence). I'm applying there for masters.

I don't openly brag about my wealth (I know 130k isn't a lot ot adults but it's a tonne for a teenager) or act "new money"

Money has its uses. A great private school here in Canada runs you 40k/year. You might not make it but if thats the way you want to point, your children will.

You need to get back into the chadchild side of the family.

I want to be dr swole.

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I don't really want to, just to ensure my family is ruling class again. Although I expect I'm more successful than most of them given my "relative opportunities" and would have done stupidly well if I was born on that side.


To finally have sex

Bobby Fischer was right

user this is a waste of time and energy, why would you waste a minute even going

Nice house
stable income of 2k or more

The only correct answers in this thread.

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Eat shit and kill your neighbors?

~$300? am i missing something?

This guy.based.

i like this kid's story. i hope you make it back to the top user.

>Hold and wait for my portfolio to reach $3M kiwidollaroos
>Take out $1M kiwidollaroos for house + business
>Worst case scenario afterwards, my business and every crypto fails but I’ll still have a house so I will just work when absolutely needed
>Best case scenario, everything succeeds, and I live a life of absolute comfyness in a world that has become an ancap utopia
>Forever be thankful for Satoshi


mansion in New England

You need to play the long game user. Infiltration. Become an oracle of blockchain and tech knowledge to gain their attention and adoration. They're still your family aren't they? some of them will probably feel empathy for your side of the family and you need to prey upon those feelings. Some would say that's being a sociopath but imo it's merely a man taking what's his and taking what's others if he can. Infiltrate the other side of your family, tap into their network, learn how they act and behave in social settings and "become" one of them. Once you've laid out a plan to take everything you go into stealth mode and begin familial domination. This is your chance to do that, don't fuck it up.

Destruction of the universe and all dimensions

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120,000 €, pay taxes, buy a modest house, leave rest for crypto/rainy day

home base in newzealand while i travel the world in search of my waifu and rich friends who do the same as me

I wish to make it so I can create a post-capitalist society where no one is obligated to work and robots do all the heavy lifting, therefore sending mankind to a new age of creativity and possibly conquering the stars.

>nobody is obligated to work and robots do all the heavy lifting
50% of humans will become drug addicts because they'll have nothing meaningful to live for, user.

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You say it like it's a bad thing :S

I want to be like elon musk, except I'm a scientist.

It only means that society will have to burn more capital on social programs to take care of all the addicts(which will create more addicts).

Eventually the thing will collapse, it's not sustainable.

Spend 6 months out of the year living in a quaint mountain town, spend the other 6 months off the grid or digital nomad style. I just want enough money to support a simple 'do what I want' lifestyle. Keep your lambos and mansions, give me a new Jeep, an A-frame house and a camper.

you're conceding that there will be exponential advancements in AI and robotics while at the same time assuming that our understanding and treatment of mental health issues will remain the same. why?

If I make it to the point of millions I will buy an Island somewhere, build a small community, declare myself indipedent and completely ignore the former host country and put a cute animu girl on my flag.

It may or may not be an ethnostate, some le based black men may be able to live there.

There's no evidence that technological advances lead to better treatment of mental health issues

Leaving this board and getting away from the reddit cuckhold echo chamber this website has become.

Become AI researcher and not have to worry about getting grants to be able to eat, work on my own ideas.

Real advances on AI will necessarily require or led to a much better understanding of the brain though.

Obscene wealth to gain access to the cheat codes of life.

White world

At least 10 million. it's a long shot but fuck it, aim high as fuck and the low can't be all that bad, right?

I just want to make enough to pay my debt. Then I won't have to work 80 hrs a week and can spend more time with my children.

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has anyone else toyed with the idea of using recurrent/generational wealth to shape the composition of people around you?

in what sense?

End game relies on if ARK gets to $100B market cap because then I'd be making $5K a week off of staking

It also depends on if I'm still dating my current gf

>if yes
>Buy house and nice $70K maserati, liquidate weekly staking gains to pay mortgage and bills, accumulate cash from job

>if no
>Move to Taipei or Tokyo and live well, working some overseas job assignment for about 2 years, return to the states and start family

I have relatively less ambitious lifestyle goals if I were to truly make it. Films/books/vidya/hiking are my top hobbies and I wouldn't replace them for anything

You're either a schizo or have an interesting idea to share. If the latter, please do.

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