Predictions for altcoin bullrun in 2018?

You know its going to happen. It's just a matter of time. We all heard it was going to start in February or March. What's your prediction?

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After trump tweets about LINK

I don't see it happening people only care about Bitcoin

In May. may
i trust

>we are going to start in February

We need to get trump to shill out alt coins on twitter

starting to think late may also

A run is inevitable, but I don't see it happening for a while. I also don't think it'll last very long.

Honestly, I'm expecting it to be more like November time.

Gameplay brauch ich gar nicht viel mehr als eine taste halten und stumpf ein paar maps zu grinden.

Why do people always have a need to touch these statues, as if they will become professional traders by doing so

Because people are disgusting animals unable to think for themselves who are conditioned to do stupid fucking things like touch statues

Superstitions. Same magical way of thinking have all religious people.


No more bull runs ever. The bubble has POPPED.

>houbi exhange listing
>whale accumulating
>once competion is over

Investing in something other than LINK in 2019 is going to be like investing in something other than ETH in 2017.

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but stellar, ripple, neo etc. outperformed ETH

>Out on wallstreet
>The mighty wallstreet
>An API is linked tonight
>In an insurancy corp
>A mighty insurance corp
>An API is linked tonight
>An API, an API, an API, an API, an API, an API an API an API,

maybe they just want to know how the statue feels to the touch.

No they're probably thinking about the money wall street is making while his tax dollars pay out the banks wall street cucked over.

>We all heard

You made a small but significant typo op. That should be

>Everyone wanted to believe

Enjoy the small pump in May/June, BTC is going down to $2000 by 2019/2020

B-but you said February, then you said March...

Is never going to recover, is it?

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End of April