How the fuck can so many of you trust a Mexican exchange?

Bitmex is growing like every day, and still it's so popular here, where a lot of guys vote Trump for example.

Why not use Kraken for margin trading instead of this sneaky stuff from Mexico?

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Being this mofo retarded lol go back to fucking pol

Its not mexican but u know it stop larping u fucking faggot

Pendejo de mierda calla la puta boca, arriba mexico carajo

>Mexican exchange

BITcoin MEXico your stupid illetare pajeet learn to read

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Could tell he was a troll when he mentioned kraken


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Bitmex is not an EXCHANGE, you retarded December nucoiner

MEX stands for Mercantile EXchange you fucking brainlet.

wtf are you fucking talking about

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Weak FUD, try harder next time

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And this is the Masterace that pol talks to much you fucking retardo fucking creatura

guess which country borders to california in the south

Me pelas toda la verga gringo joto mal cogido nalgas miadas.

>Veeky Forums STILL falls for the bait

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California is part of mexico

I'm dumbfounded that anyone fell for this.

Then I remembered, "oh, Veeky Forums".

this guy is more alpha than the whole Veeky Forums ever gonna be...

I don't know but this shit exchange has to go back.

So i was right

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I don't margin trade because I'm not that desperate/greedy/autistic. I'm only slightly autistic

actually kek'd pretty hard at this post

> Kraken
> Trusting a literal pirate exchange

It’s in the fucking name!

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>bitcoin mercantile exchange


Pic related. For the rest of you who know that bitmex is a gold mine, start here:

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real mexican exchange is BITSO

Well, unlike OP, I've been trading with bitmex a lot. I like it actually and made bretty gud money from trading x5 trades.
So I completely trust it.

Here is a referal link for you guys who want to get in on the action:

it'll give you lower fees and me a bonus.

fucking this

Because meixican conditions such a low minimum wage and low taxes and not having a total retarded as president that close the market for china

"not having a total retarded as president" you say ? KEK