Should I just dump these bags and move on to another shitcoin?

Should I just dump these bags and move on to another shitcoin?

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Absolutely, I talked to their product manager at an NYC meetup, he doesnt even know about crypto, hes just some guy you had a failed dropshipping busines and his friends gave him the job. This shit will go to zero. His talk lasted 40 mins and the tickets where 20$ for a 2 hour talk

dont know man i really dont think the token serves an actual purpose
like i get the marketplace but if theyre just going to list places i can open a bank account, i can always open a bank account directly at the place, feel me?
t. bought at ico dropped half to tak einitisal out and i will let the rest do whatever

their only use case described is to save your kyc info in some sort of wallet, to save the 'hassle' of uploading your kyc info. honestly it doesnt really solve any problems its just a money grab

you were supposed to buy THEKEY not this shit

What about TKY?

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REM is the better than both of these

well well it does serve a purpose if the marketplace actually shows you a good price ocmparison for tax havens
i mean, there must be a competitive rate for incorporation, right?
like a tax flat of some shit on an island in someshitplace

Aweful shit coin squinty eyes mofos.

have you even read their white paper? This thing's a fuckin joke

wait... you bought something called 'selfkey' wtf???

Seems I got 100 TKY as an airdrop lol

Worth approx 2USD

Selfkey more like keyl yourself amirite lol

No man all that shit is years down the line if they dont run out of funds and fail in the meantime. right now direct from the horses mouth, they are trying to make an 'identity wallet' where you can use it for kyc, eg, you put your kyc wallet address instead of uploading photos etc. and the only way the token makes money is they want you to PAY them by staking tokens to have this priveledge

i know its retarded
i sold most of my selfkey a while back
then again, i bought etherdelta tokens with it so who knows if that retarded trae made me even more retarded

Yeah, the only way that's even monetizable is if they have a significantly larger (and growing userbase) than their partnership userbase.

All the rest is full of potential clients, but biometric identity is a BIG deal for businesses today trying to verify their users across platforms, especially if its convenient on the user side.

I think they actually have a chance to trip and fall into a successful business if they can convince people to use an ID wallet

Dont even think about that, selfkey is due for a pump its an easy 5x'er

this too. and don't think banks and other financial institutions dont already pay per kyc today. theres a market for it, but why would there be any rise in price with neither a working product or at least access to the volume of main stage exchanges

>shouts out to kucoin
>that red porsche
>one day

SOVRIN/EVERNYM is coming. Probably won't have a crowdsale. Literally God Tier team and partnerships with the US government.

These KYC/ID ICOs will die immediately, get out now.


you're not wrong, but that only means market consolidation in NorthAm, Eur.

There can still be a rise of an KYC/ID service that owns Africa / Asia, if only for a little bit

im stuck in rem from ico. how long do we have/is there any time to still make some profit?