March 31 - China is banning external VPN, filtering all routes around "great firewall"

>March 31 - China is banning external VPN, filtering all routes around "great firewall"

>Just released a 3 part tech demo

>Mooned today, wait a couple days till March31st and this bitch will go so hard.

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Most cucked country in the world, United Kingdom, is planning to ban porn starting 1st of April.
Q2 is looking like it'll be good for sub.

Theres a state in the usa planning on making their citizens pay $20 to watch porn.

Maybe sub has a future.

Wonder what's with the sudden crackdown on porn. (((They))) can't possibly believe it'll actually work.

Let's hope so - I've got bags of this shit!

also, pornhub is banned in russia.

SUB is going to blow the fuck up, and honestly i'm thinking the VPN aspect is going to be a bigger draw than ever anticipated, which in turn is going to solidify the hosting and how good it is because of the massive adoption.

incoming cucked SHIFT/SKY bagholders

Does sub handle binary data well?

Intense coin

I've been wondering this as well. First Russia with their retarded censorship, then the UK and now fucking USA of all. I bet that China and SK/Japan have went through similar stuff without me hearing about. What gives? Why did they suddenly 180 on porn?

Hasn't Japan censored their porn for ages? That's even worse imo, let people watch it but all they see is fucking pixelated genitals.

what is substartum? Shill it me please.

In South Korea porn has been illegal for a while already, basically their KPop industry is the sole legal outlet of male sexual urges, feminist is also rampant there

In case you didn't know, both South Korea and Canada are basically testing grounds for new experimental psyops by the elite aiming at subduing population from within and through generations, once one of these experiments is a success they implement in on their other countries

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tell me more pls

I agree with Any other examples? I totally believe you, considering Canada is absolutely cucked by SJWs, great country other than that.

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dear SHIFT/SKY investor, your butthurt is only going to get worse in the following days :^)

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google south korean goddess cult for more info

no, it's not a larp

Porn possession in S.Korea is a crime more severe than murder in some cases and they have a full ministry of feminism, also their whole case study of control accidentally blew off in their faces because S.Korean hackers accidentally came up with information that proved their female president was an indoctrinated fully brainwashed cult member leaded by a shadow council, no this isn't the plot of a movie this actually happened (protip: Trudeau is the same, don't dig his past)

Then the international elite went full damage control both inside the country and out, inside they crafted a whole fake indictment to appease the population and pretend everything isn't a big experimental ground while outside the zog media just reported there was an indictment without specifying the real causes other than "corruption", which is easy to omit because there is a language barrier and no one bothers to look into thing

I thought biz knew more about tech. Sub is a protocol, the traffic from this can be identified, blocked and pinpoint who is using it.

Believable with how disgusting fake plastic Koreans are.

>banning porn
Nigger that's just an excuse, they are going to be banning wrong think off the net.

>cult member leaded by a shadow council,
(((Gee I wonder who that could be))) also wasn't there some ship sinking or something that happened when that was going down.

this. anons, sub is vaporware
>i'm going to run the internet via blockchain and not even china will stop me
and i thought arkies were deluded

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Top Kek

SK culture is really fucked up. They value superficial things over everything. They have a herd mentality to a point where it's frightening.

It's really funny to see westerners try and explain how shit works in Asia.

Can't deny the president was a puppet for some shaman cult

>Nigger that's just an excuse, they are going to be banning wrong think off the net.
They already did that one though so it doesn't seem to just be an excuse.

substratum will be run through nodes so its impossible to crack it down.

substratum is the future for the internet

Substratum is a fucking joke, look at the technology and development team

So, how do they get rid of CP?

users can vote out bad content.

they haven't said how they're going to solve the distributed database problem
>30 year unsolved problem in computer science
>solving it as a side note in their project

Sounds terrible

what if the pedos outnumber the other users?

fap time

She sure was, but Korea's root problem isn't some scheme by jews or the new world order.

Korea's problem is that it was a BRUTAL AS FUCK dictatorial regime after World War 2 and up until the late 90's. This Regime was heavily influenced by numerous moral groups, including extremist Christians who were more interested in playing politics than anything else. The Churches inside Korea, along with the regime decided that immoral behavior was illegal and outlawed all sorts of 'immoral' things, including Porn.

When South Korea transitioned to a democracy it was rocky, a lot of political killings happened, a lot of cliques were formed inside the government and once again the ol' church found its way in by bribing and paying candidates off.((a good side note is that a lote of these cliques, including that cult you noted, were already there when the Government was run by a dictator, they simply transitioned over when the government changed)).

Now, in a state where you have a ton of invisible factions who all support dozens of different issues and will do anything to ruin an opponent's career, do you really want to go out on a limb and be the guy who legalizes porn? Do you want that to be what you're known for, the porn guy? Not only will you look bad for being the guy that legalized porn, but you'll draw fire from conservatives cliques and the church who will then stop at nothing to ruin you.

It's much easier to just let sleeping dogs lie, why put your entire career on the line so that some high school kids can jerk it to korean pussy.

they don't need to

you can only make static websites on the sub network

I believe it. That's insane. SK is fucked.

they advertised it as dynamic websites.
they said they'd support django, .net, and others.

It's pretty insane how fucking complex politics are inside South Korea when you come to realize party affiliation doesn't mean diddly squat. Everyone in Korea is part of some special interest group or faction, the National Assembly is divided by dozens of invisible faction lines and politicians are rarely sure whether the person sitting right next to them is part of a rival faction or not.

Then you have shit like Mega Churches that exert influence all over Korea and mobilized citizens to vote for candidates they pick, and hyper conglomerates like Samsung and Hyundai which have their own towns and their own laws which elect local officials and have seats in the assembly. I mean, could you fucking imagine living in a small city run by Google(let's say 100,000 population), where 10-20 percent of the population is made up of google employees and the governor of the town and your elected official, the person that's supposed to represent you both nationally and locally, is an employee of Google and answers to google's ceos? Could you imagine if any single one company was allowed to make laws for where you live? Yeah, that's a fucking thing in South Korea.

Yeah that's scary as fuck. Also seems like the majority of the population are either uneducated about politics or just don't care. Too busy worried about League of Legends and dance lessons.

South Koreans have different ethics and morals than Europeans, Canadians, and Americans. Westerners are taught to be individually free and pursue their own interested.

In South Korea, Japan, China, it's a lot different. In school you're taught that you're part of a system. A lot of people from my part of the world are willing to give away a lot of personal liberties for the good of the state because in the end they believe a healthy government will benefit them. It's something that's really hard to explain to people that aren't from Asia because it's so ingrained in everything we do, it's not like everyone is a puppet for the state, but we're not really taught that we have choices. Our schooling systems are more worried about making you a good citizen and getting you into a career that can benefit the state than it is about developing you as a person.

How can we red pill South Koreans?

You can't. Nothing short of a total government or economic collapse will ever cause any change. South Korea's government is a spider's web of corruption and invisible political intrigue, and these webs have been there since the 50's. The entire government is built upon these webs and the whole thing is a festering mess. South Korea is body filled to the brim with disease, the patient isn't curable, but the diseases will never kill it. Something needs to kill the body and the whole thing needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, but that won't ever happen from within and the chances of something on the outside doing it is quite small.

Do you think they will ever find out who the other 7 goddesses are?

No. That faction more than likely has dozens of members and numerous allies and allied factions, whether their members or allies are aware of what they're part of is debatable but no one will talk and those who were arrested either don't know squat or will hold their allegiances and wait to be released in 2-3 years and be paid off for their loyalty.

I'm not exaggerating when I say South Korea is as corrupt as Russia, and in many ways more corrupt than China, especially now that independent governors in china are being replaced by Loyalists to permanent president Xi.

Lol you white fucks are full of shit. Get over yourselves already ffs

Would it be possible that some of the members of the 8 Goddesses are not even Korean?

That sounds probable but what is more probable is that you are already too socially retarded to develop as a person.
In whichever case, you should not have children.

This rabbit hole is some shit btw. I'm reading more about the 8 Goddesses.


I still can't believe that's happening. What the fuck are UKunts thinking.

My dude, just read about how Korean, Chinese, and Japanese schools teach their kids,

Yeah, it's possible that they're not Korean, anyone who can funnel money into the country and is looking to pocket easily corrupt-able officials is a possible candidate for being a faction leader or member.

It's actually insane how we have real evidence of a shadow government and no one bats an eye.

dude ever heard of insurance? we have a fuckton shitload of totally fraudulent laws made by corps in usa. ever heard of the federal reserve? its against the law to have a federal reserve in usa, but POW we had jews drain the usa for 100 years straight. USA has the same thing every heard of company towns, in usa we have a FUCKTON of em, and thats not even mentioning the old boys club with its hidden occult shit making every mayor judge and wannabe big shot pay dues for fake degrees

I'd undergone the system myself.
You are really a hopeless retard if you think that stunts their youngest generation

>company towns
Company towns don't elect officials to the United States Congress or Senate, they do in fucking Korea.

I'm not of the opinion it stuns their youngest generation, no country is stupid enough to do something like that. I was simply stating that people Korea, Japan, and China are taught less independent freedom and are taught more about being part of a faceless mass and about working for the system. American Schools aren't like this, American schools love to preach personal liberty.

well you know what?
with our education system, we're educated with how awful "nazism" and dictatorships are, how they will arrest you for speaking up and destroy your life.

Now, imagine people thinking of those types of governments, as portrayed, but with modern tech?

I wouldn't speak up either desu.

There is plenty more evidence of worse stuff around the world, for instance human trafficking for sex slaves and organ harvesting on countries beset by crisis, all organized by renowned politicians who are constantly praised in the media as good peaceful leaders of change

You have a point there, but how about strength in numbers? If everyone speaks up at once, they can't jail them all, can they?

>If everyone speaks up at once
People don't want to wage war against their masters, most people just want to be left alone with whatever little they can muster, we have a whole generation who wants nothing more than smoking weed and play videogames and are content with that

And they are failing and producing useless retards (Like you).
The fact that you have to use social connections in the US colleges just to succeed is another standing point.
But since you are such a brainwashed failure who can't think for yourself, anything you say is just the ramblings of a retard

Feels hopeless

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You tell me.
The evidence just keeps mounting on top of itself and the image of the future looks pretty grim.
Pretty soon there won't even be anyone at all willing to speak up, depending on how successful china's social credit system works.

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Yeah, I was just thinking about that social credit system. It's definitely going to be using blockchain tech. What if all of this crypto mooning is a ruse for us to accept the social credit system... Tinfoil hat.

The lesson here is that you should get rich to get a better seat when the purge comes

Trying my best to get to Mars.

well no matter how it works, facebook, twitter, google and microsoft are hard at work.
All they need is a working model to show the government. It'll get passed fairly quickly and receive little to no news coverage. You won't know about it until it is too late.

I should really write a book on this now that I think of it.. maybe call it 2084 or something.

Modern day Orwell, should work and will be terrifying as hell. What the fuck are we going to do when they implement the social credit system, plus "smart cities" with surveillance and AI/machine learning.
It's fucked. we'll all be forced to be little more than squishy harmless worker ants. At that point, ((they)) can do whatever they want with no backlash whatsoever. I think that's how I want to end the book. Making mankind look like colony of ants or termites.

We are done.

Assange is dead.
Manifesto with gpg keys and files in blockchain following cablegate utxos. Pizzagate is real, insurance files opened. Zog fully exposed, like I mean, undeniably exposed as Satanists operating a sort of Nero watching Rome burn type scenario.
Next few months will be interesting provided the UK or their mates dont nuke something.


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Yea it's pretty interesting.

So basically this is how the world works everywhere in politics, am I missing something here?