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Can you upgrade to a higher X node after mainnet launches? For example can I hold a VeThor X right now and upgrade to Strength X after mainnet? If so, WHY WOULD YOU LOCKUP MORE THAN 6K TO GENERATE 1 SAT WORTH OF THOR A DAY?

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I’m thinking all X upgrades are only allowed after Mar 20 and before mainnet launch as implied in the English Medium article. This needs clarification or else everyone will be sitting on the sidelines playing wait-and-see with their 6k.

Yes you can
I’m only locking up 6k and planning to sell the rest to play the dip for 3 months and accumulate to thunder x node

Is there an official confirmation somewhere? I feel like the English Medium article has too much room for interpretation. Thanks

Seriously only brainlets would lock up more than 6k. Wtf?! Can’t believe this is allowed

Read the article you fucking faggot. You dip below 6k you lose X node ability forever. If you add to your stack, you have to have held the tier below for a certain number of days before you can upgrade. Easy. Mainnet doesn't fucking change anything.

Sage. fuck.

You realize there’s no incentive to lock more than 6k?

You have to wait 30 days after main net to go from VeThor X to Strength X if you locked up 6k on 03/20. Then another 60 days to go the next node, and another 90 days for the next level.

I only have 16k so I don't mind waiting the 30 days. Only gonna lock up 6k for now and day trade the rest. But if you are one of the higher node levels you might not want to wait forever for the maturity period.

Absolutely mind below. People are willing to risk their principal VET value by receiving unknown amount of Thor. For all we know Thor could be worth 0.1 sats.

How retarded u habe to be. medium.com/@vechainofficial/vechain-x-series-6b77b746b4b2
Its clearly say if u have 56k VET by march 20 during the snapshoot the maturity priod will start and it will start making u Thor after 90days. Once the mainnet is out u will get the full benefit of owning an x masternodode

Part 1

You're missing my point, bro

If you have 56k VET but u locking down only 6k to be part of the x node program then i have a bad news for you. Maturity period will start after thr msinnet launch. Which means 90 day before u receive the full benefit or having an x node,
If you have 156k this becomes 180 day after mainnet launch.


who gives a fuck ven is going no where, at least for us anons that hold less than 200k.

I held 25k ven and legit thought i would be a millionaire, it's not gonna happen. I sold it all.

This early adopter program is a joke. Locking in 56k now is no different than locking in 6k now then 50k later at an opportunity cost of 0.1 sats of Thor.
>b-but muh circulating supply

I'm so ready to dump it on the Mar 20 pump. Those leddit fucks will eagerly eat it up. Mar 21 price will dump again, and I'll pick up more cheap VET.

Repeat for mainnet.

i have a thunder node. Thor will at least be one dollar by end of the year.

Going to do exact same
And sell each fresh piece of news comes my way then buy the dip

yes, this is correct, I don't think people are understanding what the maturity periods mean.

The penalties are pretty severe so it is in your best interest to lock up the maximum size X node you can right now. I want as much Thor as possible when it starts so I can daytrade it as soon as possible with enough to matter.

tell me who's going to buy $150MM worth of thor before eoy?

where do you guys get these outlandish thor predictions? i'm honestly confused

Why would you care about Thor for 90 days it’s not gonna be worth anything


Speculation will keep it pegged to about 33 % of whatever the price of ven is until enterprise demand catches up

kill me

>Unlimited thor
>will be atleast 1$
fucking delusional. And the devs probalby gonna dump Thor on marked like they sold 30mil of "locked" coins, same time as Sunny is fucking you over buying and selling the marked privately. Shadiest fucking crypto on the marked right now.

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the same people who buy 20 billion of cardano before the end of last year

i never thought gas would reach $25 but here we are

The entire crypto market is speculative value. Fuck off. At least ven and vethor have a decent chance at coming out the other side of the speculation phase with some real world demand and value.

Why is NEO’s GAS worth $25 when it was once $2.50? Is there that much enterprise demand for it outside of speculators, is it that high because of real-world usecase?

There is not unlimited gas.

Yes there is idiot.

It just gets burned. The same as Thor.

ICOs are starting to accept it. Beyond that, you will need it to declare yourself a bookkeeper node + create and pay the annual fee on smart contracts. Also there's plans to eventually have fiat payment into NEO by way of GAS. That would mean the finite GAS supply would need to hold sufficient value to allow for all of the above activity.

Do you know what POS means?

No its not, the state of crypto..... dont listen to everything your echochamber is telling you. Gas that is used to pay for system functionality will be paid as dividend to Neo holders again. If that is the case, then gas will keep on circulating and be paid back to Neo holders.

There are 100mil total gas,