Why can't anyone successfully FUD this token?

Why can't anyone successfully FUD this token?

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Sounds like an old japanese woman asking me to leave.
>Mise oh mise no no go please go oh mise go

I was just FUDding so I can buy mire fore cheap
I am 75% OMG

Dumb logo. It’s like three fucking circles.

I hear link does it better

What does Link do besdies be stinky?

only way for OMG to succeed is for ETH to fail as a settlement layer.

>only way for OMG to succeed is for ETH to fail as a settlement layer.
imagine being this retarded

Because everybody here /secretlyowns/. All the FUD is from holders getting bored of sideways movement

fuck you're dumb

it's CEO is BLACK

and BLACK is BAD

Who are you referring to?

Because the only person moronic enough to attempt to FUD it for no reason is some 5'1" nigglet

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FUD proof
Pajeet proof
Gypsy proof

Our coin.

1000 OMG just in case, checking in

omg and eth would never announce a partnership because they aren't the type to make hype announcements for no reason but please tell me who else is working directly with vitalik and poon to create a network that will scale eth?
If any other shitcoin had that type of backing at any point people would lose their minds but I'm glad it missed the hype during the flood of newfags because I have accumulated enough to retire on eoy.

Skateboard is just a prop, we need Jun to land a legit heelflip or pop shuvit before we buy in

did you really just doubt jun? used to shred

How many user? 4k?

Whoa just sold 100k

around 7k atm, will be more if electrify hits .30+ before omg has any major movement.

Only have 300 because a faggit and have an overdiversified folio

Mirin. 1200 here. Wish i had more fiat or the balls to gamble with some of my omg to get more. Too scared to get left behind on an announcement.

1200 is still more than most people just means you hold an extra year for more gains. Probably going to stake for a while and let the price skyrocket over the next 2 years

60K LINK and 2.9K OMG and 100 XMR. Will i make it anons?

Yeah thats my plan too. Cant wait to watch these next couple months unfold

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what was your initial investment in each?

Never forget who the best erc20 is and how closely it's tied to eth. Just a matter of time

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