Even after that truth dump

You still believe your pretend internet money is actually worth something?

Also, EOS btfo for all eternity.

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last time John Oliver tried to make a point, fucking Donald Trump became president. John is a fucking faggot, don't believe that fuckface

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Man John Oliver making fun of Brock’s cowboy hat and weeb wedding sure made EOS a lot slower and less of a threat to Ethereum and Cardano!

EOS is the god coin. John Oliver talking about EOS is like a stripper talking about Nuclear Fission.

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I want to see the EOS red pill poster, he's awfully quiet now

Praise Kek & Heil Hitler

I thought that it was a pretty good old show and not totally a hachet job. The host is a total clown - but, he at least had some balance and he wasn't wrong about some obvious scams and absurd shilling. We need the normies in if we are going to be able to steal their money. I think he made Norm feel that if he is smart enough to navigate his way through some of the more obvious scams - then he won't get stitched up - little knowing that we'll fuck them all in the arse come 10Trillion

I’m holding my judgement on Eos until they have something that isn’t an erc20 app token

I wrote it. Other people post it now. It’s now a decentralized autonomous corporation and I will step away from it and let the community can manage it.

>John is a fucking faggot, don't believe that fuckface

Except that OP is a Faggot - currentyearman was bullish AF, except to EOS. So, I hope he DOESN'T repeat his Trump loss (which'd be everything else crashing, and Pedocoin mooning).

oh my bad. i dont actually watch John, so i just assumed he said some bullshit

>we'll fuck them all in the arse come 10Trillion

Kek, no. (((Goldman Sachs))) buys our bags from here to $2 Trillion, then THEY dump the normies at $10 T. Then we buy the dip with a small amount of our profit, much like the post-dom com era.

well hopefully the SEC doesn't anally devastate them all and make dan "the shitcoin man" larimer require KYC before mainnet launch. trusting the pedo and him with over a billion dollars is a very brave thing.

filthy kike

go to bed, Brock.

JO is really starting to look fat and old. Looks like blowing up a 2016 sign wasn't enough to stop his rapid aging from cuckstress. Probably from all the ice cream stress eating to cope with "adulting".

>last time John Oliver tried to make a point, fucking Donald Trump became president. John
Fine with me.

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Kek, I'd have made the same assumption user, but I was curious. Never trust Veeky Forums on this crap, look at the source yourself.

How did Block Chainiver get through that episode without once swiping at Ronald Blumpf

EOS is a looooong term hold (in the world of cryptos), it's still technically in the ICO.

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I havent watched this video yet. Should i watch it or will it just make me mad?

Why do you call EOS pedocoin?

IT was fairly accurate.

It was an OK video, not the total FUD you might expect, not really worth watching though. He basically said that blockchain is a highly promising technology but that there's a lot of hype in coins with no product, and that crypto is overall more of a gamble than an investment. Outside of BTC he mostly focused on DOGE, EOS, and BCC. Lots of meme/dumb humor, which is pretty typical for his schtick.

Oh look, EOS fudders were running out of FUD because their only other fud:

> muh vaporcoin
> muh no main net

was running thin


this thing is AT LEAST going to be around for the next 3-5 years and be one of the dominant dapp platforms.

JUST look how easy the documentation is to read.

The number of commits/bugfixes. ALSO, their telegram developer channel is insanely active.

People want this to survive and it will.

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People are blinding themselves with his politics. He actually was pretty objective and the general message was actually on-point with a lot of good advice posted here.

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Brock Pierce is a well know kid diddler

Eos is as much a scam as trump will never become president. Doubled my stack today. I have a good record betting against leftist political propagandists. I have the advantage of knowing how software development works, and since I've seen eos working and made smart contracts on the test net the fud only makes me more bullish. it means the establishment is scared

What did he say about eos? I never touched eos cuz it appeared and became multibillion crypto out of nowhere.

I think "Dan" created that segment to FUD the crypto market so he could accumulate more

Why isn't he in prison then? Also he has nothing to do with the projects development or management.

>I've seen eos working

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>it appeared and became multibillion crypto out of nowher
That's basically what he said about it, how it raised more money in months than Facebook and Uber did in years. He also commented on some actor that was apparently hired by EOS to shill it.

some speculate that he is a CIA informant. he was kiddy raped in hollyjew then rolled with other kiddy rapers and was the only one to be let off while the others went down hard. the guy was hiding with the kiddy fiddlers in barcelona and somehow got off...doesn't add up really. especially after several credible accusations were made by victims. you hang with pedos you deserve to hang with pedos from a noose. i own EOS and feel torn about that because i bought before i found out. i'd like some gains but i hate kiddy diddling faggits.


also brock was a teenager who came up with a rudimentary youtube and got funding by creepy older dudes.

he wasn’t an abuser. the old pieces of shit who exploited him and his peers were.

Never charged criminally but paid out the ass in civil lawsuits.

I just googled his picture. What a creepy guy.

I finally watched the segment, it's an ad for regulations. This is a capitulating narrative.

John Oliver is smart and he explains me things I don't understand in a funny way. Thanks to him I can educate others. When I laugh I feel good. He brings nuanced takes, he doesn't take sides and meets in the middle. Crypto weirdos are extremists. He's not saying it's useless just that if something useful actually exists it's almost impossible to find it because everyone else would know about it already. I like how chicken nuggets taste. It's not fair that bitconnect can happen, someone should stop it. Maybe then I would be protected and it would be safe to buy it. Katie Holmes was married to Tom Cruise, I remember that.

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Exactly. Shows picture of Bitconnect advertising themselves as a blatant pyramid scheme. Shows footage of over the top Pajeet Carlos laughably shilling an obvious scam. Audience laughing at how obvious a scam it was. Funny right idiots got what they deserved? No idiots are all victims to fucking faggot Marxists and crypto is "inadequately regulated" Muh poor stupid niggers can't be trusted with their own money. Fuck cable. And what was that shit about hating Dan? He didn't like his belt? Fucking gay.

EOS = Pizzagate

look man
this poster exposed themselves a few days ago
its a black gay guy that is unsure whether or not they are a tranny
he said that he is attracted to "masculinity" but that "white boys crying over BBC taking their women isnt masculine"
its obvious the guy is mentally ill and acting out over his own insecurities over being effeminate and not being able to fulfil the role of masculinity
wasted years of his life on /pol/ doing the same thing
now he is in Veeky Forums and not only wasting his life, but also missing out on making money


just gently remind the nut that its ok, mental illness is not his fault, that the cuck spam is just his way of dealing with his life not going as he planned (being a black gay tranny)


Jon Oliver is a bitch

more like a stripper laugghing and telling you eth tokens are joke except the joke tokens like divsnek which are actually for a truly great irony bettter than eos

time where eos gets absolutely ripped apart

Oliver's talmudvision show has a track record of being wrong and intentionally misrepresenting the truth

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This dude thought Hitlary would win too. You take anything this retard says seriously?

The only reason EOS is high is because it inexplicably got listed on Bithumb over many more deserving coins at the height of the mania

This dude is sacrificing his lifeforce in some satanic rituals trying to get trump impeached.

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God damn I hate John Oliver, had to sit through all his shitty jokes just to hear what I already knew - that there's a thousand shitcoins. He's right though, I'm not investing in anything except XRP. Everything else is a gamble.

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Poor EOS. I thought Larimer was behind this project, so I bought in. I had no idea about the shady cowboy hat dude. Hard to take seriously now.

I bought ETH at $50 so my answer is yes

Who the fuck cares lmao

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Sounds pretty bland sex for the current year. Not even a chastity cage or choking involved.

>Everything else is a gamble.

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This guy laughed at Trump and said he would never be president. I was moderately bullish for 2018, now I'm extremely bullish.