Can it work?

Do you think I could get milions of views on JewTube if I rent a Lambo, and an escort and make a video called "LOOK HOW MY GF REACT TO LAMBO LAUNCH!"

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if you have put the effort in a channel to make it have 7 million subs, sure why not?

I know, but pecunia non olet

is that a guy?

>ywn be a famous rich teenager who is fucking 10/10s
Why live? You know he has more money in crypto than you do too?

Of course, you can do anything you put your mind to.

That's clearly a Ferrari you dumb fuck

me on the right

why do cunts with brown eyes feel the need to buy fake blue contacts? shit looks fucking awful

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I like turtles.

are you in turtlecoin already user?

Vitalik could do better desu.

Can I get a quick rundown on this 13 y/o with pornstar gf

you cant even wash your asshole properly and think you can drive a lambo.

how much do girls like this cost for the day?

what kind of rundown you want
skinny whiteboy dates 4 year way out of his league roastie out of true love - and not because of fame/youtube money and the various cars he has

Roughly one thousand.

*4 years older

how the fuck are these people so small? they both look like they're about 12. FUCKING GROSS

Do you realize that YouTube pays out $1-5 for every 1000 views?
you plan on making $1-5k? You're not even going to break even. I hope you have a decent monetization plan.

i doubt it. you need to be more than just rich to get views. theres already hundreds of trust fund babies on there now showing off daddys money and they only get a few thousand views max.