Who would you rather be?

Who would you rather be?

Chad : personal trainer, 8" dick, 40k/year income

Vitalik : likely billionaire by 2020, but physically pathetic

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yo i'd rather be all up in dat ass nah what i mean? cash me out

vitalik can make gains but can chad make billions?

dat ass wtf

His body can be changed with enough time.

Vitaliks life would be infinitely more fulfilling. Creation and innovation that transcends time vs fucking some whores.


Chad. Health and body have no price.

Vitalik for sure. Chad can only get pre teens and superficial women. Vitalik can get anything including furries

where my sniff posters at yo

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Vitalik because you can't I'd rather be smart than a chad. Unless we are talking born rich and handsome frat boy Chad, then I'd pick that.

I honestly think geniuses like Vitalik are never satisfied with their work and are constantly stressed out.

vitalik just needs to take some time to work out, stay in the sun for a bit, probably has the funds to enlarge his dick to whatever his insecurity needs properly too

definite vitalik considering most women are gold diggers at heart to begin with

he could buy chads personal training business then fire him
or make him work with old men
or generally make his life hell


Agree 100%. They are perfectionists that are also far too humble.

vitalik could be a Chad if he worked out, just look at that jawline

Retards what's more likely being a super autismo homo making physical gains or a Chad increasing his earnings from 40k. Either take the options as they are and accept you will be a gay autistic twink the rest of your life if you choose vitalik. Or be a low income Chad capable of hustling milfs. choice is obvious

vitalik will make a good bottom boi

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>hey guys dont actually think about it just accept the choice that has been presented to you
wrong board faggot

Vitalik bec techs better then sex

Gold's gym greensboro?

You're underestimating how difficult it would be to get Vitalik to give a fuck about working out, eating 200g protein/day, not spending 14 hours a day hunched over a computer, etc

You're underestimating the motivations people have for sitting in front of a screen for years making a product that would lead to passive income to begin with

there are a lot of photos of the guy travelling now, in the sun, hiking

its almost as if you queers have a vested interest in keeping people's expectations of themselves as low as possible here
I wonder why, what could possibly be the reason? huurr

>inb4 8" is too big, i would never wanna have such a big dick

>Tfw chadbro PT
>would give up all my gains for money skelly mode
That income is way off, but bruh why would anyone not take the chance to be a money skelly. Man's responsible for a total shift in the world, he can lift when he wants to eventually.

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Can I be Option C: The thot in that picture

Why the fuck would you want to be a dude

Vitalik, because all of the physically deformative things about him can be changed

1) He can work out and take steroids.

2) There are procedures to add girth to your penis (look up PMMA and Calibre Clinic's injectibles), and you can technically add length by using a stretcher. Plus in the next 5 - 10 years there will surely be more procedures to increase your size

The only thing you cant change is height but meh

Therefore Vitalik wins

Chad 100%, with looks you don't even need money to win at life.
Moneyskel is autistic and cant be fixed, he will probably die alone attached to his computer.

Chad 100%

meaning he is not alone but one with all of us


You are in denial if you don't think all women want Chad.

Hey, if Elon can do it....

lmao why the fuck you on biz dude

Vitalik. And to those that are saying that Vitaliks body can be changed, Vitalik probably wouldn't do shit to change it because he knows that being smart is all that matters

Who wants anything else besides borderline teens?


Vitalik obviously. If that autist started dressing better and hit the weights he could become a semi-chad

women care more about successful men than poorfags.

its the 80/20 rule.
80% of women are chasing down the top 20% of men.
the successful business class are what women are after.

>sage my shit all up the thread

If you can change the premise then pick Chad and marry a billionaire 10/10 wife you idiot.

how about you deal with the fact that people will do as they want, sissy
and that includes not playing into self defeatist cuck bullshit

Vitalik most likely has a monster cock. Weird looking dudes usually pack heat.

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vitalik. i don't care about muh dik or women. i just want to have the means to help other people. it takes money to help others in any meaningful way.

the thread is the first and last time I'd like to speak about the dudes package, was just countering all the points of OP

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Wasted trips, you want it for you retard stop lying to yourself lol. How much have you donated? What percentage of your income? Likely none

look man
this poster exposed themselves a few days ago
its a black gay guy that is unsure whether or not they are a tranny
he said that he is attracted to "masculinity" but that "white boys crying over BBC taking their women isnt masculine"
its obvious the guy is mentally ill and acting out over his own insecurities over being effeminate and not being able to fulfil the role of masculinity
wasted years of his life on /pol/ doing the same thing
now he is in Veeky Forums and not only wasting his life, but also missing out on making money


just gently remind the nut that its ok, mental illness is not his fault, that the cuck spam is just his way of dealing with his life not going as he planned (being a black gay tranny)


most people would call it a deal at 8 inch dick

so long as its known through Veeky Forums there is a mentally ill tranny cuck spamming ;)

Vitalik. Don't need to be beefy and big dicked if rich.


No different than me when the market dips.

lost too hard

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im pic related

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I'll be the first one to say that I'd rather be Chad. I've made a shit load of money in crypto but it doesn't mean shit because I'm no a Chad. My gf cheated on me with a poorfag. What does that say about women lmao? And no I'm not a beta bitch. It just says that good genetics and high testosterone mean more than money. Fuck you if you disagree you have no experience with women.

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anyone who says otherwise is coping hard.

who is this chick in pic OP? insta?

Vitalik. He will pull a Bezos eventually and blow chads out of the water.

Literally this, you can be rich af, it doesnt matter if you are a beta autistic boring creep, even if girls initially are attracted because of your money, they'll cheat on you at every opportunity with sport chek working chads who can thrill them

Yup. This guy gets it.

this is the post Veeky Forums doesnt want you to see

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For some reason I’ve read this thread with this guys in mind instead of vitalik

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Vitalik. I only need money to achieve my dream lifestyle, nothing and no one else. Although my qt gf might leave if I become as ugly as money skelly. Oh well

looks like anllela sagra