What is this guys problem?

I think drawing triangles all day is making him go insane.

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Also how the fuck do you get banned from trading view

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>tried to watch one of his streams
>constantly tries to funny and it's just annoying as fuck

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Dude is super annoying but he is actually a good trader. He's trading tutorials are helpful if you are starting out.

If you use elliot waves you cannot also be a good trader.

Every moderately successful crypto trading seems to get banned from everything. Though to be a good crypto player you have to be crazy, so.

Don't you know "took to much molly" and "my dog is getting so drunk tonight"

Made me cringe so hard I shoved a sharpie up my ass

If you are consistently profitable you are good.

Did he really get banned from tradingview? KEK

He claims to be doing things to help people then just scribbles some subjective bullshit while bragging about all the money he is making.

>muh magical Fibonacci bullshit
>Muh count the waves meme
>muh this candle means x kek

Literally subjective as fuck.

Inb4 some asshole tells me he is a good trader while that fucking retard trevon negro made money in this massive fucking crypto bubble.

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Not just a temp ban fucking permanently. Like how do you spaz out this fucking hard. When this is your job and you get banned from this platform. lol wtf.

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Coke head

seeBiggest fucking bubble in human history. A random retard could have tossed money and came out fucking profitable. All you had to do was have a little money figure out how to hit a button and not buy link

how does this man routinely BTFO himself?
i just cant fathom it

I promise you there are plenty of people attempting to trade on mex and other exchanges losing all of their money. Not everyone can trade succesfully even in this environment.

>showed his passwords on stream
>gets hacked

would you take financial advice from this brainlet?

Seriously hahaha

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>mfw when it’s real

Can't maintain a fucking account or his sanity yet he came out profitable. You telling me being this inconsistent and erratic is a sign of a good trader. Lol, no man he just like everyone that got in before the bubble came out ahead. Post bubble people got poor. If you believe that going OCD and drawing a million triangles on a screen is not subjective as fuck then you have got to have downs.

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Looks like he made 4 post before getting permabanned. That is one hell of an achievement.

Be sure to hold P3D before it blows up anons powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

We can give it some time then and see if hes still around and profitable in the future. I'm not looking at his accounts so I have no Idea if he is but his recent calls (price target wise) have not been the worst.

It's also possible that hes profiting because of other skills he has and falsely attributes his success to elliot. He might just manage risk and read basic indicators well.

It's also next hard for me to say if that is the case or not though.

Trading is easy as fuck though. All you have to do realistically is plan on every other fucking idiot reading the indicators get in before the indicators hit there targets and get out before they hit there targets. Anyone saying shit like magical numbers or over complicating shit has some alternative agenda. And like I said if you are tossing shit into a fucking bubble you will come out ahead period.