Conservative Estimate

So let's assume that QASH becomes a top 10 token (i really believe it is top 5 worth when it adds its own blockchain but fuck it) and:
>crypto marketcap becomes 4 trillion (which i believe will happen this year)
>the 10th coin still holds the same amount of market dominance
At the moment, the 10th coin on CMC is Monero, which is holding 1% of the market.
If QASH can achieve 1% dominance of a $4 trillion market, each coin will be worth $114.
That is my CONSERVATIVE EOY estimate

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QASH is my main holding and you're fucking high. $10 EOY is a much more realistic expectation.

A few questions. Do you know how market cap and circulating supply work? If so, do you really see the market going up 12xs between now and EOY? Seems like QUITE a long way to go.

We won't hit 4 trillion this year.
Best case scenario: The remaining 166k BTC from MtGox will get traded OTC and there is enough institutional demand to pick them up at decent price.
Worst case scenario: The 166k gets dropped on the market and dumps it down to 2 -3k.

Even in the best case, I don't see us going much higher than 1 trillion this year.

why would a 5% discount token be in the top 5 coins? dumbass. Also
>4 trillion market cap
Where the fuck are you pulling these numbers from?

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cap this homie
the last couple of months have been fucking brutal, and it is a long way to go, but i believe it's headed that way. All major countries are onboard, coins are getting larger and larger partnerships with companies, projects are going to finally start releasing some fucking products this year, and major financial institutions are going to come in (which is why QASH is my biggest holding). The signs are pointing to a big year man.

Well, I hope for all our sake, you are correct. However I gotta admit, I think your estimates might be very optimistic, but hey, maybe I'm missing something.

I think the concept behind Qash has the potential to de-couple the market from Bitcoin, honestly, considering the world book exchange will allow direct trading between fiat and alts.

$1. market is going down to 50b total cap or less

It can be used by poorfags like us, but that wasn’t who it was developed for. And the fact that you believe it will be just a discount token is why you will remain a poorfag

But it literally is just a discount token in 2018. Which is when you're saying it'll be worth $114. Your "institutional investors" aren't coming any time soon.

Its not just a discount token you dumbass. Do we really have to go through this in every single qash thread?

@OP id say 5-10 bucks eoy is a realistic estimate. We gonna hit 1-2 trillion overall market caps tops. The real moon mission will be in 2019 when they roll out their blockchain and possibly staking rewards. By that point i see it going to 50-100 and the cucks who think its a discount token will be on suicide watch

>Its not just a discount token you dumbass. Do we really have to go through this in every single qash thread?
Because every QASH thread the answer is just "it won't be in 2019!" and his 'prediction' is about 2018.

You dipshit why dont you spend 5 minutes doing resesrch before you show how clueless you are. Read the whitepaper and then we can have a conversation. And no im not gonna spoonfeed you and shill this.

I have read the whitepaper. For 2018 it provides discounts on the Liquid platforms services. Sure it gains more utility when it's on it's own blockchain, but that's not what we're talking about here.

They have 15+ exchanges lined up to join the worldbook and the qash token will be the intermediary coin that fuels all the trades on it. You mightve read the whitepaper but it obviously went right over your head.

If you could point out where in the whitepaper it says that I'll appreciate it. Because the section about "token utility" says nothing about that user, and you'd think they'd mention something about it wouldn't you?
>inb4 "I'm not gonna spoonfeed you" because you realise there's nothing in the whitepaper about it being an intermediary coin

Soon to be announced partnerships alone will initiate the moon mission. Just look at their team and their connections to Goldman.

QASH is my largest holding in my portfolio but I'm surprised to see it talked about on Veeky Forums so much. I mean it seemed to go largely ignored for a long time.

but all the top ten coins are actual real shit. CMC is like the billboard charts, none of the greats are on there and when you look back through time you think, WTF? all the big coins are liike richard marx the clarinet guy and pet shop boys being ranked top in the charts.

I heard they use windows 7 so that microsoft partnership is a done deal

"The World Book will allow someone wanting to pay for BTC with pesos to purchase that BTC from someone wanting to sell their BTC for USD. It uses QASH as an intermediary, without the purchaser or seller directly using it (The World Book programmed to use QASH as the intermediary) so that you can purchase and sell BTC with whatever fiat currency you want. The idea is that the World Book will be utilized for all cryptocurrencies listed on the Liquid+ platform to have fiat pairings through the World Book.

An individual can also directly use QASH as a trading pair if they wish; however, if they choose to use fiat, they will be paying brokerage fees in QASH. Also, if you use QASH as a trading pair, there is a 5% discount on trades- this seems like nothing compared to Binance's BNB coin that gives you a 50% discount on trades. However, a 5% discount is massive if you are a whale trading millions of dollars (and the idea of the Liquid+ exchange is to allow big money to easily trade cryptocurrencies)"


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Invest in P3D before it hits the masses, decentralized smart investment with low marketcap, do your own research

shut the fuck up pajeet

even a discount token would be a x10

>actually buying qash


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Every true biz lurker knows to do the opposite of what biz says. 3k Qash am I gonna make it?

>reddit shill posts are now whitepapers
the state of Veeky Forums. Have you got an OFFICIAL source? For all you know that reddit shill post could be the same idiot who's talking here.
Here's an actual source. Notice how he never mentions what you're talking about? You guys fell for some serious shilling and then sat on your high horse saying "HURR DURR READ THE WHITEPAPER" to someone who actually did and realised what you were talking about was horse shit will be released soon, along with the WorldBook Beta. In my opinion, QASH will easily be top 10 in 6 months from now.

Kek it's just a discount token, you talk about it like it's the most amazing thing since BTC

thats exactly what qash wants to be

Lol QASH fags btfo

No, it's not. Did you even read the website?

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Yeah in 2019+
This threads about 2018

How many Qash to have a million end of 2019?


did you dumb fuck? this thread is about 2018, there is some imaginary blockchain being released in 2019, in 2018 IT IS JUST A DISCOUNT TOKEN

Lmao you fudders are pathetic
Just bougvt 2000 more

I only have 3600

100 000

Hey, only 94 000 more to go