Is a lifestyle where you exclusively fuck prostitutes sustainable?

Is a lifestyle where you exclusively fuck prostitutes sustainable?

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As long as you have cash

How much money do you have, how many times do you want to fuck prostitutes a week, and what quality of prostitute do you want?

Just left doing coke and opiates with a hooker I'm in NYC the last couple hours of my life were exspensive and now I'm crashing so I don't think so.

Ask Charlie Sheen.

A condom sex is not sex at all, one day you'll learn user

yes come to Colombia
>pic related, expensive whore to your doorstep for $60, whorehouse tricks are closer to $20-25

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Where in Colombia? And how accepting are they of black men?

Sure and when you get bored just do something else, most likely the exact opp.. Yin and Yang.

we had this thread already fren

and it wasn't enough to make me cum

try harder this time

On a semi related note, which stocks would see a boost from increasing sex toy/bot advances?

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Veeky Forums

Met a few colombians. They are pretty racist tbqhwyfam. Having said that, they are fucking prostitutes so who cares. If you dress nice and you don't conduct yourself like a broke boi. It should be fine.

I've actually done the math on this.

Long story short if you decide that instead of going out to dinner or the movies or buying booze or other forms of recreation that your entertainment expenses are going to be spent on prostitutes then yes so long as you make an upper middle class salary, but you can only afford it a few times a week.

Worried about disease?

Are you getting paid to fuck prostitutes? If not, then no.

I can't imagine a more sad, unfulfilling life.

some of us dont have the self confidence to get a girlfriend. prostitutes have a noble job imo

>Is a lifestyle where you exclusively fuck prostitutes sustainable?

Is a lifestyle where you exclusively fuck women sustainable?

I'd put better odds on prostitutes. A woman can spend you broke if you marry her, a whore is a line item you have 100% control over. You can budget for it.

Besides, why do you think sugardaddies is a thing? There are guys who have had 'arrangements" like that for all of history.

I'm pretty much headed for MGTOW anyway, so I like the idea of a regular session with a woman of my choosing, when I choose, who leaves when we're done, and I can skip a session if money is tight. Hell, I might build that into my eventual retirement budget.

can you at least wait until you can fund your habit with your capital gains

Why do you need a woman for a happy, fulfilled life? All women have brought to my life, from my mom to all of the women I've dated, it's been nothing but drama, chaos, and debt.

I just want my dick sucked on the reg, so I can go back to the stuff I really enjoy.

And don't start on kids, if you love them that much, go have some, I decided in high school I didn't want any.

I already do fug prostitutes nearly daily, I'm living in Pattaya in a $250 a month condo with a pool on the roof and a gym and 24 hour concierge and security, half the prostitutes I fug don't even ask, they just turn up outside my condo and the reception calls up to my room and says I have a lady waiting for me, don't even ask for payment but I slip 'em 1000 baht since they're trying to play the long game since I am young and they think I am rich (I am somewhat, own 2 rental properties in the UK & made quite big money off crypto and run a succesful SE Asia nightlife YouTube channel that earns $2000 a month, it isn't sustainable since it will get boring but it's fun.

>some of us dont have the self confidence to get a girlfriend

you CURRENTLY don't have the self confidence. doesn't mean that you will never get a gf user. believe in yourself m8