What shirt will he wear?

Serious question.

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I'd like for him to break free from the meme, but at the same time I want to see The Classic. Tough call.

How is that even a question?

On the day of the mooning he will appear in changed vestments,
discarding the old identity "Sergey the Chequered" and become finally "Sergey the White".
Will Wednesday be this day? Only time will tell.

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I imagine most of us are walking this line at the moment. Perhaps a compromise with a fresh take on his classic look.

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name a more autistic site than this

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Your house.

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toss megumin on there and I will unironically wear this while cruising around when I have "fuck you" money.


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Where can buy I this? I wholly intend to dress only in autistic LINK memes once ive made it

I need this.

Graphic tee with unicorns, ufo, and pink Dragon Dildos.

no clue, ive asked a million times. ill probably make my own when LINK hits $50

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"include link contract" - Guys we are entering beta...keep a close eye on github prior to conference.


Link token just got added a dependency.

SXSW is pretty prestigious. And he'll be there together with three really, really big fish. I think he might wear a tuxedo.
The usual shirt just isn't formal enough for that crowd.

yeah at sibos he had on a suit jacket with no tie. I think something along the lines of that is what he will wear

How to Look Autistic 101

>yeah at sibos he had on a suit jacket with no tie.
And it dumped.
Every time he wears his lucky shirt LINK pumps. Every time he doesn't it dumps.
Once you see what he's wearing on livestream you will know what to do.

Good point. I think (and hope) he'll wear a white shirt with a grey suit.

Good eye