Is it comparatively undervalued...

Is it comparatively undervalued, or is everything else just overvalued and this is a realistic mc for a supply chain token?

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isn't this the coin trying to ride the wave of other real supply chain coins?

Sigh. Look, assuming you're not here directly from the discord group (you are), just think about this:
There are hundreds of supply chain tokens for lots of random stuff. Any one of them can do ALL supply jobs. We don't need one for food, and one for shipping and another one for books and one for fucking owls, we just need one.
Maybe not even one, probably some company will make their own and it will become industry standard. No need to pay fat autists to use theirs.

Sigh, this is unironically the weakest fud I've ever seen on ambrosus.
I have yet to see any legitimate fud on this project. Bags are full and ready for takeoff.

AMBlets getting nervous with each passing day
>Swissfaggot leaves TG
>only random autist admins stroking their e-peens left
>m-muh FUD, that means b-buy signal
>m-muh Chad CEO
>s-stay poor
I will reveal at end of TG implosion how I knew swissfaggot was LARP since beginning. cap this

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Eat my dick you fucking pageet faggot I hope you went all in you stupid fuck

how can it implode if we just want a good place to discuss cryptos

Folks, this is actual autism.
Question... how worn out is your F5 key? I'm not going to ask if you get bored waiting for AMB posts. We all know the answer to that.

So it's basically dogshit? What about modum same level or potiential moon? I've done research on both but everything is biased, i was leaning towards amb but im fucken just to uncertain.

>projecting this hard
good place to discuss cryptos?
>daily pol sci lessons from swissfaggot
>babys first TA calls
>endless cocksucking of AMB and SKY

To the TGfags reading and REEing, nothing is funnier than "high-IQ" people get rekt by pajeet LARPs. See you at end of March

Modum is solid (check out the team), amb has been hyped a lot but its all a facade and really doesnt even deserve ita currwnt market cap (btw its down over 60% from ath). Dyor ( i know it's difficult because theres not a lot of information out there) and you'll be able to differentiate between a solid pick i.e Modum, Vechain, Ethereum. Versus obvious hyped/scam coins i.e ambrosis, wtc, bitconnect.

forgot to turn on your VPN? kek


Hmm doesnt really fit the bill of a supply chain token, would compare it more towards a utility token that doesnt actually have any utility. The ceo has come out publicly and said they're looking for a listing on the nysx, put two and two together and you can see the tokens appropriate evaluation is somewhere between 5-15 cents.

And the FUD troll reveals himself for what he is.

I thought you hit your 4k sats buy in target? why are you so mad D:

oh god is this how low amblets have stooped?

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And to add onto this but not to shill just putting in a good word where i see value. Check out Modum, you don't seem dumb and you seem to have a grasp of tokens/ coins so it should be an easy pick ;)

>modum shill gets caught shilling modum

this is the state of modumfags

identifying the fact that you samefag? kek

DYOR dude, I will say it's almost definitely not a scam.
My question is why do supply chain tokens need to be decentralised? I don't see any benefit. I don't see any reason why a company would buy a third-party token like AMB or modius or EVE or shiptoken or whatever other shit.

Oh jesus fuck. Sorry I wrecked your token you fukin pageet

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Fucking retard

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decentralized makes it trustless which is important for the amount of trading-of-hands materials and products have between companies and stakeholders within a supply chain.

kek, dont forget ur VPN next time dumbass

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Modum can't even hire shills that understand Veeky Forums

I understand it probably not a scam, but it just seems like a bad pick. Im glad i didn't flip the trigger finger just yet, ill look into Modum and a couple others bit with such a low cap it looks like MOD can only go up from here.

i can't remember specifically what it was with Mod and maybe I'm wrong, but I think that I didnt notice much of a use case for the token itself which is kind of a red flag. Maybe someone can correct me on this, but this turned me away from MOD pretty quicky.

AMB on the other hand does have a usecase , again, if im not mistaken. I think MOD is a definite solid project, but time will tell for sure. Hopefully it is, because I am invested.

Yeah mod tokens just pay dividends or something of that nature. Could be a huge issue when the SEC comes down on crypto that acts like securities

You're a classic case of Dunning-Kruger if I've ever seen one.

Far too stupid to realize that nobody smart in that channel actually cares about Swiss's bizarre polsci views, or is buying into AMB or SKY simply because of some LARP on Veeky Forums.

Please stop embarrassing yourself.

There is no point having a trustless record when every single datapoint involves trusted data.

Mate whether you're a real modium shill or a false flag AMB idiot please fuckoff back to whichever discord you are from.

Very unlikely. THey're not catergorised as securities and even if they were i highly fucking doubt the SEC could implement any policies on a token (not a security) that didnt even ico in the US. Think before you talk shit

>N-No one actually cares about Swissbro
>I-I was going to buy AMB and SKY enyways :D
Classic case of cognitive dissonance.

the samefag is strong in here

Could you make my point any stronger? Like I said, please stop.

Think before you pretend to be multiple people on Veeky Forums. Everyone is laughing at you and you seem to be unaware.
How much is Modum paying you?
Too much.

Wow, not only is he smarter than everyone, he can also read minds!

>implies anyone in that channel "discussing" crypto is smart
Let it sink in first before posting, k plebbit?

kek the damage control on this pajeet
samefag more retard
also thanks for the buy signal on amb

>also thanks for the buy signal on amb
>Implying any non-retard would take anything positive about AMB from this thread

The absolute state of amb fags. Calling out people thinking they are samefagging. You are a pathetic piece of trash. Enjoy the bags nigger

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Well considering there is a retard samefag shilling against it then attacking everyone that highlights the fact that he is samefagging
yeah its grounds for some research into AMB

>what is a false flag

see the samefag discuss why modum is superior with himself:

its probably you using a VPN now to attack anyone that highlights this


Pretty sure that Wolf guy is samefag fudding AMB while being a 100% case of Dunning Kruger. Already started researching AMB and I'm already liking what I see.

Thanks OP.

>what is pajeet fucking up using a VPN then raging at everyone that notices

Stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

Are you one of those autists who doesn't trust anyone but themselves? Why don't you contribute in the chat if you know SO much more than us?

Also none of us claimed to be smart, we just want a space to discuss with other autists

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Couldn't help notice you forgot to address this point amidst all your false flagging:
>There is no point having a trustless record when every single datapoint involves trusted data.

Yeah Modum is paying thousands of people on reddit and telegram to invest their time and money into an up and coming project. Its not my fault you cant read a whitpaper and make responsible decisions with your parents money.

I see an AMB thread pop up every day but this literally autistically screams the same stupid D-Krueger shit every thread.

Startedwith a 7k AMB position but I might unironically market buy 100k if what I suspect about this project is true.

this bearwolf guy*

>Already started researching AMB and I'm already liking what I see. Thanks OP.
>Startedwith a 7k AMB position but I might unironically market buy 100k if what I suspect about this project is true.

Jesus christ lmao

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you assume I am a shill invested in this debate
when all I am is someone who saw some brainlet samefagging whilst obviously shilling
then getting triggered over people noticing

I like this project.... dunno if i would go all in... although i wouldn't go all in any coin
Just too risky for me, but i am holding a comfy 40% position in this.
If i like a coin, you know somethings up
Because i Fud a lot of shit, chad CEO will take us to victory
He gets shit done
>Nestle partnership inc

Guys he finally got his VPN set up. Game over.
No I'm not saying Modum is paying thousands of people. I'm saying Modum is paying YOU.
And they are paying you waaaaaay too much.

>you assume I am a shill invested in this debate
You refuse to answer so? I accept your forfeit.

I think you meant to tag me.
Sounds like you're asking what the difference is between trustless and trusted? and why trustless is better?
You're joking right?

Raivath, you are an embarassment! report to your supervisor on the discord server at once. You are not to post unsupervised any more until you complete the training process.

15 minutes googling the names of the team members, and you'll realize the core researchers literally invented IoT and are already months ahead of schedule with their FIRST food & pharma partnership announced.

The management end was pretty deeply entrenched in European food, pharma, and blockchain engineering too before leaving to build the Ambrosus IoT operating system and dapp platform.

Will keep researching.

It's senseless fud that amblets pull to try and distract us fron the fact that their erc20 token has bled out something like 70% in the last month. Seriously just stop and think what kind of company would partner with a token that loses 70% of in evaluation in a month?

I really dont give a fuck
its just entertaining seeing you so asspained over being caught out obviously samefagging and shilling

Oh look now that more anons have stepped in we still get accused of being one person? How do i know you are not doing the same thing? How do i know to trust anyone lieing? Once again weak fud.

You stupid faggot I tagged you because you posted about being interested in that shitcoin, and then later you posted about already having 7k! You absolute cretin.

You don't seem to understand most of the words you're using. You didn't get close to understanding my *very simple* point.
You would be better off shilling something straightforward like bitconnect

I think the current evaluation is pretty accurate, if it drops below 18cents then its good buy signal. Until then just keep looking for the next big thing.

Delusion phase
>W-we only want high IQ people who can find this telegram
>S-stop sharing this sekrit club, I want to keep Prometheus all to myself!
Denial phase
>I-I never really believed Swiss 100% anyways :D
>I-I just wanted a place to discuss crypto :(
Fucking kek, the anxiety reaching ATH after the LARP abandoned you gullible fools. As they say, shitcoin bags speak LOUDER than words. KEK

I literally bought 7k after googling their CTO and CPO for 15 minutes lol

Guess how much modum is down from ath

AMB depends 100% on corporate adoption to be successful
Corporations have no reason to use it instead of rolling their own

>I-It's going to crash any day now, exit scam!
>Muh prometheus is a LARPing fag dumping on you idiots!

How long have you been saying this man? It's been 3 weeks so far? Why are you so desperate to see AMB go down, hmm?

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> I-I am smart
> I-I matter
> L-Listen to me
> S-screencap this

>S-stop sharing this sekrit club, I want to keep Prometheus all to myself!

Oh wow I wonder why people would want to keep the majority of edgy faggots on Veeky Forums out of their TG. It's almost like you're a perfect example of exactly why.

Do you do anything other than project your own insecurities and speech impediment onto other people through greentext?

Bitcoin went from 1000 dollars down to 10 and then back to 20,000$. I highly fucking doubt you dont belive Modum cant make back a couple bucks. Eliminate yourself ambfag

>tfw you're so emotionally invested in shilling over multiple IPs using a VPN running concurrent conversations that you reference the wrong person and attack yourself

Non-proprietary supply chain tokens have no reason to exist.
Corporations have no incentive to buy tokens for 3rd party blockchain solutions

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TGfags out in full force. Where is all that crypto "discussion" you were bragging about? That's right, you have nothing to do except stick your thumbs up your asses hoping for Prometheus to return.
>u-uh what memes should we allow?
>u-uh who should we ban?
Pathetic decemberfags.

Dude, do you have any idea how hard this shit is to build without a crew like Ambrosus's? Anyone in logistics (especially pharm) who knows what they're looking at would cream themselves.

>muh quality control tokens
nothing but BUZZWORDS

how much for an AMB masternode or did they not say yet?

Thinking of pulling out my extra VEN (keeping the lowest x-node) and buying some masternode coins, good move?

I was looking at AMB and TRAC specifically.

There will be one grocery store brand, having more than one seller of produce is pointless it can be all processed by one company.

>The absolute state of Veeky Forums
>These are the morons you guys take investment advice from

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Aw, did I hit a nerve :)

If they announced it, I think the price would be much higher. Speculation is 5k minimum but nobody knows

Some shitty token? Not hard at all. Fucking easy actually.
You know what is hard to build? Sensor hardware. You know, that crucial bit of any supply chain? That needs massive factories to make?
Discord meme groups aren't much use for building factories mate.

Please, please, please keep the FUD coming boys. I need more AMB to add to my collection.

I heard a rumor that the global head of R&D for the No. 1 food company in the entire world is an "advisor" to Ambrosus.

>says the autist with nothing to do without his pajeet master

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>Please, please, please keep the FUD coming boys
Ok. There is no reason for any corporation to ever buy supply chain tokens from a third party.
They can make their own much cheaper.
Supply chain ICOs are fucking useless.
How's that?

No way is it 5k. I have 7k right now and it's only worth 3k USD. It has to be much higher.

>Ok. There is no reason for any corporation to ever buy supply chain tokens from a third party.
>They can make their own much cheaper.
>Supply chain ICOs are fucking useless.
>How's that?
Who fucking cares? VEN went to to 7 from .50 cents based on much less impressive tech and team. I just want to moon like VEN and then sell.

Yes, having some of the most cited European professors in sensors and IoT tech leading up engineering teams happens to help with that.

Jesus Christ you guys are actually making me dig into this team.

Yup, the head of R&D for Nestle is their scientific advisor

>I just want to moon like VEN and then sell
The strongest argument in favour of AMB in this thread lmao.

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>tfw when im almost at 10k amb but my bills are due this week
I just wanna make sure i got enuf for a masternode or two. It's price in sats has been rising despite the market which makes me worried that when BTC recovers the price will get wack :/

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It's on their website dude.

It has 1/3rd of the supply of VEN, and VEN has a 10k node... oops, actually a 6k node.


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>The strongest argument in favour of AMB in this thread lmao.
So, almost all of these altcoins are going to fail including VEN. VEN sucks ass.
You get in early on shitcoins and flip them.


Don't worry we saw you do the same thing the other day you dedicated fudder you, how much are you trying to accumulate?

Mediocre meme, whats your point? That companies don't outsource menial shit like delivery, packaging and supply chain management? Cus they do senpai, and you sound more retarded with each post.

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