How to win BIG in the next couple of hours

Ok, you likely are aware of - bet on the closing value of EPX each night, sure, whatever.

Tonight? It is different:

A whale made a bet on the largest bull category. No, seriously, he has 75% of the bet on the Max Bull category, plus another 5ETH sitting in the same account that made the bet, and only needs four to guarantee that bet succeeds.

What are YOUR winnings for joining his bet? Right now they are 1.5x

Sure, it's not a lot (only 1.5x for a couple hours work) , but what else were you doing with your eth this evening?

You want to try the hard way?

Might not work, but here is the deal:

Bet Zero bear, or a tiny amount on one of the four brackets in between.

One bettor has 3/4 of the lowest bracket. If he is a big holder (and why else would he bet a quarter eth here?), and dumps? You win.

If he dumps, and the first guy pumps?

The final balance is going to land on one of the high payout brackets in between the two end bets - all paying 20:1 or better

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Okay, so you're serious?

All I have to do is BET the furthest right category, and if this guy pumps, I win the same amount?

Yeah. Not usually so clear cut, and this may change between now and cut off, but of the 20+ eth won so far, this looks like the easiest bet!

Wait a minute

Tell me about this bottom one, what's the story there?



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Yet, the data is accurate - I am just a tiny player that would like to make a few % on my little bet, and thought I was posting from two addresses, not one! LoL

Next time, I will get as good as the rest of you shillers! :-)

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