Telcoin and JNT (but mostly TEL)

Hello all, I made a telcoin/JNT post a few weeks ago and we all had a pretty good discussion about it. I've done probably all the JNT accumulation I'm comfortable financially with. I am very confident in it and am really just using it as a safer hedge against potential disaster if telcoin flops. Im about 80% telcoin, 20% JNT portfolio wise... As we discussed last time, I think we are all well aware telcoin is a high risk but undoubtedly high reward. Even someone not spending more than 3k USD can at least secure 1.5 million telcoin. (Im at 500k). When the money comes through I will have 1.5 million by this question/concern is: what are our short term predictions for the coin? I've been following crypto a couple months at this point and for the most part anticipate (based off kucoin) that when tel reaches its new exchange this month it will pump hard for just a little then tank....Will tel tank lower than it already is? What are our predictions? Lets try to help each other make it here and speak realistically about our expectations...If I'm being honest here I think its going to roll sideways like it has at the very least until Q3. I am worried that if it does boost hard later this year that the potential bearishness of this year so far will plague it the Q1 of next year when it should be taking off more. What do you think? (sorry thats a wall of text)

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JNT is the next link, telcoin not sure, would bet against it

Thanks for the reply, could you please elaborate what you mean by "the next link"? Are you in the school of "its a meme" or "its the next eth/btc"?

More in meme level

What makes you say that? If you dont feel like going into it I wont force it, but I'm open to all sides of speculation.

i think jnt will hit 1k per coin, I like tell its a great product that betters society but im not sure, western union and ripple are making the exact same product. im rooting for them, and would like 2 invest but it keeps dropping. im sad 2 say I think we will see 8 or 9 sats on tel. I put an order in for 500k at 10sats. I think it would be an amazing long term investment.

and inb4 it wont drop that low, yea it probably will look at other kucoin coins, a 90% drop from ath happens, and their product isnt up yet, kucoin stocks very very volatile coins. and in a very bear market you can bet itll bleed hard on this exchange.

See, as link has been shilled because of the idea/product itself, this guy behind it etc. Jnt could be shilled if it spreads out, as big arab money behind it.

Doesn't matter how many exchanges add Tel, it's not going to do anything until there is a working product out with all the partners they plan on getting. That could be next year sometime. Once that happens, the price will reflect.

Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the realistic views you're sharing. I really want tel to succeed and I believe in the product itself. But without deals I understand it will stagnate. I'm just trying to find something where someone without prior huge crypto gains can make something respectable with a initial investment of a few thousand.

your a fucking idiot if you buy telcoin

there are apps right now that will let you send real money from your phone

it's not going anywhere and never fucking will

jnt is a great hold tho


same here man everything you said, recently because crippled because of a drunk driver, crypto has become a big thing 2 me, I still work but I dont like getting stared at alot in my wheelchair. just want 2 find the next eth kek
you actually stated why telcoin is a needed, it is a service in developing nations, you need an application which requires a smartphone or computer, telcoin will be able 2 move via text or phone call. that is a huge massive difference between telcoin and it competitiors, not even going into its lower costs.

your right thought jnt will probably be the bread winner of the year.

Well I'm thankful you're still alive and here user. My dad was recently in a wreck and he made it out in a wreck many expected to be fatal. I hope you recover soon...We will make it I'm sure. The universe owes you one.

I'm being honest here, dude. Do not put money in telcoin. YOu will regret it. There are a million better projects than telcoin out there. Sure it's tempting because of the low price, but remember that has a high number of coins and is a completely fucking brainless project. The price isn't low because of Kucoin, it's low because telcoin is the of the crypto era. It's the nadir of shitcoinsm, LIterally everyone currenlty holding telcoin has either lost money or broke even. You will mis numerous 10 or 100x opportunites by holding this piece of shit. Fuck telcoin.

i have to agree with this. telcoin has a shit team and they are extremely unprofessional, lack experience, and are simply late to the party. i am telling you this and i even hold 100,000 TEL in a MEW account. that shit isnt even worth sellings considering its worth 300 bucks now (bought in for 400, down 100 bucks on it)
i donno man, i obviously want it to take off, but after researching it further it is literally 1 in a million that the coin ever goes to even 50 cents
this is my honest opinion, but do your own research

How are they unprofessional you dumb faggot? Don't even know why I come here sometimes when it's all just fud and soyboys crying 24/7 because they haven't mooned yet. Oh boo hoo you're down 100 USD, fucking pathetic poorfag.

thanks dude thats really nice, basically my jeep was crushed, I lost my dog and my hip and femurs were crushed as well. its a long road, ill walk again one day. glad for your dad.

since we on kucoin coins does anyone do the competitions? i place somewhere in all of them but it never seems worth it, all the coins that have had a competition in the recent months have dumped.

What is your stance on it? Please share

and even by the time you get the coins, the price has dropped significantly. is there a better way 2 do them then swing trade?

Do you know how many coins out there are that will do exactly what telcoin does but have better teams and a ton of other additional functions? Here's a hint: fucking BCH can send money via text.

Have fun throwing your money away you stupid nigger

I'm really sorry to hear that about your dog, I know its like losing a friend. I have to agree with a comment someone made about kucoin above that the coins can be very volatile. Please be safe with your investments given your state.

There aren't any you dumbfuck. And telcoin has Paul neunier and telco connections but whatever. Hopefully you put your money where your mouth is and sell all your tel if you're holding any, bitch.

Calling the Tel team unprofessional is retarded. Everything is bleeding in this market. Will Tel make it? They have an excellent use case compared to a shit load of coins and solid connections. I'm personally bullish on it but nothing is guaranteed. Dyor.

So fucking bullish on Tel. Eoy at least .30. I’m just trying to pick which color my mansion should be next year.

I fucking hope so. I just made it to 3 million TEL