Is it dead?

Did cuck John Oliver kill this shit? Interestingly enough crack pot Clif High said in his latest report that EOS would receive heavy FUD from the media about the success of the platform. Thoughts?

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it's been dead for months

Its run by a kidfucker who got away with it but knowing Veeky Forums that makes it a good thing

LMAO, I would be grateful to that cuck if he managed to crash the price. I still haven't accumulated.

its an worthless eth token, they actually rub it in your face that it has no value and no purpose in their disclosures

Yepp, its dead now.

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DAG tokens are fucking stupid anyway, I hate Oliver and I'm not watching his segment but the quicker scam dag coins leave the healthier the eco system will be. NANO/IOTA/EOS whatever else, all cancer

Based Norge

EOS is not DAG, it's Graphene

Real chads invest in decentralized smart-contracts giving constant passive dividends

Are you fucking stupid?

EOS frontman literally donates to the Clinton Global Initiative

>Interestingly enough crack pot Clif High said in his latest report that EOS would receive heavy FUD from the media about the success of the platform
I have no stance on EOS, but maybe listening to Clif High is more interesting than I assumed. Not for accurate calls but for calling where the noise is going to be.

the FUD gets more and more real as mainnet approaches

he data scrapes every possible bit of the internet and has algorithms to detect trends he might be a nutjob but he's an old school nerd

bagholders of a vaporware no use shitcoin get more and more delusional as mainnet never comes


I don't blame you, kid, you're too used to all the garbage shilled around. Soon you'll learn your lesson.

Read it for yourself cunt, here's the source
last paragraph

>calling people kids
>acting like has superior knowledge in crypto
>holds eos
sounds about right. good luck going up against money skelly and omg with plasma coming this year even if your shit tier mainnet ever does come out

The new growth for EOS is divided, seems to indicate that in spite of successful milestones being met,
that FUD is going to be flying around EOS, though the data growth patterns would suggest it is from a
feeling of 'paranoia' about the 'successful launch' of smart contract functions on other platforms. In
other words, a creeping paranoia about the rapidly increasing competitive landscape is going to
precipitate a slew of FUD for Spring in EOS land.
Much of the 'smart contract' areas within modelspace are filled with both EOS and ETH sub sets with
descriptors that are all about increasing competition, and 'successful launches' of 'alternative platforms'
that will be 'taking the (news) lead' in the space. These sets grow more rapidly over the latter half of
April, and into May than in March, but there are a few temporal markers that are forecast as appearing
in the last week of March as a precursor to the larger stream of discussions forecast to dominate most
of the second quarter of the year.

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>last paragraph
I don't give a fuck how many kids he diddled. That has nothing to do with the tech.

Most overhyped and overvalued vaporware shilled on this board. Not even Cardano/NEO/Icon come close.

This is just a centralized ethereum that runs faster because everything is processed by 21 nodes. There is nothing revolutionary about EOS. Other coins (Lisk and Ark come to mind) have implemented DPoS

Gotta give it to Dan Larimer he is a genius businessman. He hyped the shit out of this vaporware and he will cash out and leave at the peak as he did with Steem and Bitshares.

isn't it just a slightly different bitshares/steem?

It’s the most basic thing wrapped in an amazing package. They spent a shit ton on web designers for that ICO website, because it’s fucking beautiful. But that’s all. It’s an erc20 token and the mainnet is just another prepackaged DApp platform.
Competing with Ethereum is a laughable goal

It may be overpriced right now but I'm not aware of another dapp platform that looks like it'll be capable of supporting dapps like steemit.

guys, what happens to a erc20 t oken when it converts to mainnet? do devs require them turned in and burned, how do they normally do it? what if you keep them around as legacy shittokens and trade them like confido

go back

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it depends on the erc20 token, in this case you can expect the eos erc20 token to be worthless. As part of their distribution smart contract on ethereum you use one of the smart contract functions to register your eth address that will have your EOS when the snapshot is taken in june, and you can be sure that the parties starting up the eos blockchain will use that snapshot as the starting distribution of the actual EOS tokens

There literally is no stopping EOS at this point. You can't stop 1.5B in dAPP development.

That money is literally only for that. Core had their own VC outside of that money.

DYOR but John Oliver is a cuck and this is going to be a good look back and laugh moment.

It really reminds me of when ETH was 7$ and I was buying sitting through all of the bullshit on here until it was /ourcoin/ after it pumped

Not necessarily because at launch there are multiple networks launching.

Look into XENON and read their white paper.

Also look into what Dan says is going to happen launch day.

There are going to be multiple chains and constitutions ruling the chains and all kinds of distribution models.

Currently the bigger block producers, meaning better infrastructure are going to use the genesis snapshot tool that EOS is developing to give people their main net tokens

Fuck you all I post useful info and it dies because you fud cucks have nothing

Very well, user, very well.

By the way, Binance already announced they'll perform an automatic conversion. As long as one holds his tokens there, he'll get the coins on the main chain. Really noobie-friendly.