What does "making it" mean to you? I have seen so many varied responses...

What does "making it" mean to you? I have seen so many varied responses, some people say 1 million dollars wouldn't be enough for them to retire, some people say making it would be having enough money to pay off debts like house ect, and some people think 5-10 million is the minimum for making it. I'm only 18 and could potentially "make it" this year. 1 million dollars after taxes would be my goal, with that I would never have to work in my life, even with small 6%-7% gains per year. What would you consider making it?

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Thats because everyone is different.

Me? Enough money to retire.

a few billion ish

I don't even care about having enough money to do literally nothing, I just want to have a few hundred K so I can live wherever I want - as long as theirs internet - and daytrade for a living. Not crypto, but stocks and possible forex. I'd be fine making a standard 40k/yr if I could just day trade a few hours a day.

enough to never wagecuck again. if youre not retarded, 2 mill is making it

What would be enough to retire for you?

enough to disappear to georgia and never work a day in my life again. probably 1 mil, with 500k i could buy enough property across the city to secure passive income.

$10 Mil is making it imo, it's my long term goal.

Short-term? Enough money to travel for a few years, buy my parents a nice house, and enough left over to earn $50k from a very risk-free investment.

I'd be fine with like $200,000 but that's probably more than I need

New ideas has most potential right? There exists a decentralized investment smart contract where you can invest (buy+sell) into the contract, where holders get dividends and theres referral support to get it to the masses. Definitely look into it, don't miss out anons powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

people talking about tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions - is that really achievable? Are you all larping? How does this even happen? I thought the majority of people were a few hundred IF ANYTHING into this

Enough to buy a small house and then work only part time, paying bills without spending 25 years paying extortionate mortgage repayments, fuck that

So, probably £250,000, maybe slightly less

highly doubt this dude is actually 18 and about to make a million before taxes unless he got extremely lucky on some crypto pump

At least 4 million after taxes. But I currently make $120k/yr before taxes at 26 so my standing of living is probably a bit higher than most.

10 mil but you still have to work/rent out to pay expenses
50 mil you don't have to work but you have watch your expenses before they pile up
100 mil you can live fine but only for 20 yrs (At this point, you are on the gov/bank watchlist)
150 mil- degenerate-tier
150 mil+ Your life is literally whatever you want it to be


Anyone below 10 mil is still susceptible to the business cycle and heavily exposed to systemic risk.
At that point, best have children and hope they and/or the state can support you in your ripe old age.

>still having to work

I quit my job and i only got 150k

Financial independence, being in a position where noone can exert money related leverage on me. If kids come in the picture that might mean 4 million, for myself and gf 2 million should be enough.

>10 mil but you still have to work/rent out to pay expenses

what sort of fucking normie are you

1 mil is actually plenty, bearing in mind you can put most of it into stocks etc and get 10%+ returns forever.

But yeah, 2 - 5 mil is comfier. I have simple needs, no mansions or servants for me. Just give me a couple of mil and I'll stay the fuck of society.

>10 mil you still need to work
>50 mil you can finally stop working
Clinically retarded

it happened because 30x was a regular occurrence last year and they weren't hard to find. the goys with the balls to move their entire stacks around made millions. $1000 on ETH and then onto chink ETH is all you needed to do to be a millionaire. Of course, most of us either played it safe or austistically traded so we didn't make it yet

NEET here

$925,000 post-tax dollars in the bank is making it for me. With a balanced Vanguard account, 50% stocks and 50% bonds, that's right on the dot for $37,000 tax-free long-term capital gains withdrawals every year while still growing or maintaining the principal against inflation.

What do you guys think about this? Am I correct or are there better options given that amount of capital?

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For me making it means having enough to buy a home with enough left over not neccisarly to retire off of, but maybe start a business or build a farm where I can raise fennec foxes

Financial independence without being forced to work. $150k+ per year off traditional investments. I'll need at least $3,000,000.

I dont need a mansion and a lambo, just a secure worry free life would be nice.

enough to travel cheaply and have a modest home with a recording studio

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This seems ok if it's in yen

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Easy man. I know everybody's feeling down about the bear market, but you don't need to snap at OP like that.

I have no regrets
fuck OP

im 27 and im not interested in lambos yahts or mcmansions
i just want enough to buy a decent house in a decent neighborhood and just keep living life the way i always have
doing fuck all
3-5 mill should be enough

Why the fuck are you so salty?

It's the best safe option. Could make more in real estate but has more working and risk

Can't blame him, everything is shit right now. This is a thread about making millions while most of us just lost half our money or more.

pretty sure I'd quit my job if I had 1.6 mill. 200k to pay off my house and then I could just chill on gains.. maybe even do some ubering or do a side hustle to pay for food or vacations.

For me making it is $100 a day. Why? because it's more than a minimum wagie could make busting ass 40+ hrs a week.

So at $100 purely from holding would be good. At that point you could quit life and go neet, or pursue higher interests if you wanted. But you could be free from the shackles of wage slavery.

My target for thinking about cashing anything out is $5M but I may get rekt chasing $10-20M

500k for me, maybe less but I'm a third worlder

I'm not one of those people who want to travel, need to buy a house or anything like that, all I need to be able to do is pay my bills and taxes without working.

I already make 10k a year from passive income but taxes eat into a lot of that. If I had more savings or more passive income I could definitely live a comfy life assuming a hurricane or earthquake doesn't fuck my shit up.

Life's biggest struggle is the cost of housing. To me making it is a modest home completely paid off. Then I can work 20 hours a week for the rest of my life which semi retired to me. Unfortunately a modest home isn't affordable anymore.

I sold my crypto long ago
I just think OP is a fucking faggot that made a faggot tier thread, what are you blind or something? I must be losing money to see OPs faggotry?

Do you think your hands would remain steel when you creep over the first million? I'll probably never actually need to worry about it but I do wonder for myself. 1 mil guaranteed or gamble on more

Then you're just a dick.

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I need at least 10 million, after taxes. That way my wife and I can retire.

yeah to people that deserve it, like OP, for making this annoying, barely legal thread

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Really making it for me is enough to buy a house and pay off my car and live off about 30k/yr passive income. That's more than I make already right now and I don't mind my lifestyle.
Really I'd be satisfied cashing out if I could pay for or cover most of a modest property to live on and pay off my car. I don't mind wagecucking and I could work part time if I had no bills to pay. My living expenses are low and it's just rent and payments that compel me to work. If I could get out from that I'd be fine living a comfy cheap life.

At this point I just want to move out of my parents house. Had 32k ath...down to 14k now. I turn 27 tomorrow. Fuck.

Making it for me means no wage cucking and no actual real job.

To live with any kind of passive income, probably a couple of milions and live with bank interests or even $500k would be enough to buy a couple of houses to rent as b&b and live out of those not having to do a real work.

I want a qt gf.
I would be happy living in a cardboard box after that.

800-1 million after tax.
Id then buy the best house I can in Sydney and then rent it out in perpetuity. Travel the world on the cheap.

Being out of debt so that, apart from rent and monthly bills, my paycheck is mine to do with as I please. The nice thing is, I'll have made it in two years regardless of how well crypto does.

'Fuck you' money

Not working and just fucking off when I want too. I don't need a big ass mansion just a place with a decent man cave/game room. I also don't mind car in pic.
>Inb4 underpowered car.

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This. 2.5M at least.

>live free
>never worry about food or shelter
>never have to work
>able to enjoy infinite idle time
>able to tinker on projects
>able to complete meaningful projects
>have privacy
>be able to travel at will

$3-4 million will do for me

Umm 1.5-2m is enough to stop working if you aim for upper middle class. Just put all into passive income don't buy cars or houses for cash.

>posts subpar automobile and degenerate roastie
Aim higher.

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How do you live right now

I just want a nice house and a Range Rover. By nice house I mean like $750,000, nothing super extravagant. Making it for me would be somewhere around $2-4 million. I just want to be able to play vidya without anybody nagging me tbqh

Enough so I can buy a decent house and spend on cars and bikes without worry.

Aim low. Everything after that is just a bonus.

Stay at home wife, 3 or 4 kids, big house, golden retriever dog

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This too, I want a wife, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence.

Roger that, Ferrari 288 GTO.
Only 150 where produced.

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>spending money on useless crap
>not working anymore

I’m fucking disgusted by all the childish goals some anons here have. Even if you boys make it you will just end up miserable like a lottery winner. Don’t feed into (((their))) machine you brainwashed plebs. Also I see an awful lot of rreddit spacing.

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>don't feed into the machine by exiting its clutch

Not work for other people anymore at least. We'd still work on our own projects I think, maybe open a business.

I’m talking about the traveling the world meme or even worse spending all day playing vidya. Obviously I’m not saying you should work for Mr. Shekelstein but at least do something, build a company, buy a farm, volunteering, etc

Basically this. I basically went all in on ETH around 30-80 then used that to go all in on ANS. Only problem being I jumped into other shit in the meantime so even with an initial 12k I’ve only had about 300k peak mid January and am at about half that right now. Honestly could have had a solid million right now if it was done right but it what it is

Give value to the world, agreed you make more money too. Got a plan to open up a venue and recording studio out here in Austin.

Give value to the world, you make more money too. Got a plan to open up a venue and recording studio out here in Austin.

300k is a lot user, congrats. Just think, you could be a worth billions if you move a large portion of that into you know what.

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depends on how you intend to make that money. if you were an early adopter in crypto, its all about that third comma.

Why user, I feel like you don’t know me at all. I have 20 percent of that in the Link. My only regret is not buying it sooner, but close to 50k Link is fine by me!

based musicianbro

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resisting the urge to brag about my salary, but pretty much this

Enough to pay off my student loans and live frugally for a long time.

Should be fine with a cool mil

>Why don't all the multimillionaire hedge funds and investment bankers get on board crypto?
>If I made a couple million I'd cash out enough to retire
You fucking people, I swear.

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Also for the sake of this thread I want 2 homes. One in the Southeast off the water with a dock for a sailboat for travel. The other out West/Southwest (Arizona/Colorado/Utah) that’s basically away from civilization that is modest but a shit ton of “fuck off” land where I can just rip it up on random vehicles and shoot guns all day. Assuming that plus a goal of 50-100k yearly passive income off stocks/bonds is estimate that to be somewhere in the 5-10 mill range. I’ll settle for less since my lifestyle is decent now but that would really be “making it” IMO

That depends on where you live, kiddo. Living costs vary from country to country, cities to cities etc.

Also take into account whether you want to start a family or not. If yes, how many kids you wanna have. How expensive it is to raise kids in your country, the cost of education, uni, healthcare etc.

I live somewhere in Asia and for me $500k would be enough to marry my gf, buy a new house, run a few franchise businesses, have money in hedge funds etc. That's my plan this year. Hopefully we're all gonna make it brah.

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minimum 2M to quit job and live off vanguard dividends for life

5M real comfy, big house nice car lots of traveling, ultimately raise a couple sons all without working a bullshit job to support family, spend my time making music and coaching youth bball or some shit

anything greater than 10M is undoubtedly and unquestionably /madeit/ territory. annuities paying 10K each month. other portfolios paying me 300K per year. multiple properties across the country that i'd spend certain seasons in. traveling all over the world doing cool shit. build a ridiculous compound with indoor bball court, lap pool, state of the art recording studio, 5-6 cars, etc.

if i ever get to 30M or some crazy amount like that i'll set up all my closest friends too. have this fear of being uber rich and lonely as fuck and forced to hang out with faggot normies. not gonna let that happen.

Pretty good take on it senpai

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What's wrong with travelling the world and (apologies) broadening your horizons instead of suffering a narrow view of the world?
I agree living like a neet is pathetic when you could put back into the community.

Oh, phooey, travelling the world gives you real experience that you can actually put to use in a business if you aren't a clueless faggot. Not to mention the amount of investment opportunities you'll encounter. I'll never understand the "anti-travel" meme as anything less than retards who are afraid of the unknown and are using some vague idea that traveling is "liberal" somehow and because they are "conservative" that means they have to be against. Utter nonsense.

Now spending all day playing video games is something I can agree is a waste of time, but to each their own. They'll learn why eventually

If you’re a conservative traveling the world means drinking yourself to an early grave while banging whores in Pattaya
If you’re a liberal traveling the world means being a smelly backpacker pestering Buddhist monks at a temple with your stupid self discovery journey
Either way, Thailand suffers

>Just put all into passive income don't buy cars or houses for cash.
explain more?
having money in vanguard and say renting house/car is better than buying?

>annuities paying 10K each month
what kind of annuities do this?

Kek. Fair enough

I'm a conservative and I intend to be a smelly backpacker at some point.

Ten million. I'd probably settle for two or three though.

I find it interesting that so many are quite confident that they'd still have iron hands past 1 or 2 million. I know for myself my hands would start getting shaky at those numbers

They do. You could end up like me and hold past 1M then drop back to 600k.

No you will be a digital hobo in Chiang Mai sitting in an overpriced coworking space while “working” on your startup (= browsing hacker news all day)
Either way, Thailand sufferes


I could keep 50k in crypto as supplementary income, have 100k in shares as a safe investment and put a 100k deposit on a unit, that I'd rent out the unit to cover mortgage repayments.
I'd live out of a van doing casual work in coastal towns, surfing and skating with the hopes of selling my unit in 5 years for a tidy profit and buying a block of land. Plant some macadamize nuts and custard apples, eventually becoming the first person to commercialise mangosteen cultivation outside of Asia.

Interest on mortgage is about 4% you can make safely 6-8% gains a year. So you better off investing all the money and paying mortgage or loans you still end up ahead even after tax. I see average lately of 9-12% gains from funds but I base all my calcs on a 6% as that to me seems like the lowest and better to be safe.

>wife that loves me
>only have to work 20-30 hours a week in order to afford car, house, living expenses, and a few low budget vacations a year

I've been told my whole life that what I want is literally impossible and I'm a fucking idiot/faggot for even wanting it.

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