Where is the best location in the U.S for early retirement at age 28...

Where is the best location in the U.S for early retirement at age 28? Preferably not an extremely hot area such as Florida, or texas. Are there any good cities where you can buy a really nice home for around 200k-300k? I don't care about nearby schools, employment ect. So a rural town would be preferred.

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What's your favorite season/climate?

Any cities you could stand occasionally visiting to do stuff? Maybe look for rural areas near there.

Any family or friends you want to be near?

Unironically Montana or Maine

I like any climate that isn't hot/humid or hot/dry. So cold climates would be fine, or anything like North Carolina/south Carolina weather.

I was looking at Maine but it seems more expensive, I'd rather live in a state where I could buy a really nice house for the amount I have to spend because I will be spending most time inside the house.

New Hampshire might be good and cheap. It's a state for cold-loving autists.

Montana too.

unironically Des Moines area fits your bill economically but can still get a bit hot in the summer and is obviously more boring than a larger city. I don't live there, but a different large midwestern city. anyway at a similar price point will be a shithole like Florida or hot as balls like Texas.

Idaho, but fuck you, we're full.

Also this site's great if you know what temperatures you're really looking for: weatherbase.com/

Literally what do you want to do? San Diego could be great if you want perfect temp every day, easy access to sea, desert, mountains all within 2 hrs. Soouth is trash unless youre in charleston, savannah, maybe nashville.

Oh you just want to stay inside like a fucking dumbass? Doesnt matter then, just move to fucking Oklahoma City.

Also the internet sucks here so the neet life would be a disaster. Nothing but potatoes

Oh and this always gets recommended for cost of living: www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/rankings.jsp

except houses cost a million minimum for a broom closet in San Diego you mongoloid, did you even read the OPs post?

How cold do you want it? Personally anywhere from San Francisco to Seattle is my ideal area to retire but that also happens to be some of the most expensive places to live.

My cousin was able to find a super nice house in Berkeley, CA with a million-dollar view overlooking the bay for like 700k. They got it in an auction and fixed it up themselves a couple years ago, now it's worth millions. They helped pay it off by turning the bottom into an airbnb for 3 years.

Montana is remote and beautiful. Bozeman has a higher percentage of drop dead pretty women in spandex who run, bike, climb etc than anywhere in the U.S.

In your shoes I would seriously consider Colorado. I think housing prices will continue to climb there if you are smart. And it's not totally cucked ... still gun culture etc

North Carolina is pretty good especially if you're not too close to any of the cities. Average house will cost 250k, a really nice one 400k. I'm looking to move to Charlotte, in NYC currently

Eastern WA.


Yup. Spokane has a ton of cheap houses. Nothing to do, though.

OP, try upstate NY, like Rochester.

West Virginia. Meets all your requirements so long as you aren't a shitskin.

western washington is better
eastern washington is a glorified desert

Portland is way too expensive, but a little bit south and the prices go way down. Wonderful area, honestly where I plan on retiring myself.

Reno, Nevada. You're going to have issues finding a nice house for $300K (if you can stretch your budget to $400K you would be golden), you can find something nice in Carson City or Sparks in that budget though,

PoWH is a good bet right now, might very well be the next big thing powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

Not for OP. Good luck finding a nice house for that price near the metro area.
Plus it’s far too liberal over here. Making it into a shithole. He doesn’t care about job market so really there’s no need to be here.

fuck the metro area, go to the rural locations. im living comfy in rural western washington

Ya until the black flies fuck your life up in
the summer. Shits so bad they wrote a song about it.