They're only FUDing because they're afraid

Remember EOS is the most revolutionary project in crypto and will completely obliterate Ethereum once the mainnet is released.
EOS team holds $1.5 billion in Ethereum, and they will use it to destroy Ethereum the same way MtGox dumper is currently destroying Bitcoin. By 2020, EOS will be #1 and John Oliver will eat his dick
Screencap this

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We're just laughing at you.

Fuck this crooked tooth tool seriously. He has no power and no knowledge of crypto. Whole segment was a hitjob probably paid for by Ethereum Foundation or Charles "tranny lover" Hoskinson. They're AFRAID of EOS like Hilary was AFRAID of Trump, that's where this tool comes into play.

This is one of the few things where, if you look beyond the front cover and the bland technical description that you've already heard elsewhere, you discover subtle little details that are the tip of a colossal iceberg of grandeur and awe.

I mean, the dev literally debated with Satoshi. He invented a decentralized version of Tether. This is backed by Bitfinex, a top crypto exchange. This is gonna be big, and you're bad at fundamental analysis if you don't get it.

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This. EOS will EASILY be $100 by EOY

most revolutionary vaporware that even if its not vaporware its still a 21 node centralized piece of shit that will surely take down eth and plasma!

fucking delusional

Might happen but not on mainnet release

Needs to build an ecosystem to rival that of eth

you don't know what you're talking about lol but keep parroting what hoskinson's shills tell you like a good boy
2 sheckels have been deposited into your account

God I hope so. I'm not a fan of the pedo coin but if EOS destroys ethereum then Tezos wins the smart contract race

yep I'm not retarded enough to buy eos I must be a paid fuder trying to kill a coin with no chance.
>the absolute state of eos bagholders

You realize that ETH is still used for shit right? If they dump hard all that will happen is people that are actually using ETH for their dapps and speculators will buy that shit as much as possible because nothing has changed about it or it's value proposition.

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You mean this guy?

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look man
this poster exposed themselves a few days ago
its a black gay guy that is unsure whether or not they are a tranny
he said that he is attracted to "masculinity" but that "white boys crying over BBC taking their women isnt masculine"
its obvious the guy is mentally ill and acting out over his own insecurities over being effeminate and not being able to fulfil the role of masculinity
wasted years of his life on /pol/ doing the same thing
now he is in Veeky Forums and not only wasting his life, but also missing out on making money


just gently remind the nut that its ok, mental illness is not his fault, that the cuck spam is just his way of dealing with his life not going as he planned (being a black gay tranny)


> his shitcoin gets exposed for the garbage it is
> attempts to divert attention to another shitcoin

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>once the mainnet is released


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>you should not expect and there is no guarantee that you will receive any other cryptographic tokens or digital assets now or in the future.
EOS erc20 tokens are worthless

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literal centralized vapor

>tfw you will never prove p=np
>tfw you still don't understand natural proofs or relativizing oracles

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That's just lawyer speak to cover their asses.
Holy shit, what a weak FUD. Tether is also just tokens and their TOS says there is no guaranteed it represents one dollar
The mainnet WILL be released because the testnet is already there and it's working. People are ALREADY BUILDING on EOS.
Keep shilling

There already is a testnet, they are ready to launch on time. What proof do you have they will not launch. Stupid FUD

> such projection
We all know where the trannys are
Hint: it's not at EOS
see pic related

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