Tell me your Ether Delta exclusive hidden gems. Shit you can only really get on ED...

Tell me your Ether Delta exclusive hidden gems. Shit you can only really get on ED. Only thing on here that looks promising is PFR.

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What else you guys got huh

Thanks but that coins on a bunch of exchanges already. Also ED isn't one of them you fuck

>not using forkdelta
>shilling PFR
The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Agree. Forkdelta much betters

Ah, RLX. I was close to picking some of those up in december.. Can't find enough info on them and they have no social media presence from what I remember. Links?

pfr bad. But still may moon

Exrn for some lulz

Link : google

Very tight dude thanks

hurr durr, how about [mybags]

0xbitcoin, but is in forkdelta.

Unironically, EQC. I've been shilling this shit for like a week now and 0 people listen. It's fucking dope: normie-friendly ad platform, us-based, sub-1mil market cap, dope team, PRESIDENT OF THE NEM FOUNDATION as an advisor... i swear it's like Veeky Forums fucking hates money. This shit is going to be insane come July.

>not using forkdelta
>not using the infinitely superior IDEX

I really like SHIT

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I loaded up on EQC also. Seems a no brainer 10-100x. I don't get the lack of interest.

heh, it is on ED if you know how to find it

good luck kiddo



A few months ago I would've said CTT (ChainTrade), but judging by their Telegram they have completely shit the bed. DYOR if interested, though.

spectre D tokens

I'm in on PFR but not sure if I'm gonna get exit scammed super hard.

Also fuck ED. Use IDEX or ForkDelta


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fuck ED, use idex dude
here is the link

>looks promising

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