I don't buy it unfortunately. They just seem like 2 old French dudes who got way ahead of themselves in the plastic surgery department. I was even on vacation in france once and put the cable tv on in a hotel room and these 2 guys were on a reality tv game show similar to deal or no deal but the French version. They were celebrity guests and played this reality show game, why would dudes this important do trivial shit like that? Though, their French was so good I could understand what they were saying even tho I only have a basic understanding of French. After I saw them on cable tv in that hotel in the alps, I searched them up because they were alot older than in my pic, and way more messed up looking. That's before they got all this plastic surgery, even if they deny it, or say its whatever 'advanced tech' kek. There was some shit about how they actually have PhDs in theoretical physics and the other bro in math I believe, like actually they'd be Dr. Bogdanoffs no? So that intrigued me in all this other stuff around them, but I saw some articles when I was digging that they both faked or plagiarized their thesis? Or they plagiarized big stuff for their doctorates so then I was thinking maybe Idk if buy the bog pill or whatever, I think its probably just an ironic meme.

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go ahead, thats what they want you to think

They have a genetic disease which messes up their face. Why didn't you know this?

the bogs created this copypasta themselves

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The absolute, unrelenting, irrecoverable state of Veeky Forumsrael

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They were the true ghost-writers for the "Quantum model for the stock market"

Lookup their failed coin called bogcoin

Why don't you spam this thread a few more dozen times? Then maybe you'll be completely sure.

there's somethign off about this post

Aren't you sleepy? I'm going to sleep. Goodnight.

Go to sleep Rothschild

I'm exhausted.

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yes there is.. i am also so tired, let's just get some rest, I'm going to sleep

Lmao STFU sergay, just because the boggs kicked you out of the circle doesn't mean you can go around talking shit

If ur not careful we will call a dump on the rest of ur LINK memes

Ur shitcoin will die

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Your mind has been bogged down. Expand it a bit.

Macron was a leftiest pussy until there was a sighted meeting between him and the Bog brothers.

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OP you should be expecting a call soon. Answer the call and sort this out with the Bog. If you refuse to answer I cannot guarantee your safety

Bogs also revealed their Binance backdoor like they said they would

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>exterminate him

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Grannyfucker is based now holy shit

This is all you need to know

>He knows too much. Erase him.

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oh my fucking Bog, if I see their faces one more time...

They are inside you RIGHT NOW

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Wtf are they doing in serbia? It’s a mystery to me. I see the slav sminem connection,maybe,only..

>Wtf are they doing in serbia? It’s a mystery to me. I see the slav sminem connection,maybe,only..
lol newfag sminem has nothing to do with serbia, he's the founder of nemcoin

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I can't hear you pajeets with my decentralized passive chad dividends

>Rothschilds bow to Bogdanoffs
>In contact with aliens
>Possess psychic-like abilities
>Control france with an iron but fair fist
>Own castles & banks globally
>Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city)
>Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth
>First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies
>both brothers said to have 215+ IQ, such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries & Area 51
>Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now
>The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the pope & the Orthodox high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the Orthodox leader’s first trip to Antarctica in history literally a few days later to the Bogdanoff bunker in Wilkes land?
>They learned fluent French in under a week
>Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There’s no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Bogdanoff
>The twins are about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society
>In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don’t know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they’re benevolent beings.

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Im feeling so tired im going to take a nap, Op you should get some rest too.

>I think its probably just an ironic meme.
Is this some sort of reverse trolling?

>bogdabots activated. We won't have to worry about him much longer *click*

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