Um guys... They missed their roadmap deadline about having a beta and a public release by now and they're not saying anything about it... Exit scam in progress??

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let me look at my exodus wallet first.

They would be stupid to post anything in this down market

Hard to say. It's always tricky to patch security on online gambling.

Did exodus obliterate my FUN? Looks like it

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>Exit scam in progress
more like done and dusted

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I just want to hijack this and promote a decent gamble coin.

CSNO, one of the few coins I invested in that actually paid it's Dividend and is following up on its original vision.

it's not all shit out there, give that one a look.


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It released in that ICE event last month or whatever it was called. Now the casinos are starting to develop for it and THEN in a few months they'll start being announced and released for the public to use. It's the equivalent to a new product being shipped to stores, but it's up to the stores to release them.


>In January we will be submitting to the UK Gambling Commission our application for a Remote Gambling Software License.In February we will be attending ICE Gaming, an international B2B conferencing event, where we will be introducing the FunFair brand to the gaming industry.By the end of March V1 of the FunFair blockchain casino nears completion. This release will allow for real FUN to be used on the Main Ethereum Network for the first time.

There will be a new road map by the end of the month

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Come on, OP. Are you that poor that you can't throw 1k into this? If it hits, then congrats. If not, then you gamble it away for more FUN.

You have to be literally stupid to not invest in this. It says it in the whitepaper.

Are you fucking dumb? Last time I checked public companies still produce goods and services when the stock market takes a shit. Furthermore, if this piece of fucking shit was anything else other than vaporware they would release their product because its viable, not because its a pump and dump.

>biz gets pajeeted once again

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At this point I've come to accept that I'll never see my money again...

Jez said its single digit weeks from going live with an actual casino. Chill guys

Another day, another weak fud

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Fun Chads, Fun Chads
Getting fucked in the ass

>1 week to 9 weeks

Nice and specific.

Nice. Peerplays (PPY) pay a dividend too.

There are so many better and cheaper options in the gambling space than FUN. It is such a goddamn shitcoin.

Wring he said mid May.

He literally said it at the eth conference that it was single digit weeks away from release.

I know you’re trying to accumulate but you need to try harder. Apologize or I link the comments faggit

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“We said we were going live in Q2. We’re now hoping that’s single digit weeks away.” -Jez during EthCC

That means at the latest, 9 weeks would put the timing at mid May.

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THEY WANT YOU TO MISS IT ANONS. THEY ARE ACCUMULATING. Build your stack for the dark horse of 2018.

Just look up jez. A winner, and a mainstream success story. No way it’s a shitcoin/scam. It cannot miss.

>Fucking impatient faggots.

Pic related Little Braydon isn’t having any fun ;...(

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Jez said they were gearing up to go live soon during the EthCC conference

They fucking know man. They are fudding it. Fuck these paid pajeets.

They will regret it.
I joined the 5 figure club soon. Not a lot, but to a poor fag like me, that's a lot.

yeah fuck these pajeets. all jez and his team have ever done is make starfox for NES using the most sophisticated 3D GPU for its time. That shit wasn't nothing but a thang.

I’ve built my stack by swing trading user, keep plugging away. 120k here, probably gonna get to 200k soon I think (not solely by swing trading obviously)

Most of these fucks know it, or don’t care to know anything and can’t see beyond 5 minute candles. Fuck em

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Terrible fud.
I'm still trying to accumulate as much as I can before this goes over 50cents. But come on, you have to try harder than this.

I only have 121k

I didn't completely FOMO in with everything, but I bought at 0.11 with 2500 bucks out of my 10300 investment.

Need at least 0.09 to break even, could've potentially had 250k.

I cry myself to sleep every night.

Ok pajeet, let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way. What coin are you shilling?

I bought my first 10k at.14 bro.

I did my research and the team is SOUND as fuck. People didn’t realize what this market would be like, but this is one of the biggest projects that is actually solving an issue in a marketplace and is almost ready for launch.

Be strong. .30 is low estimate and there is coin burn...accumulate if you can.

FUN is going to motherfucking moon. This is THE project to be in.

mel fucking gibson

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who the fuck would invest in something called FUN kek

Because it's FUN
Also always bet on gambling, banks, and jews

> No has a posted heavy funbags yet

Awesome reasoning!

You’re a gold star investor Jimmy!

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I tried to warn you guys, but you wanted to have FUN.

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https:/ /

just playing their "Pirates" slot games on their website. As if this shit won't be addictive as fuck once the FUN coins start rolling in....

>What did he mean by this?

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>allstar team including Jez "Golden Boy" San
>working product
>casinos lining up to throw money at it
>"lolol its called FUN hahaha enjoy losing all your money"

Just bought 200k more, this is as cheap as it will be before casino licence is approved and casinoplatform is out, then easy 10X they didn't?

No beta?

What's the showcase? An alpha? Shit works better than many "launched" crypto projects.


yeah its too bad all these premature biz faggots ruined the hype

What’s your strategy for this? I fucking suck at swing trading.

Watch FUN's price every day, when you catch a pump sell it

easy, buy high sell low

They won't get gambling licenses you retards

What % of my stack should I sell?

However much will allow you to sleep at night

All or nothing brother

Some people just don't learn

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if the price dips further, casinos will start accumulating.

Why not?

>before casino license is approved

I just come to FUN threads for the jabami memes, so I don’t hold, but that sounds like the kind of thing that would already be priced in.

Lol, no casino wants to buy this coin or ever will. Are you really that dumb?

well, that and the fucking chart


yes they do they already have, jez is working with casinos as we type, shit fud

Jez have a micropenis

that's irrelevant

which means he is compensating with ultimate crypto success, thanks jez's small penis

what is confirmed lenght? considering all in if over 10cm

When you're talking about virtual casinos, you're not talking about rational actors enthused by groundbreaking tech.

You're dealing with suicidal dopamine addicts, the 20% of mentally ill whales who make up 80% of the profit. That, or senile Boomers.

You might as well be selling organic vertically-farmed vodka to street bums.

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I'm a gay male escort he often calls me but we just play because he can't do any penetration, it's like 2 inches

It’s the casinos adopting fun not the gamblers. Shitty analogy, back to plebbit with your 110 IQ.

Gambling market is saturated as fuck, there are tons of big players, who have years of connection with the officials. Licenses are limited and very well connected players on the market. Maybe they get a license for a betting shop, but that's it