Tfw the right combination of clicks can make you a multi-millionaire

>tfw the right combination of clicks can make you a multi-millionaire

why are you still poor user?

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u know what 10k would do for me user?


Grats though on good choices

165K =/= multi-millionaire

It's because people on Veeky Forums can't use correct grammar.

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get on my level user, cashed out nearly £600,000 in bong bucks and still have over half a milly in coins.

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already bought my linkies

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what is this shit?

>tfw the right combination of pencil strokes when you're buying a lottery ticket can make you a multi-millionaire

Except there are people on this board right now who have done what I’ve described and none that have done what you described.

>the right penis in vagina can make you a millionaire
whats your excuse?

What would it do?
I'm not trying to sound like a fortunate snob, just wondering.

What kind of fake retarded bank is that? Do you think anyone is stupid enough to believe you faggot?

A few clicks can lead to a lifetime of wealth,

Just buy some /CHAN/ on cryptopia

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it's Natwest faggot.

some people actually make money in these meme coins you know.

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what meme coins should I invest in, brit oracle?

PoWH bout to moon with the recent launch, their decentralized ref program will go places beyond any shilled shit coin

Why are you shilling pajeet shit here? Is your name Apu?

Honestly I don't know at this point, I made most of my money within the last year and now I hold a large amount of BTC from cashing out alot of my holdings of alts that stagnated or were going down, hold some ETH too and quite a bit of LINK for god knows what reason but other than that I am nearly done at this point, going to cash out another large chunk of my BTC soon if it starts a bull run again, might ditch the ETH too soon and just have £100,000 invested in a few more meme coins and put it all into some shitty investment fund like vanguard lifestrat 80/20 or something and go travel for a few years.

>late adopters think crypto is going to make them millionaires

didnt they make you jump through any hoops to cash out?

Damn. I guess, none of us are going to make it. So all your profit is from the 2017 bullrun?

I like how your checking has just 500 bucks in it. Smart man. Congrats. :)

I'm hedging my bets on LINK. I'm one of those meme magic believers.

no, I just used an exchange and went str8 into my bank account, no freezes or national crime agency money laundering investigations.

i work at a supermarket part-time, that's my salary l0l.

how long has it been? in the us they can take their sweet time before deciding your money isnt actually yours. paperwork is the worst part because most exchanges dont even keep a long history.

about a month since I cashed out a few major alt-coin holdings, I used a UK based exchange but it all came from a euro bank but they sent in pounds sterling, I cashed out the alts into BTC then sent the BTC to the exchange.

just dont go all in if youre going to play with coins like link. there are no safe bets, especially not outside of the huge coins

does the uk tax cryptos as capital gains too?

> you’ve got to figure out how can we get the atoms in the right shape much more efficiently.

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Tell me which coins I need to buy.

tenx might be a successful bitcoin/crypto card, but the token itself is effectively disconnected from the company by law. they're under no obligation to appease the holders because they already have their money from the sale of their funding token.