ITT low priced stocks that actually pay dividends. I'll start

ITT low priced stocks that actually pay dividends. I'll start

F $10.81

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what THE FUDGE coin is dis?

Just went all in

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press F to pay respects

Neo. Ven soon probably if the tokenomics work out.

ah yes the Found Of Road Dead company. ill give them this, I drove my dads f150 and it was an amazing vehicle, but ford has a long track record of making shit. ill keep my jeep. and more importantly ill buy from who ever comes back to america. MAGA


as for your thread they do pay dividends and it is a low price, and ford isnt going anywhere, its not a horrible investment but it may go the way of sears,jc penny and books a million.

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Ford makes shitty cars now, but let's be real, amerifat police aren't gonna stop driving it. As long as the govt and small businesses buy their cars they won't go anywhere.

Christ, you should see the shit they do to keep their product line so it doesn’t stop. Never buy American shit. Laziest dog fuckers with >muhunion that’s all lobbyist shit anyways.

I drive a Focus and have had no problems

not bad for a small stock. Def worth a buy, but i'm not going all out on a 4 dollar stock lol.

nvidia. yeah its still underpriced. wall street and boomers think crypto is a fad and nvda will crash but they are wrong, and they also aren't going to sit by idly and let bitmain make billions on asics

and pays dividends

NVidia ASICs when?

>he didnt buy at 10.3

What kind of shit do they pull to keep the line up?

gannet news corp GCI


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GME 9.7% dividend

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holy shit this is actually nice

dividends are one of the easiest things to calculate about a stock
you're not going to find one that pays above average without the associated risks