How does someone autistic make it in a world dominated by normies?

How does someone autistic make it in a world dominated by normies?

- "Making it" requires people skills
- Autists have no people skills

Hard mode: no crypto

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Programmer you dumbass

wagecucking is not making it

I do bad things to bad people for my money and technically my OCD puts me on the spectrum.

You work for a startup with a future and get shares. Holy shit stay broke faggot.

>How does someone autistic make it in a world dominated by normies?


After I started taking it I literally stopped giving a fuck about what people think of me. It literally dropped my anxiety to 0% and made me more talkative with normies. Also, music sounds WAY better now that I take it.

Tolerance builds up extremely quickly. I got up to 3-4g a day and took it for 6 months straight. Ashwagandha is more potent anxiolytic with fewer side effects/tolerance, worth trying before phenibut.

startups are a scam
90% chance of failure, 100% chance of hair loss and spending 5~10 years of your life working like a moron

You are brain dead. Keep working at Walmart.

I'm taking 2g per day and it feels the like the same every time.

Phenibut + L-Theanine + Caffeine + Adrafinil are my ultimate combo.

anxiety is not the problem, it's the lack of people skills to get anywhere in this ape planet

pray for no autism on next life. it is the only way, without crypto. the few successful autists/spergos never actually got recognition for their inventions until years after their detahs. do not worry so much. there's always the next life time for you to finish what you couldn't in this one. find something you're passionate about and focus the autism on it until some valuable shit comes out of your mind chaos.

It's rare and even then often programmers are the first to get excluded moments before vesting ends.

Buy something on alibaba. Sell it for 40% mark up on ebay. It's literally that easy. Try it once, I dare you

make sure to code in a self destruct feature in case of getting fucked over

You must out-normie the normie

just buy some xrp

buy powh3d

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You’re a fucking idiot

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You do this?

Decent stack.

Don't take my word for it, try it on one thing, see if it works
Remember the name Nakamoto when you get to Lamboland

So that’s a no.

What's your definition of "making it"?

Well, tried to offer a branch, but do what you want. To answer your question, no I don't get stuff on Alibaba
I buy discount name brands from outlet stores. You can get high quality name brands for 80% off. Those I sell on ebay, and it's been great

Normies are actually the autistic people, you're just normal surrounded by idiots unless you're a horse fucker.

Clothes or what exactly?

$1M+ worth would be good enough. I'm quite modest.

We're all aware of this deep down, but it doesn't change anything. Not like anything can be done about it.

I started with accessories because I feel like I could actually use them if they didn't sell, but purses and bags are insane. You would not believe the market for name brand purses from places like Michael Kors, Coach, etc. That's why I say try it and see for yourself. Get somethibg on sale and you're out what $50 if you can't get it to sell?

Many of the high paying jobs nowadays are tech-related...I doubt these jobs are dominated by normies.

When you say outlets you mean brand outlets or places like Marshall’s or tj max?

Brand outlets. Typically you can find last-season stuff there, and they'll regularly have discount sales. Literally 80% off last time I went.

Nice I’ll check it out senpai.

Good luck user.