Let me get this straight. A bunch of arabs are going to back a bunch of tokens owned by Veeky Forums and numerous pajeets to $250 million. So they are going to make a bunch of random fucks rich and foot the bill themselves?
>Guys, I swear it isn't a scam

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i know, talal is based

Pretty much, yes.

That angelic aryan face is not capable of lying.

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do you not understand the point of a public blockchain, brainlet? obviously not, neck yourself mate

Great explanation.

>Don Tapscott advising and spoke at their blockchain conference which they held in South Korea
>CEO of Binance was also a speaker
>Backed by the Royal Family of Dubai
>Founders have collectively managed more than a trillion dollars in funds
>Ex-Soros fund manager is an advisor
>Moe Levin for shits and giggles
>Plenty of news articles about them including a forbes article
>It's a scam guys

A blonde northern European? Isn't he figured UAE?

No, you piece of shit, they gonna make THEMSELVES even richer along with a bunch of fags who can still buy it on ground level. Do you ever heard of ponzi, stupid brainlet nigger fuck nagget?

Right, giving money away makes you richer, got it

it does when youre doing your taxes tho

Yes the rich get richer by having their money sit in their bank accounts doing nothing.

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so where are all those super backed tokens anyways? jUSD, jPENG, jBONG, jJEW, and what not?

did you read their white paper? Did you also read one of the horrid translations done for super cheap (fuck the german one was funny as buttshit)? Really makes you think...

You didn't contradict a single point I made. The whitepaper is fine and I can't speak to the translations. But please tell me how any of the above is incorrect. I would love to hear what conspiracy theories you can weave.

sure, sure, on the surface this look so damn good. Like all scams do, isn't it. You have to take a closer look.

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reminder that people called eth and antshares scams too
not saying that this means jnt isn't or is a scam, it just goes to show people don't know shit

>the project is a scam because the german translation is not good

Dude german is not even a relevant language, you should be thankful that they decided to include you fucking subhumans by translating it to your shit language.

Yeah, really makes you think that they need a better Germany translator. Dope point.

Isn't the German translation just Arabic?

Keep trusting Arabs biz

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Spot the neocohen Jews.

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Reminder that P3D revolutionizes crypto investing with help of a decentralized smart-contract, and is currently dirt cheap powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

Another day, another JNT FUD thread.
It is getting worse and worse from day to day. Over 20 posts and not even a single real FUD argument...
>the german translation
That's all you got?

kek you BTFO that faggot


>tfw no one has addressed OP

>yet another shit ICO from mountain jews
>can't even german/nobody bothered to read this shit before publishing it
you guys are fucking retards, but someone has to, or nobody wins, so it all evens out. Carry on, faggots.

There’s nothing to address you fucking mindlet

The English, Chinese, Korean and Arabic WP are on point.

Just accept that german is not relevant and if they were looking to cut expenses that would’ve been my decision too.

kys krautcuck. Stay poor

(I screencaped your post so I can make fun of you in some weeks)

yes user, you see, they have to have the actual 250 M worth of USD or whatever, but then they also have to buy ERC20 tokens until those are worth 250M and lock them up, for a total float of 500M, but then they can sell off some different ERC20 tokens for like half price + 10% or something, unless the first ERC20 tokens go down in price in which case they have to pump in even more. it all makes perfect sense, and if you question it you're a fudder

What's going on with biz today? The shills aren't drowning out every good point with obnoxious meming. Is there a discord outage?

I actually hold jibrel, just a craftier form of shill.

the logic is something like:
- if you want to tokenize an asset, it makes sense that there has to be an auditable escrow of the value of that asset.

- a prestigious regulated too big to fail entity with some sort of transparency to auditors seems almost trustworthy with respect to that lockup. however, we all know that auditors, even the best, are foolable and/or potentially corrupt, see enron etc.

- a smart contract on blockchain is a cool publically auditable thing, but suffers from chicken and egg problem

- locking up ETH in a smart contract exposes the asset provider to the very market risk the asset is supposed to avoid

- becoming a middleman in that equation and providing a closed ecosystem store of value that is tied to the assets in the ecosystem makes a lot of sense. if you can capture marketshare.

- i question if the story makes sense really as written. it may be just a way of thinking of the problem that will be simplified later. once the JNT is locked up there's no need for the original asset in the first place, except as a data point that is agreed for settlement. you don't literally have to have it, except to hedge risk. I'd expect that if jibrel actually catches on asset tokenizers will just hedge against some reference price, not actually hold tons of bonds or usd or whatever.

- that just leaves the question of, what about the free money stolen from the market cap of asset tokenizers by jibrel themselves and the ico investors? i guess if it gets traction this is essentially a fee for liquidity and a substitute for the costs of rolling blockchain tech, managing it, and creating a trustworthy audit process..