What the fuck Veeky Forums you told me to report my taxes and now im going to prison for selling ponzi coins...

what the fuck Veeky Forums you told me to report my taxes and now im going to prison for selling ponzi coins. its fucking over

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say hi to Shkreli for me :^)

you get what you deserve if you listen to the faggots on this board


No you're not

>he fell for it

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I know it's bait but I've honestly never heard anyone ever suggest paying Guv taxes lol

i reported gains on my taxes and they didn't even say "thank you"

I didn't report my $105k gains and there hasn't been a peep from the government


I'm on my friend's cell phone using the wifi at a coffee shop so good luck finding me teehee xD!

Fuck you government you aren't getting a single cent


Paying tax on $105k VS getting butt raped by Tyrone for the next 5-10. You pick user

What the fuck is your problem? You DON'T pay taxes?! What are you, fucking retarded? Right this fucking moment I am tracking your IP back to the coffee shop in which you're sitting right now. Once I found out where your stupid ass is I'll hack into the CCTV of that coffee shop to identify the faggot browsing Veeky Forums on his friend's phone.... And it doesn't stop there you fuckwit - next I'll scan your face into a database of literally trillions of people and track your ass down. Expect the whole of /pol/ tracking you down, finding every last bit of information about you on the internet by tomorrow morning. Your fucking dead, kiddo.

IP tracked it's Albert from florida

>/pol/ having 1/100th the mental fortitude to do anything that doesn't involve cumming on their love handles or spouting the same thing over and over into an echo chamber

smelly nigger detected.

Back to /r/the_donald with ye

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kike detected

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Please open your door Jason. We just want to talk.

>he fell for the taxes meme

>/pol/ tracking down someone that doesn't pay for tyrone's childrens

braindead idiot detected


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