That candle

>that candle
what the fuck, this is obvious market manipulation

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>everything I don't like is manipulation

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It's actually forming a head and shoulders on the 30m. Confirmation on strong breakout above 9250.

>shorts btfo!!!

yeah totally organic

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nothing is organic the dump isnt organic the pump istn organic so what

*Pump it

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yeah what the fuck?

Literally every buy and sell is manipulating the market in a way. What is your point?

I told you guys to ride the jews nostrils. To not fall for their tricks. What did you do? You fell for their tricks.


Many top wallets just bought hundreds even thousands more today.

Someone probably opened a huge short on Bitmex and now whales are liquidating him.

They've been squeezing your shorts and liquidating your longs for like a week Veeky Forums. When are you going to realize you do the opposite of what the market is doing?

And then there are the TA retards who see a single person move the market completely randomly in one fell swoop and still insist on their astrology for men

The breakout was the conformation and the neckline was at an already established line of reistance/support. Why do you think it's breaking out so hard? When I see people like you here it really forces me to realize my own intelligence. If you simply cannot understand TA's importance you are most likely a sub 120 iq rat.

>high iq
o im laffin. i've had better results just guessing. unless you're doing some number crunching or wrote yourself some scripts, its useless. and at that point why not just program a bot to do your trades?

*Short it and then dump it

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>and at that point why not just program a bot to do your trades?
That's where this industry currently is. I would imagine they have a harder time analyzing chart patterns though since they are so dynamic.


I know, that was sort of my point I guess. If your TA is so good you might as well just turn it into a bot. Although speaking from personal experience, this is easier said than done.

It's the same thing that happens after every dump. Retards fomo in on the first sign of upward movement because of muh great reversal

*Hold it, let them go all in before we dump

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>Head and shoulders
>uneven neckline
If anything it looks like a bear flag to me. . .
but I think the market is too manipulated to say where it's going to go.

Looks like a camel

jus fitting the trend u cuck brainlets

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You can still be profitable with stuff like this. Even if you take a loss you win over time. A stop loss could be used if you were shooting to get out with minimal losses.