BIZ always knows

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$100 EOY. Screencap.

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Don’t forget DBC. Wait....

Nah biz also shilled shit like Metaverse that went nowhere. This board doesn’t get everything right.

What the fuck is even DBC?

Shit went like 10x from the time biz shilled it.

Are stinkies really not the worst spammers?

Does it not account for Link or something? I feel like there are far more threads about it than anything else.

Jibrel threads are full of Arabs talking about buying houses in Dubai
"biz" fav lmao

Everyone mentions Antshares, but I've never seen it on coinmarketcap. Did it get renamed or something?

It's NEO newfag.

>Chainlink isnt in top mentioned crypto on Veeky Forums

who do u think ur fooling?

Then why don't they call it NEO?

it's almost as if he went on the internet and LIED about Veeky Forums to draw attention to his faggot coin

because it was shilled here even before it was NEO...

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>BIZ always knows
But "BIZ" did not even predict this massive crash back in December. If "BIZ" cannot do that, it is good for nothing.

You forgot Digibyte, by the way. And POSW. And Mooncoin.

Don't forget KIDS and Espers.

this scraper is literally a link oracle. someone is hiding..

Where is AMB?

I don't see ChainLink. :^)

You know. I know. Normies don't know. Yet.

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Veeky Forums also shilled:
>Espers on yobit

And many more failed coins

>predicting that someone would dump 20k btc over the course of 2 months

no one could predict that

you can't be serious, those are horrible examples.
bazinga was obviously pajeet shilling, Veeky Forums started shilling dbc pretty early on before it mooned, you only have yourself to blame for not getting out in time, what did you guys think was gonna happen?
the rest of those coins no one ever took seriously, need i remind you the countless dgb marine threads??

I predicted last December's crash back in October.

fuck up pajeet

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Biz needs to stop talking about shit coins and invest in smart contracts instead

The only thing that bothers me about Jibrel is how perfect it is.
>in process of tokenizing $250M of SEED money
>in talks with Koreans
>in talks with multiple central banks
>jKRW might finally connect Korean cryptomarket to global one
>it is possible to tokenize not only
money but other financial tools
>huge emphasize on regulatory compliance allowing big money to come into crypto.
>possible Islamic banking desk boosting recognition in MENA
>Token has a porabolic grow potential by design
>Product first marketing later
>Completly under norman radar
>Too difficult for normies to understand

Your loss.

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My link filter hides ~14 posts per catalogue view. Where is this cancerous token in this supposed scrape?

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There's no LINK because everyone with half a brain use the filter on "link", "chainlink", "sergey", "stinkie linkie" etc.

Works wonders


the nostalgia. based ans made me rich and now I am on Jibrel.

Was ANS shilled like Link is now?

wait. he lied on the internet ? hows that possible?

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assuming the DAO works like they say it would it's a minimum $2/$3 even in a shit market.
$100 if we go on a retarded bull run again / BTC to $20k and higher

It wasn't memed like link is, it was fudded to hell. It was really hard to hold onto ANS. Everyone seems to have link, nobody seemed to have ANS like we have Jibrel right now, although it is mentioned here.

Bitches don’t know about smart contract payouts for spreading truth and doing good deeds

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Biz pumps every coin in existence so obviously they’ll get some right

Don't forget that for every million tokenized, 2 million worth of JNT is taken out of circulation. For example, in order for SEED Group to tokenize their cash, they first need to buy 250 million worth of JNT to act as proof-of-solvency. But what most people forget is that the Jibrel Network itself ALSO has to own 250 million worth of JNT for the same reason, which in the future will be automatically handled by the DAO but is currently done manually.

Thus, the 250 million tokenized by SEED group in addition to the initial 30 million will mean a marketcap of 530 million, not counting speculation, which comes out as 3.5 dollars per token.

Granted, we don't know when SEED Group will have tokenized the full amount, but we do know that is going to happen. In other words, this is a gauranteed 8x AT LEAST at current prices (0.4 x 8 = 3.2). That's not to mention their talks with various korean banks, central banks etc. In other words, if you're not in this project by now then I just assume that you hate money.

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were you there when ETH was shilled then? I've heard it was shilled like crazy on every single crypto community

AMB is a good project but it's talked about only semi frequently here so I'm not surprised it would fail to make a list of biz's most discussed cryptos.

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Nope I wasn't that early. Got in when ETH hit ATH and bought the top though.

makes no sense to me.
any holdings by SEED is to cover transaction costs (JNT as utility token), any additional is optional.
Jibrel DAO is the one that needs to buy back JNT to equate on chain with off-chain assets. how does SEED buying 250 million worth make any sense. fuck no one understands this project.

where's the diagrams in the white paper or quotes from the devs to support what you're saying?

>Granted, we don't know when SEED Group will have tokenized the full amount
Why? srs

Holy fuck ETH never recovered that sats again

Lol yeah, I fomod in exactly at $400. Luckily it got me into ANS so I honestly don't care, I am glad I got lucky.

Veeky Forums also shilled app coin and canya. You buy what Veeky Forums is selling you're just going to get the pajeet picks.

You have differentiate the shit from actually good projects. Canya and appcoin threads were pretty much dead. In Jibrel threads you get shitloads of controversy, thanks to the way Veeky Forums is built people refreshing will see everything written about Jibrel, all the FUD dissected and addressed. It won't make people buy instantly, but as they learn more and more and are looking for different buy opportunities Jibrel may be their next goto hold. Idk that's how it works for me at least.

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I think projects that get constantly shilled now in this bear market are legit.

biz didnt shilled raiblocks at all. raiblocks is nothing but reddit.
what biz shilled recently was telcoin and dbc.

This post details the tokenomics rather clearly and with an example.

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This reddit thread might also be a good read for you.

everything went 10x

DeepBrain Chain, some Neo shitcoin that got shilled for a week.

>Wow! It's fucking nothing

Can confirm, Jibrel me.


It will happen undoubtably. Although the market has changed a lot in the past year, this is the next Antshares, I have exactly the same feeling and the sentiment about Jibrel seems to be very very similar. Holy shit I can’t wait to be rich.

Feels good man

yeah, I read some FUD yesterday or the day before which was just "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"

it does sound like the perf gainer, especially when you compare it to the dozens and dozens of fucking vaporware or useless projects with huge MCs

>trying to compare Jibrel to Nano or Antshares

How desperate are you?

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Amb only picked up recently, theres probably a couple threads per day. Its still relativly unknown/ignored

You forgot turtlecoin,
and about thousand other failures.

You cherry-picked 5 coins out of a whole shitload that were shilled here relentlessly

pajeet PnD shilling is pretty easy to spot compared to actual interest

so where can i buy JNT? CMC gives me a bunch of pajeet exchanges. Kucoin?

Are you retarded? TRTL was treated as a cute curiosity that some people mined for the free assets but nobody went around seriously shilling it as some imminent moon mission. Bazingacoin was literal pajeetry that everyone told to shut the fuck up in every single thread about it.

Kucoin has no volume, I had a good experience buying on

Bibox, gate

I recommend Bibox.


Yes, these ultra-shilled shitcoins all worked our terrible well. Shit went down over 80%.

If I invested in these, I would have killed myself.




Buy Skycoin. It’s the Veeky Forums shill of 2018.

Let’s leave chainlink for a while to look after itself and shill skycoin

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link should be #2

Talal just confirmed it's a Ponzi scam.


Hitbtc, super easy sign up, nice site.

I invested in UFR just when the biz shilling started and sold out with 5x on my investment.


Doing that real soon


The data cannot be used, because link isn't most shilled and we know that's a lie, because there's 100 link threads a day. Like for example this is now a link thread


Checked you generous bastard

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>angelic sign
>jibrel network


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