Who else getting wojacked by this but is still oddly comfy

Who else getting wojacked by this but is still oddly comfy

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Sold at a loss today
Img rebuy in september

Buy high sell low? Lol

shitcoin. token doesnt hold any value

Your life doesn't hold any value.

why september?

When the brainlets finally realize Devery exists

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I dumped 1 ETH into it. If it does something, great.

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Big holder here, I'm in the top 50 wallets -- holding since Feb. I know something that you might not know, but trust me, something(s) big will come to EVE in a week or so. Could be sooner. Your call :^)

I want to believe!

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No exchanges until then

Comfy P3D holder reporting in, decentralized contract investing with passive dividends, can it get better? powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

says who? Nothing has been stated about exchanges yet.


One of the worst teams in crypto. Be comfy with your pajeet kiddy squad.

lol..pajeet bag holder detected. fuck off nigga, that applies to you

Kek these pajeet kiddy squad managed to get Devery partnered with the 3rd largest online retailer in the world.

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y the fuck all crypto projects had either pajeet or chinke scammer...i need to get out this 3rd world shit

reminds me of HST before it mooned

>biz posts with little attention
>under 10m market cap
>huge partnership
>FUD with no real arguments

shows every sign of a moon mission

Are you me?

I'd also been in HST since Nov I think. Sold a big portion in Jan and moved it into EVE. Pic related is the proof of my old shilling material.

You know what dude, just follow our instincts. I followed mine, got into HST, WABI, DRGN and all mooned hard despite the constant fud from the Veeky Forumstards. Find one coin that you believe in and don't sell until you think it's the limit.

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>JD.com, China’s largest online retailer as well as the world’s third largest retailer, is launching a blockchain accelerator with a selection of five blockchain startups.

Yeah nice "partnership".
Sorry but you'll keep those bags.

Sure thing, mate.

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I feel the same way about aXpire

Price will skyrocket when people learn about this internship...eh "partnership", right?

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Now's the time to buy, not sell... You're doing it the /biz way.

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EVE is good, but TRAC is better.

TRAC focuses on 2 specific industries, correct?
Also it has a mcap 3-4x (i think even more) higher than EVE.

This coin was a huge question mark until the JD.com partnership, now its a full fledged hidden gem waiting to explode and be the next big shill all over Veeky Forums,plebbit & twitter.
You're basically buying a 100mcap + coin at 6m.

All is priced in, Crypto is dead man, and this project more so, the team is horrible and so are the token economics there wont be any natural growth until a real use case is implemented we are talking years from now and speulative growth wont happen on IDEX, long term hold, with high risk low reward FUUUUUUUUUCK thIS FUCKING COIN


In this bear market the only safe place for your assets is PoWH3D. It's the HODL meme personified. The divs and linear price increase is waiting for you at powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

Did you buy during the ICO and sold the dip? They've lots of things in the pipeline

Its not a fucking jd.com partnership you dishonest shill faggot.

5 projects have been chosen as an accelerator to help JD in different categories you fucking moron, the product is literally being used by them yet you're here trying to be a smart ass about the technicality behind the word. Once the project goes 95% marketing like your favorite VEN/GVT you'll be buying my bags up at 100-300mcap.