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How many bitcoins do I need to buy this cunny?

She's 12

0.1 btc

Here you go

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12? More like 9. You people are fucking disgusting


Your point?


what a beautiful eyes

she looks old enough.

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Who is she

This triggers the fuck out of me

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Jesus Christ! Poor Things.

what, a biracial family? You gotta go back to /pol/.

what the hell is this

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She's 12 you fucking anti

>implying she can't suck a mad dick

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though i wish Veeky Forums had its own cunnybot so i don't have to go there anymore

so progressive

You damn right

One in the middle looks like she's plotting murder

Isn't this that sick family who's parents allow these animals to sleep in the same room as those girls?

if her age is still on the clock,
she's not ready for a...


The only coin worth investing in is

fucking racists pieces of shit

when we meet IRL (we will) i'm gonna drop you to the ground and smash your face into the concrete until there's nothing left

'bout tree fiddy

TOO FAR cpchain TOO fucking FAR

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There are black people, and that's not a good thing. So, maybe you should focus your efforts on something that will actually bring those numbers down, mkay?


you have problem bitch?

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What coins does she hold biz?

Fuck off nigger. The fact that you're ok with the pedo aspect of this too just makes you a double nigger.

calm down jamal


Also, it says Zulutime. lulz. Those girls about to get Zulu time.

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Kristina Pimenova is 12. Born in December 2005.


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She wants something.

>you're ok with the pedo aspect
literally dripping with sex appeal

jailbait =/= pedo

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Thanks for the input, Pajeet.

This is the future liberals are taking us into.

Cute. Would.

They look 12. Gas yourself.

would fap on spankchain