Bear flag

Are you all blind or what?
Is right in front your eyes.
The chart is so manipulated, look how is perfectly drawn.
We're getting close to the short/Tether up moment.

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Concentrate on the chart, nigger.

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Look how beautiful it is.

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It makes sense, or at least more than the average Veeky Forums threads.

What are the odds of being liquidated going long now and short at what is supposed to be the peak at 25x?

I don't trust any TA after being completely JUSTed this week by the most reasonable TA

i shorted 10x lol

{{{ideally}}} it's gonna test 8k again

i see an inverted h and s

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Goddamn she looks like she's rolling fucking balls. Dem pupils.

Honestly I wouldn't margin swing trade, high risk of being liquitaded during the bull trap/bear trap building the chart..

Wait for confirmations (as a trader and not a gamble should do), pray to kek and pull the trigger. I would say close to the $9900-9950 range.

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Unless a true Omega Whale pushes it up or down this is a super classic bear flag. It will 8400 without a big buy and it will tank far lower with panic chink selling.

>every uptrend is a bear flag

TA in this manipulated market means absolutely jack shit.
The dumb fucking HODL meme actually is starting to make sense unless it's a clear top and you want to sell off.

This. TAfags eternally BTFO

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You need to look at what a real uptrend is. And stop looking at 1m candles.

In a bear market, yes.
It's not a simple uptrend, look at the "zig zag", clear sign of something fishy behind.

Even in a manipulated market everything move following Fibo, BB patterns, RSI, etc Not saying that TA is a perfect science, but I'm would rather do this than a rain dance or a vodoo rite to get green candles.


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>It's not a simple uptrend, look at the "zig zag", clear sign of something fishy behind.
was for:

only 8-hour candles work now, and just barely

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5 weeks until the big day

already tethered up a week ago

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still needs confirmation tho

In the next 8 hour candle we should hit the top, in the others the Wojaks.