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I just got done watching the Russian presidential debate. The man in the picture is Boris Titov who is Putin's current Commissioner on Entrepreneurial Rights and independent Presidential candidate. He spent the entire debate advocating for Russian's conversion to a blockchain based economy. The government should you use blockchain to register persons, property, tamper proof voting, and governance. Government should promote use of blockchain in private business.

VERBATIM : "All political candidates must sign a smart contract on campaign promises. Failing to deliver on promises will trigger a new election."

The Far-Right (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky leader agreed that Russia should adopt Blockchain to reign in corruption.

The host (a prominent pro-Putin pundit) suggested that Titov should consider a ministerial position should he lose the election.

This is prime time TV political debate televised to 150 million people.

Titov is a billionaire.


Ignore the FUD user. The world is creeping towards Revolution. Anons are early adopters.

Veris In Numeris

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Blockchain for control and surveillance.. That's an interesting use I haven't thought of.

what does this have to do with Crypto?

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the national promotion of blockchain tech has no bearing on the longterm future of crypto? Crypto use case a currency was mentioned.

>VERBATIM : "All political candidates must sign a smart contract on campaign promises. Failing to deliver on promises will trigger a new election."
huh another use case for LINK, Sergey's about to get a hit on him.
really, that's the dumbest thing i've read.. you can't just oracle a fail state or have public opinion sway and vote him out through a smart contract. but his other points seem good.

rest assured politicians in china and russia have.

rest assured the nsa has. us politicians have no fear.

obviously, but the man is not an autist, credit is still due for even trying to explain what a smart contract is to citizenry

imo the only safe investment atm is

scam link newfags dont click

In hope you realize it’s a precursor to the beast system that will be forced on humanity, you rallying behind it because it will make you a couple of dollars in the short term is laughable. This whole thing is a psyop

thanks. bought $100k

I unironically believe this

i understand it's political theater but it still sounds stupid

Titov the billionaire is a big Waves advocate

maybe you burgers dont realize this, but outside of the western world. countries and governments actually have a really fucking hard time keeping control of government finances, enforcing contracts, registering properties, or efficiently carrying out basic civil functions due to widespread if not genetically inherited corruption. there's no conspiracy here, maybe in the (west) , but blockchain actually gives illiberal countries a fighting chance at tackling corruption.

I did not know this. Thanks user.

>That's an interesting use I haven't thought of.
That's the main use. Anti-government retards were tricked into bringing up the technology that will make surveillance absolute and immutable, thus giving the government the power of all-knowing god.

Or they could just stop stealing from their people and calling it taxation.

Or they could steal it from their people and call it taxation like in the West?

No one pays fucking taxes in EE even at Russian's abysmal 13% rate.


You just need to get your family into 1%. Who cares about plebs anyway?
Also distributed ledger of all transactions + smart contracts + AML + KYC has a potential to wipe out 99% of crimes with money involved.

Mark of the Beast

such as the "crime" of evading tax extortion

This is the only thing that gets me tilted. It's really coming, isn't it?

>All governments switch to blockchains
>All taxes are now fully automated and paid in full
No thank you sir!
This shit was intended to be peer-to-peer money transfer. It's cute governments want a piece of the pie but they can fuck right off.

>No one pays fucking taxes in EE even at Russian's abysmal 13% rate.
That's what most plebs here think also, but what they don't realize is the taxes are included in the price of consumer goods, as well as are the primary reason salaries are so low here. While most people can evade taxation relatively safely, businesses are taxed blind and set their employees' wages ridiculously low to compensate.

He won’t be getting more than 2 percent.
t. Russian

I was just talking with a roastie on tinder about this exact same thing. smart contracts in politics to ensure campaign promises are met. and that those contracts be tied into national infrastructure and monetary reserves. but the russians are gonna beat us to it. feels bad man

The mark of the beast. What have we done?