What is your trade Biz?

What is your trade Biz?

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Forklift operator

I want to kill myself.

Warehouse work I assume? Sorry user that shit looks soul crushing

Glorified train janitor
23eur before tax

Lumber yard, loading trucks and stuff.

Sit down forklift I hope. Spent years driving stand up lifts full time and it was torture.

Man every time I see the forklift and palet jack guys they just look like they want to die. They drive into shit as if nothing really matters to them and don't get punished for breaking anything. It's really weird

>Store assistant (cashier)
>24.5/hr (AUD)

It's decent pay but without a course or side hustle i'm embarrassed to tell people what I do

Yeah, it's a heated caterpillar GP35N (pic related but with doors)

Yeah, accidentally hitting stuff isn't a big deal, especially in winter with all the snow and ice on the ground. I'll agree that pallet jack guys have it the worst. Forklifting isn't too bad but after a while it just gets so tiresome and monotonous.

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welfare check is bout 8 hunnid a month

coal sampler
32 auscuck dollars an hour

usually work on weekends for double time

Fibre optic tech

Home and commercial security and automation
Good day $100hr, average day $50-70hr.

HVAC Installer

It's okay, want to get into technician work soon.

>$1200 neet salary
thanks for paying taxes wagie

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op's pic related is literally exactly what i was just wagecrafting as for the last 10 hours

1st year sparky apprentice


dont mind paying taxes for neets honestly, since its only a small fraction of the tax pie

>Operation manager
>4k euro per month

Fuck off data miner

PoWH is a good bet right now, might very well be the next big thing powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

>t. Cuck
You are enabling parasites you know

just took a garbage software intern position bc i couldnt find anything else

software dev intern

i havent even started yet and i already want to kms

what would you do to stop them? what can you do would be the better question

focus on reducing corporate subsidies and other stupid shit before coming down on the neets

don't faggot


Ship inspector


>4th year apprentice electrician
>35k a year

Someone convince me this is going to be worth it.

test scorer
15/hr (16.5/hr when i work 2nd shift)

Neet, sell shit on eBay and Amazon I buy on clearance at stores. I’ve applied to probably a hundred jobs over the course of a year and a half and only gotten a few interviews and no hires. My last job got bought out and everyone fired, worked as a graphic designer. I repair computers as well. I basically work 3-4 different businesses to get money yet no interviewer seems to take my business seriously. Fuck em, I’ll be rich one day, I’m creative as fuck.

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