Dump your EOS, goyim

Dump your EOS, goyim.

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people who denigrate this guy for cutting through societal bullshit are fucking retarded, hes hilarious and dead on

this, fbpp

fucking agreed, incels have a weird bias against this mad cunt

More like buy EOS goy

fuck you OP

We have IDs u brainlet

the fuck are you talking about this is Veeky Forums not reddit

>>>>>back you go

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I kinda liked him, but his obsession with Trump threw me off. I don't even like Trump, but it seems that's all he talks about now.

His complaints about EOS were based purely on their PR. It did look bad, but I don't know anything about EOS so idk. It was a rather short presentation of EOS, not enough to base a real opinion off of.

>cutting through societal bullshit
>samefags unironically

Still, I do like the upsides for EOS. I think steemit is a brilliant proof of concept for how social media will look in the near future and it EOS looks like a plausible system to deploy it upon. I also like John Oliver's show; it blends decent journalism and humor in a way that I can appreciate. The criticisms of Brock Pierce are valid and my exact uneasiness about EOS is due to his involvement. On the other hand, Dan Larimer's proven body of work outweighs my uneasiness towards the feather leather money guy with the shady past.

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Yea now that I think about it he picked the coin with the most potential for 2019-2022 and called it trash
Rly makes ya dink

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>everyone who disagrees with me is samefagging

echo chamber buddy, good luck making actual points here

He's a massive faggot though, pretty much the embodiment of everything that's wrong with western societies today.

what do you expect these days, post trump its been a shillshow

back to pol (reddit) buddy

Please Sir turn vpn on mr noseberg wont pay us if not use vpn

Nah I'll stay here while you go prep the bull for your gf

what if all coins are trash?

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Oh god you are embarrassing yourself you got the same POSTER ID on all your POSTS you stupid boomer newfag fuckhead

falling for the bait

Seems more like they realized how stupid they looked and tried to play it off by continuing to samefag even harder to make it look like it was ironic the whole time. Either way it's just really stupid and just sad/pathetic.

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he even dresses like a faggot pedo

He for sure fucks boys

I think the funniest thing is he isn't realizing

If his first reply was "fpbp" instead of "fbpp" I would agree that he was trying to cover his mistake, but it was clear from the start he was baiting.
Seriously biz is one of the easiest boards to bait.

What options does he have? He is 5'5'' manlet with 0 sex appeal. Why else do you think he would be a pedo? If he was Chad he would be getting all the ladies he wants.

Nigger we got IDs on biz

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>buying an ico valued at several billion dollars

>not expecting this shitcoin to dump way below ico price

Because he's a paid puppet of the globalists.

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I hope all retarded fudders will stick to their word and not buy in.

At this point, they have clearly showed they deserve to miss the crypto train by denying working examples of Dan's ability to create a working solution and leaving it behind to achieve his life's goal.

Steemit is crap, bitshares too, and EOS is an Ethereum token, good job Sherlock

Not only that, EOS is the pedo coin. Please sell your EOS cheap and buy Tron and Ven.

If EOS actaully took hold and is successful it would destroy the current power structure in place and create massive financial freedom around the world in less than a decade of being implemented. The current business model drives the majority of profits upwards and destroys all competion. Capitalism has been hi-jacked by multi-national corporations. EOS would hypothetically bridge the gap between service or goods provider/profit incentive/consumer of goods or service. Truly revolutionary and liberating from all forms of control. Oliver is a hack and shill, honestly makes me want to buy EOS, its probably on sale now too lol

EOS btfo eternally now and forever

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just wait until 2024 for the next bull run

>Eternal anglo strikes again
Those fucking eyes...

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